Lost Pearl S Buck novel due out this autumn

Lost Pearl S Buck novel due out this autumn
The Guardian
Over the course of her life, she wrote more than 80 books, a mix of novels, short stories, children's and non-fiction titles, and now, 40 years after her death in 1973, a new piece of work has been discovered. Open Road Media, which will publish The ...

Elizabeth Warren's Got a Book Deal
... book by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). Publisher Henry Holt says the book will chart “Warren's improbable rise from a working-class family in Oklahoma to the United States Senate” as well as the “conflict America now faces between giant ...

Piers Morgan writing book about his career
The Nation
Either way, it will be a thought-provoking book that I'm thrilled to publish,” Jennifer Bergstrom, vice president and publisher of Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, said in a statement. Morgan, 48, replaced veteran host Larry King on CNN ...

Penguin Settles E-Books Suit
Daily Beast
Penguin Books has become the last of the five major publishers to reach a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice over an alleged e-books price-fixing lawsuit. Penguin, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and Macmillan were accused of ...

Book Review Podcast: Lamenting Defectors, Soviet and Otherwise ...
This week in The New York Times Book Review, Maggie Shipstead reviews Elliott Holt's new novel, “You Are One of Them,” which was inspired by the story of Samantha Smith, the American schoolgirl who wrote to the Soviet premier Yuri ...

The Little Book of Contentment : zenhabits
I've written a free book called The Little Book of Contentment: A guide to becoming happy with life & who you are, while getting things done. I share it with you ...

Freakonomics » Steal This E-Book?
In contrast, e-book DRM has been nowhere near as controversial, or ineffective. ... in turn to reduced author and publisher profits and falling production of books. ... this step with the imprint and continue to publish all of Tor UK's titles DRM-free.

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JRR Tolkien's Fall of Arthur and the path to Middle-Earth

JRR Tolkien's 'Fall of Arthur' and the path to Middle-Earth
Los Angeles Times
The most recently published book, "The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun" (2009) was Tolkien's verse retelling of stories from the ancient Norse Eddas. Now in the newest addition to the Tolkien canon, Christopher has provided an exegesis of a long unfinished ...

Author events, May 26-June 1
Atlanta Journal Constitution
FoxTale Book Shoppe, 105 E. Main St., Woodstock. 770-516-9989, www.foxtalebookshoppe.com. From the author of “Hemingway's Girl” comes a new novel that looks at the turbulent marriage of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald through the relationship between ...

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Jaron Lanier, Who Owns The Future ...
By John Nichols
In his groundbreaking 2010 book, You Are Not a Gadget (Vintage), Lanier challenged the digital utopianism that tells us that the solutions to all our problems can be found on the Web. It may have become “fashionable to aggregate the ...
Book Salon

Paul Rand: Modernist Design - Book Suggestion | Abduzeedo ...
By abduzeedo
The book suggestion of this week is about one of my favorite designers of all time, the legend Paul Rand. The title of the book is Paul Rand: Modernist Design by Derek Birdsall, Steven Heller, Nathan Garland, Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo, Paul ...
Abduzeedo Design Inspiration & Tutorials

Bad Writing, Good Books & Open Thread » Balloon Juice
By Betty Cracker
Even Snoopy co-opted it. It was the rest of Bulwer-Lytton's books that were the problem. Reply. gussie says: May 25, 2013 at 1:34 pm. Re-read Gaudy Night. Guy named Etgar Keret has a newbook of short stories, some of which are awesome.
Balloon Juice

Wy'east Book Shoppe & Art Gallery in Welches to close | OregonLive ...
By Special to The Oregonian
Sandra Palmer plans to close her 9-year old book shop and gallery next Friday. ... Palmer has sponsored author readings and artist showings at the store, with the focus primarily on Northwest talent. Margaret Thurman, owner of the building at ...
Clackamas County News

Computer, Find Me a Book : The New Yorker
Several dozen publishing wonks welcomed their Web-developer counterparts to a Midtown high-rise for the first-ever publishing hackathon…

Journalist and author Haynes Johnson dies at 81
Wall Street Journal
Johnson, a pioneering Washington journalist and author who helped redefine political reporting in addition to appearing on PBS and teaching journalism at the University of Maryland, died Friday at a Washington-area hospital after suffering a heart ...

