Apple to Highlight Self-Published Books

Apple to Highlight Self-Published Books
New York Times (blog)
Yet another sign that self-publishing is making inroads into the traditional houses: On Tuesday Apple will include a feature that organizes a group of popular self-published e-books together and then gives them prominent display on iBookstore. The ...

Big-Publisher-Backed Bookish Book Retail Site Launches: Will It Succeed or Fail?
After two years and three CEOs, the much-anticipated Bookish book and ebook retail site launched last night. “Finally” was the word on everyone's mind. (Read more about the website and its strategy here.) Here are some quick facts on the site: – Backed ...

Fed up with online trolls, author pledges $5 to women’s, LGBT groups for every insult | The Raw Story: "John Scalzi is the author of several books, including the Old Man’s War series and Redshirts, published in the States by Tor and the UK by Gollancz. He’s also the president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Fed up of being constantly targeted on his website by one particular individual and his followers, Scalzi decided to take action, pledging US$5 every time “the Racist Sexist Homophobic Dipshit in question posts an entry on his site in which he uses my name (or one of his adorable nicknames for me)”."
Books to Watch Out For: February
New Yorker (blog)
Several of J. G. Ballard's books, including “The Kindness of Women” and “Empire of the Sun,” which was adapted into a film by Steven Spielberg, contain fictionalized elements of the author's unusual life story. Here, Ballard gives a straightforward ...

New Yorker (blog)

In Book Publishing Today, Size No Longer Matters
Huffington Post
Today, however, the closing of the American mind (the title of a 400-page book a generation ago) has given way to the collapse of the American attention span (thank texting, Facebook and Twitter) and neither authors nor readers seek size from their books.

Kitty Kelley Writing Book on Women in the Senate
New York Times (blog)
Kitty Kelley, the author of unauthorized best-selling biographies of Oprah Winfrey and Nancy Reagan, will turn her gossipy form of reporting to the women of the United States Senate, her publisher said Monday. The book is tentatively set for ...

Final Sendak book a tribute to his brother
... author might have drawn in his mind. The brothers had worked on art projects since they were kids and Maurice illustrated two children's books by Jack, whom Maurice described as “much more talented” during a 2011 interview with The Associated Press ...

'How Literature Saved My Life,' by David Shields
New York Times
He offers laundry lists of recommended books and movies. To name but three of the terrific egocentric works for which he stumps: “Out of Sheer Rage,” a book in which Geoff Dyer never quite gets around to writing a book about D. H. Lawrence; “Sherman's ...

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