What Publishers Will Do If First Sale Rights For Foreign Goods Disappear

Here's A Taste Of What Publishers Will Do If First Sale Rights For Foreign Goods Disappear | Techdirt: "The second story concerns physical books: A donor to [a] library had given them some books, amongst which was a copy of a specialized textbook that is currently in use at the school. Subsequently, the library has been contacted by the publisher of the textbook who has told them that they are not permitted to place the copy of the book that they were given in their library. Apparently, the fear was that students might make photocopies instead of buying the book. But again, the first sale doctrine means that the publisher has no power to demand the book be removed from the library in this way. And once more, if the Kirtsaeng ruling applied, and the book had been printed abroad, the publisher would have that extraordinary right to determine which of its books could be lent out - thus ripping the heart out of the present library system. . . . "

Geico's Gecko Has Written a Book
What the book is intended to do for Geico's insurance business remains unclear, but the Gecko is only the latest in a long line of fictional characters to write an advice manual. Bart Simpson wrote A Guide to Life. So did Miss Piggy, whose other works ...

Katherine Boo: By the Book
New York Times
George Saunders's “Tenth of December,” as much as I hate to say so given that recent obnoxious headline in The New York Times Magazine [“George Saunders Has Written the Best Book You'll Read This Year”]. Saunders's earlier books had left me faintly ...

Book Awards Can Help Teachers on a Budget
New York Times
Prestigious children's book honors like the Caldecott, Newberry and Coretta Scott King Awards aren't the end-all-be-all of great children's literature, but these labels do help find diamonds amid the coal. When teachers don't have much money to buy ...

Book Lovers Outraged Over Sexy 'Anne of Green Gables' Cover
ABC News (blog)
The book was published in November by a self-publisher and features a three-in-one set of “Gables,” ”Anne of Avonlea” and “Anne of The Island.” It is available on Amazon.com. Customers were outraged by the new cover, which is a far from the original ...

ABC News (blog)

Are Book Excerpts From Times Writers a Conflict of Interest?
New York Times (blog)
But it raised the question in my mind of The Times's policy, if any, concerning a potential conflict in publishing a newsworthy story in which the author also stands to profit. Is it The Times's policy topublish excerpts from all books written by its ...

Does Social Media Sell Books? Gillian Flynn's Agent Gives Her Perspective
Huffington Post
If the main function of social media, for an author, is to get the word out that this book is worth reading -- ideally to the people who will be most likely to read it -- and this can be accomplished in other ways (media coverage, ads, bookstore ...

Book News: Anne Of Green Gables Gets A Bad Makeover
NPR (blog)
... books, publishing, and the occasional author behaving badly. Anne of Green Gables, who is described in Lucy Maud Montgomery's best-selling books as red-headed, freckled and — at least when the Anne series begins — prepubescent, gets a horribly ...

Children's Books At Harrods Leaves TV Producer 'Shocked And Appalled ...
Huffington Post
The book on the right, with a boy on the cover, is marketed as a how-to guide to "becoming or just appearing highly intelligent." Though it's unclear if Harrods had the books positioned that way, or if Meens re-arragned them for the photo, the ...

Book News: Stolen Scriptures, The Split-Infinitive Myth
New Yorker (blog)
A three-hundred-year-old family Bible, stolen in Ohio, in 2011, turns up in Georgia. Tim Parks on the rhythms of language and translating “Jabberwocky.” “Seriously—is writing really all that difficult? Yes, of course, it is… but is it that much more ...

New Yorker (blog)

What's the Best Way to Read a Book? : TreeHugger
By Lloyd Alter
A recent experience doing a book review on an iPad raises some questions. ... We have been debating the benefits of e-readers vs paper books for years, and still concur with Jaymi's conclusion in Are e-Readers Really Green? Unless you are both an incredibly avid reader as well as someone who cares for their gadgets and does not replace or upgrade to new ... In my previous post, Book orE-Book: Which Is Better? Perhaps Neither. I concluded that the e-reader (at least the one I ...
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