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Apple and e-book conspiracy

Apple likely guilty of e-book conspiracy, judge says days before trial
Ars Technica
The Department of Justice's claim that Apple led a conspiracy to raise e-book prices is on the verge of going to trial. It will be decided by a judge without the help of a jury—and that judge is already leaning toward ruling against Apple. "I believe that the ...

Books: New and noteworthy
What it's about: A big Texas saga that spans most of the 19th and 20th centuries and begins when 13-year-old Eli McCullough is kidnapped by Comanche raiders; by the author of American Rust. The buzz: It's the No. 1 Indie Next pick for June of ...

books news
Rapid City Journal
The "Glee" actress has a deal with Harmony Books, a Random House Inc. imprint. Harmony Booksannounced Thursday that "Brunette Ambition" will come out in the spring of 2014. The publisher is billing the book as a combination memoir, style guide and ...

Dan Brown returns to Europe for 'Inferno'
Brown's new book, published Tuesday, is already high on the best-seller lists of Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com, a position to be expected for an author whose novels have sold 200 million copies worldwide. "The Da Vinci Code" alone has sold more ...

Spy Novel Meets Game In Flawed (But Beautiful) New E-Book
NPR (blog)
This is the first in an occasional series of e-book reviews, co-produced by NPR Books and All Tech Considered, focusing on creative combinations of technology and literature. A shadowy conspiracy threatens the world. Only one man can stop it: a ...

Colum McCann on 'journeys by heroes'
Los Angeles Times
National Book Award winner Colum McCann's ninth book, "TransAtlantic," is a fictionalized exploration of three historic journeys between North America and Ireland. He talked about his new novel, which hits bookstores on June 4, by phone from his ...

Daily Kos: Book review: Barbara Garson's 'Down the Up Escalator'
By rss@dailykos.com (Laura Clawson)
I've read so many of these books and articles and written so many of these blog posts. They lay out the policies that benefited the rich over everyone else and allowed the financial manipulations that crashed the economy. They tell us stories of ...
Daily Kos

Barking Blondes: Oh no! Not another dog book! - Independent Blogs
By Joanne Good and Anna Webb
Covered two 300x200 Barking Blondes: Oh no! Not another dog book! Have you ever picked up a box of 100 books? This week has found the two of us lugging around the equivalent of our combined weight, including the dogs, from boot of the ...

Althouse: "The Giving Tree" — "Remember that book - written in the ...
By Ann Althouse
"The Giving Tree" — "Remember that book - written in the early 60's by Satanist, Anton LaVey?" "The story follows the lives of a female apple ... You'll notice the picture of the author on the Wikipedia page is the same person as seen in the picture used by Meade. Obviously the article has been vandalized. ... Kenneth Anger is an American underground experimental filmmaker, actor and author of two controversial Hollywood Babylon books...He has also focused upon occult themes in ...

'The Apple Orchard': the bequest of a complicated past | Books | The ...
“The Apple Orchard” is the most complex and intriguing novel so far from Northwest author Susan Wiggs, whose plot traverses from contemporary San Francisco to Nazi-occupied Denmark in World War II, and back to Bella Vista, an idyllic ...
The Seattle Times

Maria Semple - By the Book - NYTimes.com
The author of “Where'd You Go, Bernadette” calls Franzen her “big daddy” — “My ... In my high-minded and naïve way, I believed the only books worth reading were ....

25 Signs You're Addicted To Books - BuzzFeed
When you were little, books were your best friends in the world. Source: prettybooks.tumblr.com. 2. When you're reading a good book, you forget to eat or sleep.

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Upload documents and e-books to Google Play Books

How to upload documents, e-books to Google Play Books | How To - CNET: " . . . Google Play Books users can now upload personal PDFs and e-books they currently own to the service."

https://play.google.com/books -- File types and formats for reading on your device - When reading books on Google Play on the web or using our iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Android apps, you don't need to worry about downloading any special files; you can browse and read ebooks directly in the browser or application. However, if you are planning to read offline on your computer or using a reading device, the following types of file formats are available.

ePub: ePub is an open-standard file format for digital books. The benefit of the ePub format is that it allows a book's text to adjust or "reflow" automatically to different screen sizes, including netbooks and e-reader devices. We often refer to ePub files as "flowing text". ePub files may be as large as several megabytes (MB) in size. For some books on Google Play, only the PDF (scanned pages) is available and not the ePub.

