How Authors, Bloggers and Journalists can use Google Plus

How Authors, Bloggers and Journalists can use Google Plus?
By Swati
Upload some videos: Video bloggers can add their blog videos, Authors can update their followers about book releases or take a cue from the Author Garth Stein and have an attention grabbing and funny video book trailer for their new book. .... How To: Disable Facebook New Chat Sidebar · Growth of Google Plus Vs Twitter Vs Facebook; Google+ Got 10 Million Users Just in 16 Days [STAT] · Kindle Books Free Download Websites · Facebook Testing New Home Page Design [PICS] ...
Books: Book Reviews, Book News, and Author Interviews : NPR
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Inside Google Books: Pottermore and Google team up to enable Harry ...
Google eBooks can be read on most devices with a modern browser, through the Google Books apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and on more than ...
Amazon Best Sellers: Best Books
Discover the best books in Amazon Best Sellers. Find the top 100 most popular Amazon books.
BBC News - Doubts over authenticity of 'ancient Christian' books
The metal books, the Lead Codices, range in size and are covered in ancient ... You can see why the publishing industry was eventually won over by the ...
Inheritance Cycle: Books
Books One, Two, and Three in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance cycle- the complete texts now in a single grand volume. Buy the book ...
Borders to Books-A-Million deal falls through
Books-A-Million deal to buy 30 Borders' stores – perhaps saving nearly 1000 jobs – has stalled. Although Books-A-Million will not be buying the 30 Borders ...
And So It Went
By TOM SHIPPEY Kurt Vonnegut was one of the defining authors of the 1960s. But was he a science-fiction author? The Library of America's "Kurt Vonnegut: ...
Print Books: Should They Stay or Should They Go?
But there was one thing (actually, many of one thing) that I couldn't decide what to do about — my print books. Although I love my print books, e-readers, ...

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Amazon looks to British Book Depository

Amazon Looks to British Books
The Book Depository is an Internet bookseller that has yet to enter the digital world, selling physicalbooks. The Book Depository has said that it will continue to operate independently of Amazon. Shares of Amazon were down 79 cents to $223.11 in ...
Chamblin Bookmine still overflowing with books, 35 years later
Florida Times-Union
By Matt Soergel At Chamblin Bookmine, which is 35 years old this month, employees joke that perhaps a trail of bread crumbs could help you find your way back once you get lost in the glorious clutter of the 1.4 million used books that cram the ...
Byron Dobson: Borders was more than a place to buy books
It has been one of my favorite stops since it opened on the Parkway, following other stabs at the high-exposure location by Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble, two other big-box bookstores that have since moved to other locations. ...

And So It Went
Wall Street Journal
By TOM SHIPPEY Kurt Vonnegut was one of the defining authors of the 1960s. But was he a science-fiction author? The Library of America's "Kurt Vonnegut: Novels and Stories, 1963-1973" gives us a chance to revisit some of his most famous work and ...
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Lady Gaga to release book of photographs

Lady Gaga to release book of photographs
CBS News
Grand Central Publishing announced Thursday, July 28, that it will release the book, "Lady Gaga" on Nov. 22. The publisher said the book will include more than 350 color and black-and-white photographs of her. (AP Photo/Wally Santana, file) (Wally ...
Borders Lives! (Maybe as a Brand Name)
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Katy Stech As liquidators work to clear books from its retail shelves, Borders Group is preparing for a sale that could enable the bookseller's brand to live on even after its stores go dark. Borders executives laid out plans to auction off the ...
New Android Market Update Lets You Rent Movies And Buy eBooks
Business Insider
The ability to purchase and view eBooks via Google Books and rent and watch movies with Videos. In the US, there's thousands of movie rentals available within the Videos app, starting at $1.99, which you can stream instantly to any of your ...
Unbound's Struggle to Crowdfund Books
Generally described as a "Kickstarter for books," the innovative new publishing outfit promised a lot: to take ideas by prospective authors, get them crowdfunded, and then publish them. The launch drew some adoring glances: His Dark Materials author ...

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Reinventing Book Publishing

Unbound's Crowd-Financed, Spine-Tingling Effort To Reinvent Book Publishing
Fast Company
"We're printing and distributing and finding the market for the books," says Mitchinson. Providing and mediating interaction between readers and authors is another differentiator; those who pledge money can not only interact with authors as the book is...
College kids hate textbooks. Can e-books really help?
But would shifting to a digital format really make students fall in love with “books”? The research data implies that it certainly could help. 62 percent of respondents said they would study more often if they could access their textbooks from anywhere ...
Books-A-Million Talks to Acquire 30-35 Borders Stores Collapse
By Marty Chase Negotiations between Books-A-Million, now the nation's second largest book chain, and bankrupt Borders to acquire between 30 and 35 Borders stores mainly in the eastern US have collapsed, Books-A-Million has confirmed. ...
E-Books Part II: Kindle, Nook, Kobo Look & Feel
How do the e-book e-readers from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo compare to each other physically? Kobo (left) and Barnes & Noble's Nook (right) each have a touch screen and a pop-up touch keyboard; Amazon's Kindle 3 (center) relies on a space-hogging ...

Romancing the Novel: Three authors explain their methods
Weekly Alibi (blog)
As the writers talked, my judgments started to change. These authors were serious about their craft. “I always wanted to write books,” said Alice Duncan, a brassy woman with gray hair. “I guess as soon as my mother first read me a story, ...
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Print Books: Should They Stay or Should They Go? -

Print Books: Should They Stay or Should They Go? - . . . I began talking about my move to San Francisco, and which of my personal belongings would make the trip. When I voiced my reluctance to ship my books, one of my editors, horror-stricken, said: “You have to take your books with you! I mean, they are books. They are so important!” . . . As with most discussions that center on the topic of choosing new technology over its analog counterpart, everyone in the room had a passionate opinion about what to do with my books. In discussions with others, friends who work in technology and have fully adopted a digital life all seem to think they should simply be given away or thrown out; those on the other side of the street fervently disagree. . . .

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Technology's false imperative

Eurozine - Technology's false imperative - Pirjo Hiidenmaa Why digitization must not mean the end copyright: "Digitization has transformed both the work of the writer and the distribution of the book. . . .
Even though digitization does transform the world there are still various reasons for the maintenance of copyright:

Authors have a right to a financial compensation for their work. This right must be safeguarded regardless of the format of the work, digital or printed. Flexible business models are needed to facilitate the parallel existence of different publishing practices for different fields of the arts and sciences.

Literature is necessary for our understanding and interpretation of an ever more complex world. Civilization needs authors, those who describe and document reality and those who present alternatives and critical interpretations, as well as those who offer us an escape from reality.

The access of readers to culture and information must be safeguarded in such a way that everyone is able to obtain works for their personal use legally and without undue effort. Access to culture is the prerequisite of democracy.
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