The Millions launches e-book venture

The Millions launches e-book venture
Los Angeles Times
The literary website the Millions is getting into the e-book business: Starting Tuesday, it will publish e-books that are available on, in Apple's iBookstore and at Barnes & Noble. While its website is about books, authors and publishing ...

Literary Web Site Enters the E-Books Fray
New York Times (blog)
On Tuesday, the site unveiled its first e-book, “Epic Fail: Bad Art, Viral Fame, and the History of the Worst Thing Ever,” by Mark O'Connell. The book is billed as “an exploration of the Internet-era obsession with terrible art — bad YouTube pop songs ...

The Book of the Future, Sliced and Diced
New Yorker (blog)
At the Digital Book World conference, held in New York last week, one could hardly pass muster by holding up a stack of pages bound together. The crowd's sensibility was more conceptual; the word that filled the air was “content.” This was a fairground ...

New Yorker (blog)

Book Buzz: David Fincher in talks to direct 'Gone Girl'
Saturday Night Widows: USA TODAY's Bob Minzesheimer interviews the "Saturday night widows," a group of women working to remake their lives after loss, and the subject of a new book by one of the group members, Becky Aikman. And read more about ...

Self-published star Colleen Hoover has book deal
Wall Street Journal
NEW YORK — Self-published star Colleen Hoover has signed with Atria Books for her latest best seller, "Hopeless." Hoover's agent, Jane Dystel, said Tuesday that Atria will publish the print version of "Hopeless," while the author will continue to ...

Book News: Twitter Stockpile, Controversial Curriculum
New Yorker (blog)
Today Random House launches BookScout, a new app that lets users share their favorite books through Facebook. How a group of Michael Jackson fans used Twitter and Facebook to take down a new biography they say attempts to “dehumanize, dismantle ...

New Yorker (blog)

Could Selling A Used Book Become Illegal?: "Most of us have probably sold an old book at a yard sale, on eBay, given it to a library, or some such thing. We probably never gave it a second thought. Maybe we need to. Maybe we are criminals, violating copyright law. A case has come before the Supreme Court that could turn some of our assumptions upside down, at least as pertains to books produced overseas. Take that, Gutenberg! You better read Johannes' copyright notice before you sell your copy of his bible. This issue arose from the brainchild of Supap Kirtsaeng, a student from Thailand attending college in America."

Metro Show and Editions/Artists' Book Fair
New York Times
Running concurrently with the Metro Show in another part of the Metropolitan Pavilion is a distinctly different exhibition, the Editions/Artists' Books Fair. Devoted primarily to producers of contemporary prints and books, this show has a spirit that ...

New York Times

Lance Armstrong and his book publisher Penguin being sued because memoirs ...
The claim is that Armstrong, who has admitted drug taking throughout his career, and his publishers violated consumer protection laws on false advertising and fraud by marketing his books It's Not About the Bike and Every Second Counts as works of non...

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