PDF: PDF is a file format which presents the book in its original layout and visual formatting. These files are generally larger in size -- anywhere from a few megabytes (MB) to over 100 MB, depending on the length and content of the book -- and the text doesn't adjust to fit the device or computer on which you are reading. We often refer to PDF files as scanned pages.

For some books on Google Play, only the PDF (scanned pages) is available and not the ePub, and these can be difficult to read on smaller screens. These titles are only listed as having "Scanned pages" in their respective about-the-book pages on the Google Play store. . . .More complete instructions for other types of reading on devices:
Transfer files to Sony Reader
Transfer files to Nook
Transfer files to Kobo Reader
Transfer files to other supported devices
View article in Help Center

E-Book Sales a Boon to Publishers in 2012
New York Times
In a year that was monopolized by the “Fifty Shades” erotic novels and their various knockoffs, e-book sales in fiction rose 42 percent over the year before, to $1.8 billion. Growth in nonfiction e-booksales was smaller, a 22 percent increase, to $484 ...

In a digital world, print books maintain appeal - USA Today
Statistics released Wednesday show that e-book sales grew 43% last year, but that's a slowdown compared with the triple-digit increases in recent years. E-books remain the fastest-growing part of the book market but account for only about 20% of all ...

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Making a Word Meme - Lean In

Making a Word Meme - NYTimes.com: " . . . The phrase had a life before Ms. Sandberg used it. It was frequently invoked in sports (lean in to the slope, lean in to the wave) and evolved into a metaphor for embracing risk, said Ben Zimmer, executive producer of the Visual Thesaurus and Vocabulary.com, and language columnist for The Boston Globe. In a 2010 TED talk, Ms. Sandberg lamented that women too often were “leaning back.” In subsequent speeches, notably in a commencement address at Barnard College in 2011, she urged women to “lean in.”. . . It’s hard to know whether the expression will outlast the book’s best-selling status. One thing going for it: the phrase can mean almost anything. . . . "in some ways the lack of specificity may be linked to more staying power”. . . . Even genuine believers have started to hear uses of “lean in” that barely relate to Ms. Sandberg’s message. . . ." (read more at link above)

Poetry finally joining e-book revolution
San Jose Mercury News
"In the spring of 2010, we actually formed a team to focus on books that were complicated to make into e-books, like poetry and illustrated nonfiction," says Liisa McCloy-Kelley, Random House Inc.'s vice president and director of e-book production ...

E-book sales almost doubled and online book sales rose 21.3% in 2012
New York Daily News (blog)
Although e-book sales almost doubled, print sales still made slight gains. Hardcover sales were up 1.3% from the year before, to $5.06 billion, and paperback sales rose 0.4%, to $4.96 billion. Bringing in $3.04 billion, e-books still ranked third in ...

DiCaprio: We're true to Gatsby book
Irish Independent
"I can't tell you how many people have come up to me and said it's their favourite book of all time. Every time you make a movie you have to be very specific and people may disagree with what you're doing," he said. "We were always honest with one ...

Children's Books: Pipsqueak on Wheels
Wall Street Journal
This disjunction between reality and self-perception finds endearing expression in "Ben Rides On" (Roaring Brook, 32 pages, $16.99), a debut picture book by Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Matt Davies. Here is a classic tale of boy meets ...

Afghan Star Khaled Hosseini's New Book
Wall Street Journal
I didn't sit down and say, "I want to write more complex characters," but as I wrote the characters, I noticed that they are more complex and that they're not as archetypal as the characters in my earlierbooks, certainly in "The Kite Runner." I think ...

Apple Fights Back in E-Book Antitrust Case - NYTimes.com
Unlike the five publishers, all of which have settled the case, filed in April 2012, Apple is aggressively disputing the government's assertions that Apple and the publishers wanted to force Amazon, which controlled 90 percent of the e-book ...
NYT Bits

Graphic Books Best Sellers: Humans and Mutants Working Together ...
New to the graphic books hardcover best-seller list this week, at No. 2, is “Uncanny Avengers,” written ... (Mr. Bendis is writing an X-Men book and Mr. Remender, who had been writing an X-Menbook, is now chronicling the adventures of this hybrid team.) “Uncanny Avengers” has some ....ArtsBeat is a Web site devoted to culture news and reviews, and to the work and interests of the reporters and critics of The Times's culture department and the Book Review. Come here for breaking...

