Macmillan to Pay $20 Million to Settle Class Action Price-Fixing Claims

Macmillan to Pay $20 Million to Settle Class Action Price-Fixing Claims
Publishers Weekly
In a proposed settlement disclosed Friday night, Macmillan has agreed to pay up to $20 million to settle a consumer class action case, led by Seattle-based firm Hagens Berman, over alleged e-book price-fixing. The settlement must still be approved by the ...

Macmillan Settles E-Book Case

Wall Street Journal
Macmillan became the last major publisher to settle a Justice Department lawsuit alleging collusion over e-book pricing, allowing retailers to again discount its titles—for a limited time. In a statement, Macmillan Chief Executive John Sargent said the publisher ...

Data on the changing role of libraries in the digital age ~ Policy by the Numbers: "Ten years ago, the U.S. Congress looked at Internet access in libraries as "no more than a technological extension of the book stack." In fact, the Supreme Court cited this statement in the United States v. American Library Association decision, upholding government regulations requiring that, as a condition of funding for Internet access in the library, libraries must install content filtering software. The Court asserted that "A public library does not acquire Internet terminals in order … for Web publishers to express themselves." Ten years later, data suggests otherwise. A recent survey from the Pew Research Center shows that today Internet access plays a much bigger role in libraries. Over a quarter of Americans say they get Internet access at libraries, with "African-Americans and Hispanics are more likely than whites to access the internet at their local library, as are parents of minor children, those under age 50, those living in households earning less than $30,000, and those with at least some college experience." What's more, a Gates Foundation report finds that "people use library computers to perform both life-changing and routine tasks," both in discovering information and as a means of expression. For example, over a half-million Americans used library computers to start a local club or nonprofit group. . . . "

Amazon Eyes Secondhand Ebook Market
More to the point, the reader feels no need to either buy the same book again from the original publisher, nor to buy something different from that author to 'repay' them for the earlier transgression, because there was no transgression. ... If Amazon ...

Struggling Publishers Look at India's Thriving Book Market
Voice of America
The boom is evident in the more than 1.4 million people who will visit the annual New Delhi World Book Fair, where 1,100 exhibitors from India and around the world display their latest books. At the Harper Collins India stall, American bestsellers are ...

Voice of America

'Both Flesh and Not' book review
San Francisco Chronicle
The literary landscape he describes in the book's second essay, "Fictional Futures and the Conspicuously Young," published in 1988, was more or less the same landscape I entered as an aspiring writer. ... He made the sky itself seem old, wrinkly...

San Francisco Chronicle

Book Review Podcast: Karen Russell's Uncanny Stories
New York Times (blog)
This week in The New York Times Book Review, Joy Williams reviews “Vampires in the Lemon Grove,” the new collection of short stories by Karen Russell. Ms. Williams writes: Start with a mustard seed of irrelevant fact. Rutherford Hayes's wife, Lucy, was...

New York Times (blog)

Macmillan reaches e-book pricing settlement with DOJ
As with the other settlements, Macmillan agreed to immediately lift restrictions it had imposed on discounting and other promotions by e-book retailers. It also will be prohibited from entering into new agreements with similar restrictions until ...

Book review: 'Winifred Sanford: The Life and Times of a Texas Writer,' by ...
Dallas Morning News
Book review: 'Winifred Sanford: The Life and Times of a Texas Writer,' by Betty Holland Wiesepape ... The reasons why are key topics in this short but excellent biography by Richardson author Betty Holland Wiesepape and will not be given away here.

Dallas Morning News

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