Sorted Books, Photographs of Poetry Created Using Book Titles
By Kimber Streams
Since 1993, artist Nina Katchadourian has been working on the Sorted Books project, a collection of photographs featuring poetry made of book titles arranged in clever ways. More of the sublime and humorous poetry can be found at ...
Laughing Squid

Have You Seen My New Book, Living The Good Long Life? - The ...
By Martha Stewart
I am very proud of my newest book, Living The Good Long Life: A Practical Guide To Caring For Yourself And Others. With this book, I wanted to create a guide that is a practical, no-nonsense, straightforward, important list of things to do so you ...
The Martha Stewart Blog

London's top gardens pictured in one charming book : TreeHugger
By Bonnie Alter
If you are visiting London this summer, or just like garden porn, this is the book for you.
Latest Items from TreeHugger

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Apple Fights Back in Antitrust Case Over E-Book Prices

Apple Fights Back in Antitrust Case Over E-Book Prices
New York Times
Unlike the five publishers, all of which have settled the case, filed in April 2012, Apple is aggressively disputing the government's assertions that Apple and the publishers wanted to force Amazon, which controlled 90 percent of the e-book market ...

Books: New and noteworthy - USA Today
We scope out the hottest books on sale the week of May 19: 1. And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini (Riverhead, fiction, on sale May 21). What it's about: This multigenerational saga from the author of The Kite Runner begins with the bond between ...

Book review: Inferno
Daily News & Analysis
Dan Brown's much awaited book is a plodding piece of work that will leave even his most hardcore fans disappointed, finds Joanna Lobo. Book: Inferno Author: Dan Brown Publisher: Random House Pages: 461. Price: Rs750 Critics don't have to try very hard ...

JK Rowling's own Potter book for sale
New Zealand Herald
Dr Philip Errington, director of printed books and manuscripts at Sotheby's, said: "This can undoubtedly be regarded as the definitive copy of any Harry Potter book. "Not only is it a fine copy of a first edition of the first book, but the author has ...

New book shows how 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' gently pushed feminist issues
New York Daily News
“Mary Richards was the stealth bomb of feminism,” says Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, the author of “Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted: And All the Brilliant Minds Who Made 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' a Classic.” Armstrong says of Moore as Mary Richards: ...

Siblings' Separation Haunts In 'Kite Runner' Author's Latest
There was a time around 2003, before e-books and e-readers, when it seemed that everywhere you turned — in an airport, on a bus or anywhere people read — people were lost in The Kite Runner. An epic tale set in Afghanistan, the book sold more than 7 ...

Book seller Sarah McNally: Hipster writes her own business rule book
(David Gutnick's documentary, 'Another Hipster in Business, God Help Me,' paints a portrait of Sarah McNally, whose love of literature and savvy business instincts have made her a star in the rough-and-tumble world of book selling. McNally doesn't just ...

Daily Kos: Donald Rumsfeld has written an advice book. Oh, yay.
By rss@dailykos.com (Hunter)
Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has published a new book. It's a book of advice. You too can get advice from The Man Who Screwed Up The War. You can give it as a gift to someone you want to catastrophically fail at life.
Daily Kos

Book Review: The Great Convergence: Asia, the West, and the ...
By Blog Admin
Book Review: Political Parties in Palestine: Leadership and Thought. May 19 2013 ... Jonathan Ossoff finds the book an unbalanced, repetitive volume that rehashes establishment views on globalisation without breaking new ground. .... About the author. Jonathan Ossoff is an MSc candidate in International Political Economy at the London School of Economics. He previously served for five years as a foreign affairs and defense aide for the United States Congress.

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Author Lisa Scottoline

Author Lisa Scottoline talks grief, crabs, podiatry
Baltimore Sun
She's got more than 30 million copies in print of her books, including 20 best-selling novels. She writes a weekly column, with her daughter, for The Philadelphia Inquirer. She's a graduate of Harvard ... But ask her about any connections she might ...

Baltimore Sun

Ditch sexist pink book covers as they are putting boys off 'gritty' books ...
Daily Mail
Female authors have called for an end to sexist book covers which promote their novels as 'girly' in order to boost sales regardless of the plot. British children's author Dame Jacqueline Wilson said publishers were 'pigeonholing' girls by using pink ...

Daily Mail

Books that changed me: Cathryn Hein - Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning Herald
What an eye-opener this book was. All those horses! All that upper-class naughtiness! That promiscuous but oh-so-sexy cad Rupert Campbell-Black! It was Riders and Cooper's other early books that had me on a desperate hunt for Australian equivalents but ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Fantasy author Gaiman pens 'Doctor Who' episode
Gaiman, bestselling author of such fantasy novels as Coraline, American Gods and Stardust, is the screenwriter for the episode Nightmare in Silver, showing at 8 p.m. Saturday on BBC America. The busy Gaiman turned Moffat down the first time he asked.


Author Alison Wearing writes 'Confessions of a Fairy's Daughter' memoir
Vancouver Sun
“My dad had been on sabbatical in Germany and he had come back and he was just sort of (acting) funny and she said he was preoccupied with this letter,” the author of the newly released memoir “Confessions of a Fairy's Daughter” said in a recent interview.

Book Party! Terry McAuliffe's Campaign Begins With Past Anecdotes, Jobs ...
ABC News (blog)
No, it was his 2008 book, “What A Party!: My Life Among Democrats: Presidents, Candidates, Donors, Activists, Alligators, and Other Wild Animals” that captured most of the national news about the former Democratic National Committee chairman's race ...

Muslim, Christian groups clash in NY libel suit
Wall Street Journal
Attorney Tahirah Amatul-Wadud said the Muslim group is seeking retractions and $18 million in damages, and a halt to further publication of network founder Martin Mawyer's 2012 book, "Twilight in America: the Untold Story of Terrorist Training Camps ...

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Free e-book excerpts from Sue Grafton, Amy Tan

Free e-book excerpts from Sue Grafton, Amy Tan
Wall Street Journal
NEW YORK — Upcoming novels by Sue Grafton, Elizabeth Gilbert and Wally Lamb are among 40 fall and winter releases excerpted in a free e-book. "Buzz Books 2013: Fall/Winter" also previews fiction from Amy Tan and actor James Franco and such ...

Dan Brown's Inferno set for blockbusting sales
The Guardian
Brown, who has 190m copies of his books in print worldwide, promised "the darkest novel yet" in an interview with the Sunday Times this weekend, the only one he is giving before the book's release. The novelist said that the subject matter he is ...

The Guardian

Mummified body of Chicana author found in NM home
SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — A 70-year-old woman whose mummified body was recently found in her Santa Fe apartment was identified as a Chicana activist, teacher and author. Santa Fe police said the decomposed remains of Barbara Salinas-Norman were ...

'Yellow Birds' author Kevin Powers picks his favorite books - USA Today
Out now in paperback, Kevin Powers' debut novel of the Iraq War, The Yellow Birds, was one of the most celebrated books of 2012: It won the PEN/Hemingway Award and the Guardian First BookAward, was a finalist for the National Book Award and was ...

Merkel shrugs aside new book on communist-era past - Huffington Post
Huffington Post
BERLIN — Chancellor Angela Merkel has shrugged aside a new book that suggests she may have been closer to East Germany's communist system than previously thought, saying she's never hidden anything. The 58-year-old Merkel grew up in East Germany and ...

Chris Huhne's ex-wife Vicky Pryce to publish prison book
Iain Dale, managing director of Biteback, said Miss Pryce's previous book Greekonomics has "sold very well". However, it is unclear what will happen to the money made from the book as former prisoners are not allowed to profit from the proceeds of crime.

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Candace Bushnell a Victim of "Premature Publication"

Candace Bushnell Hacked! Parts of Sex and the City Author's New Novel Leaked to the Web | E! Online: "Candace Bushnell is suffering from an unfortunate case of premature publication. A hacker going by the (apt) pseudonym of Guccifer apparently broke into the email account, Twitter feed and website of the Sex and the City author and subsequently posted online the opening sections of her next novel, tentatively titled Killing Monica. . . ."

Books blast new version of psychiatry's bible, the DSM - USA Today
An array of books strategically timed to the new version being released at the organization's annual meeting in San Francisco (which begins Saturday) are largely aimed at its failings. "This is not just an academic debate," says psychiatrist Allen ...

Snowe presses for bipartisanship in new book
Boston Herald
In her book, the now-retired Snowe writes about her 34 years on Capitol Hill that she says went from a place where parties worked to forge compromise to today's obstructionist politics and partisanship. The parties, she says, have become more ...

Derelict mom books tell blunt truths about parenting
KCBY.com 11
This book cover image released by NAL Trade shows, "Moms Who Drink and Swear: True Tales of Loving My Kids While Losing My Mind," by Nicole Knepper. Mother's Day has taken a dark yet funny turn in a fresh round of books about derelict parenting.

KCBY.com 11

The Great Gatsby From Book to Movie: My Top 20 Faithful Things, Part One
Huffington Post (blog)
However, the movie of this novel is not about re-creating the novel, nor about re-creating the summer of 1922. Here are a few of my favorite movie moments that take something essential about Fitzgerald's wonderful book, and put them into cinematic terms.

Huffington Post (blog)

Books: New and noteworthy - USA Today
Check out the hot books on sale this week, including the newest from 'Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown. ... The buzz: Connors' book already has made headlines for revelations about his relationships with former fiancé Chris Evert and his wife, Patti. 4.

F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby' returns to screen on 3D
And it was in Siberia, in a sardine-box of a cabin, that Luhrmann re-encountered “The Great Gatsby,” this time as an audio book, one of two he had with him. “I poured some wine, looked out and saw Siberia racing by, and started listening. It was four o ...


Menomonie library starts new club: "1000 Books Before Kindergarten"
Leader-Telegram (blog)
When they register, children will receive a reading folder with pages to record the first 100 books and a book bag promoting the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten club. Families are encouraged to return to the library every time they finish reading and ...

E-books/audiobooks review: fiction
South China Morning Post
(e-book). Louise Erdrich's superb new novel is narrated, at some remove from the events, by 13-year-old Joe Coutts. The action opens in 1988 on a Native American reservation in North Dakota. Joe and his father are quietly digging out tree saplings from ...

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Who will save our books, our libraries, our bookstores?

james patterson ad - who will save our books
James Patterson ad

Author James Patterson campaigns to save books | Tampa Bay Times: " . . . Patterson asked, "Who will save our books? Our bookstores? Our libraries?". . . According to Publishers Weekly, sales of print books fell 9 percent in 2012. The Association of American Publishers reported that in 2012 e-books accounted for 22.5 percent of the industry's net revenue — compared to .05 percent 10 years before. . . . Among the issues are the diminished number of bricks-and-mortar bookstores, harsh cutbacks in library funding and the consolidation of the publishing industry — all threats to the foundations, he says, of a healthy community of readers. . . " (read more at link above)

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Author Guide to Publishing

An Author's Guide to Publishing
Huffington Post
After publishing 17 books traditionally -- from Knopf to Penguin to W.W. Norton -- I decided to explore what my New York literary agent, Sarah Jane Freymann, calls "the great experiment" of indie publication. Even for a ... You may be delighted to have ...

UK Publishers Hit Book Sales Record for 2012 Amid Digital Growth
Hollywood Reporter
Digital formats, including e-books, audiobooks and online book subscriptions, accounted for 12 percent of the total value of sales in 2012, up from 8 percent in 2011 and 5 percent in 2010. Sales of consumer e-books, which are in the field of mainstream ...

How I overcame snobbery to self-publish an e-book
I reckoned two copies of each e-book would be downloaded – one by the author and the other by a delighted cousin who'd designed the cover. Having had three "proper"books published (Icebox and Mischief, novels published by Headline in 2000 and 2002;...


'Mockingbird' author Lee sues over copyright in NY
Wall Street Journal
The 87-year-old author alleges Pinkus took advantage of her declining hearing and eyesight seven years ago to get her to assign the book's copyright to him and a company he controlled. Lee, who lives in Monroeville, Ala., has taken legal action to get ...

'Mom & Me & Mom' by Maya Angelou
Angelou has been ... There is a slightly frustrating lack of chronology in this book, and several odd lacunae in the narrative — but life is messy, and so is memory.

Modern day Bridget Jones has it 'much harder', author Helen Fielding says
Speaking of the complications of television remotes as her character struggles, the author adds: “And she didn't have 3 remotes with 30 buttons each just to work the telly.” The handwritten additions to the book also include insights into how the ...


Penguin offers changes to settle e-books EU antitrust probe
Penguin won't restrict, limit or impede e-book retailers' discounts or their ability to set, alter or reduce retail prices for e-books for two years, according to details of the proposed changes....


Book lover: Edward Rutherfurd
New Zealand Herald
This is the story of Alex Dumas, the son of a French aristo and a black slave, who rose from the rank of private in the old royal army to general after the French Revolution, and was the father of Alexandre Dumas, author of The Three Musketeers and The ...

Doc, photo book delve into women's stories in porn - Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Sun
Several of the stars attended the film's Los Angeles premiere Wednesday night at the Landmark Theatre and hung around afterward to autograph the coffee-table book. Anderson was inspired to explore these women's stories after casting a porn star in a ...

Author Murakami sends message to Boston
TOKYO — Japanese author and keen runner Haruki Murakami sent a "personal message" to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and said he also felt wounded by the attack on his favourite race. "So, even from far away, I can imagine how devastated ...


All Your Books Are Belong To Us
Huffington Post
Published in 2005, his thrilling book, Outwitting History: The Amazing Adventures of A Man Who Rescued A Million Yiddish Books, ends with Lansky's use of a new technology (digital scanning) to recreate a collection of Yiddish texts which he was able to ...

Author Murakami sends message of hope to Boston | The Raw Story
By David Ferguson
Japanese author and keen runner Haruki Murakami sent a “personal message” to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and said he also felt wounded by the attack on his favourite race. “So, even from far away, I can imagine how ...
The Raw Story

What book reviewers said about 'The Great Gatsby' - Jim Romenesko
By Jim
What book reviewers said about 'The Great Gatsby' when it came out in 1925. "'The Great Gatsby' is in form no more than a glorified anecdote, and not too probable at that.” – Chicago Daily Tribune; May 3, 1925. “A curious book, a ...

The Book Smugglers | On the Smugglers' Radar
By Ana
“On The Smugglers' Radar” is a feature for books that have caught our eye: books we have heard of via other bloggers, directly from publishers, and/or from our regular incursions into the Amazon jungle. Thus, the Smugglers' Radar was born.
The Book Smugglers

Russian-American journalist to write book about Tsarnaev brothers
It's the first big book to be announced about the Boston bombing. ... Riverhead announced on Wednesday that it plans to publish "a major book" about the ... Gesson, who lives in Moscow, is the author of several books, including The Man ...

Author Samantha Power being considered for U.S. diplomatic post ...
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Samantha Power, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, former White House aide and Harvard professor, is under consideration to be the ...

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Daniel Dennett, Author of ‘Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking’

The philosopher Daniel Dennett talks about his 16th book, “Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking” --

Daniel Dennett, Author of ‘Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking’ - NYTimes.com: " . . . Sailing was still an apt illustration of the kind of empirically minded problem-solving that Mr. Dennett has long preferred to the abstractions of more traditional philosophy, to the great irritation of some colleagues. “Philosophers can seldom put their knowledge to practical use,” Mr. Dennett said, squinting under the brim of a baseball hat reading “Freedom Evolves,” a play on the title of his 2003 book on free will. “But if you’re a sailor, you can. I just get a kick out of that.”. . ."

Harper Lee sues agent over copyright to To Kill A Mockingbird
The Guardian
The book was published in 1960 to wide acclaim. It won a Pulitzer prize and is a mainstay of literature studies in high schools and universities across America. It has sold more than 30m copies worldwide and was also made into a classic 1962 film ...

The Guardian

Books: New and noteworthy - USA Today
The buzz: Is this first book in a young-adult trilogy poised to be the next Hunger Games? Tobey Maguire is ... The buzz: Veteran spy master le Carre is a frequent visitor to USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list, and Our Kind of Traitor reached No. 27 in ...

Author events in Greater Boston
Gary Greenberg (“The Book of Woe”) reads at 7 p.m. at Harvard Book Store . . . Jennifer Margulis (“The Business of Baby”) reads at 7 p.m. at Back Pages Books, Waltham . . . Juliette Fay (“The Shortest Way Home”) reads at 7 p.m. at Tufts Library, Weymouth .

New book: A Bountiful 'Journey' for young, struggling Mormon
Salt Lake Tribune
In the first book of his promised trilogy, Journey (If Where You're Going Isn't Home), Max Zimmer takes us on a soul-searching trip to 1950s Bountiful, Utah, where he and his fictional adolescent counterpart, Shake Tauffler, grew up in the shadow of ...

Evert 'extremely disappointed' in Connors - USA Today
"In his book, Jimmy Connors has written about a time in our relationship that was very personal and emotionally painful," Evert said in a statement released Saturday to Reuters through her agent Lawrence Frankopan at StarWing Sports. "I am extremely ...

Book lends support for people without children
Killeen Daily Herald
While parents or parents-to-be might laugh at this book, I think it'll be better-appreciated by anyone who's made a negative decision on the “Baby, maybe” question. If that's you, then ... a book. She lives on a hill in Wisconsin with two dogs and 11 ...

Martha Stewart tells how to live the 'Good Long Life' - USA Today
In her new book, Living the Good Long Life: A Practical Guide to Caring for Yourself and Others, Stewart arms herself with a team of specialists, including several of the nation's best geriatricians, to reshape a more somber landscape. The entertaining ...

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Women's prize for fiction

Women's prize for fiction reveals 'staggeringly strong' shortlist
The Guardian
Mantel is the only novelist to win the Man Booker and Costa book prizes in the same year for Bring Up the Bodies, the second in her Thomas Cromwell trilogy. Completing the shortlist for ... Each of the six books were stories of significance and ...

The Guardian

New Bond book sends the spy to Africa
New Zealand Herald
Fleming died in 1964 after writing 14 Bond novels, but other authors have since kept alive the series, which has sold more than 100 million books. Skyfall, the latest film in the ... The author was born in Ghana and has written novels set in Africa ...

New Adult fiction is the hot new category in books
Thanks to the novel's strong sales, Armentrout, like McGuire, has signed with a major publisher, William Morrow, which will take over the e-book distribution of Wait for You, release a trade paperback edition and then publish the subsequent two books ...

Neil Gaiman urges publishers to 'make mistakes' in uncertain new era
The Guardian
"Anyone who tells you they know what's coming, what things will be like in 10 years' time, is simply lying to you," according to the author Neil Gaiman, fresh from a provocative speech at this week's London Book Fair where he urged major figures in the ...

The Guardian

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Banned Books 2013

Banned Books 2013: 'Captain Underpants', 'Fifty Shades' Make List Of Most ...
Huffington Post
NEW YORK -- Here's a list "Fifty Shades of Grey" was destined to make: The books most likely to be removed from school and library shelves. On Monday, E L James' multimillion selling erotic trilogy placed No. 4 on the American Library Association's ...

Simon & Schuster announces pilot e-book program with New York Public Library
New York Daily News (blog)
"This is a path breaking step that will ensure that as e-book readership grows our citizens can enjoy access to books akin to what the library has always provided," New York Public Library President Tony Marx said. "Publishers win by growing their ...

Book Buzz: Jason Segel has written three young adult novels
In today's book news, 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' star Jason Segel has written three books. Plus, gear up for the Pulitzers ... New and noteworthy: Notable books on sale this week include Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts and Hillbilly Heart, a memoir by ...

Book's a friend to teens coping with a parent's cancer
CHEVY CHASE, Md. — While there are lots of books about cancer, few are aimed at teens whose parents are sick. And even fewer include instructions for repairing a hole in the wall. "We included that because almost every boy we interviewed punched a ...

First printed book in America to be auctioned
Hindustan Times
A Sotheby's employee handles a copy the “Bay Psalm Book”, the first book printed in what is now the USA in 1640 and is considered the world's most valuable book, with an auction estimate of 15 to 30 million USD, during a preview at Sotheby's in New York.

Hindustan Times

James Bond goes "Solo" in new book penned by William Boyd
LONDON (Reuters) - The latest James Bond novel is titled "Solo" and will see the world's most famous fictional spy go on an unauthorized mission at the height of the Cold War, the author of the book said on Monday. The plot of the book focuses on ...

One Million New Books Now Available to Schools and Programs Affected by ...
Wall Street Journal
First Book, a nonprofit social enterprise that provides new books to kids in need, is continuing efforts to help local schools, community programs and families in the states affected by Hurricane ...

Book News: Orwell's Inspirations, Anne Frank a Belieber? : The New ...
By Rega Jha
The first book printed in the United States is expected to sell for as much as thirty million dollars at auction. Scientific American argues that e-books sacrifice some comprehension....
Culture Desk

By Jason Boog
... eBooks ... In an interesting twist on the traditional model, patrons can buy books through the library online and the library will receive a portion of the sale. The New York Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library ...

Eggs of Things: Anne Sexton's 1963 Children's Book | Brain Pickings
By Maria Popova
Given my soft spot for lesser-known vintage children's books by famous literary icons — most recently, Mark Twain's wonderful Advice to Little Girl and Sylvia Plath's The Bed Book and The It Doesn't Mater Suit — I was thrilled to track down a ...
Brain Pickings

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