Thanks to e-books, publishers' revenues are down but profits are up

Thanks to e-books, publishers' revenues are down but profits are up ...
By Chris Meadows
The other day, I mentioned a survey showing that the growth of e-books has reduced the overall value of the book publishing market in the UK, and wondered what.
TeleRead: News and views on e-books,...

Young Writers Dazzle Publisher (Mom and Dad)
New York Times
“At 14 years old, he has accomplished something many adults can't achieve,” the reporter said. “Ben is a twice-published author.” As the camera rolled, Ben described how “the first time I held my own book, it was just this amazing feeling.

New York Times

Book review 'Dust to Dust': born to be a soldier
The Seattle Times
At 7 pm May 1 at Seattle's University Book Store (206-634-3400 or • At 7 pm May 2 at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, in conversation with author Karl Marlantes(206-366-3333 or

Grasping the e-book era
Atlanta Journal Constitution
“No other [new] format has compared to e-books in terms of popularity and exponential growth,” said John Szabo, director of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, where e-book checkout numbers first surged noticeably during the 2010 holiday season ...

Guide to Choosing an Audio Book
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
ORG Before there were books we had storytelling. The popular image here is of people sitting round a camp fire telling tales of long forgotten lands. Yes, this must have happened, but storytelling was so much more than just tales beside the campfire.

Edible Book Fest: Prodigious punsters for all literary tastes
The Seattle Times
The Seattle Edible Book Festival is a pun-lover's potluck, complete with judges dressed as famous literary figures. The low-key, annual event is a quirky combination of intellectualism and whimsy. Despite the name, competitors don't dine on books.

Harry Crews dies at 76; Southern writer with darkly comic vision
Los Angeles Times
The author taught three decades at the University of Florida. The word “original” only begins to describe Harry Crews, shown in 1998, whose 17 novels place him squarely in the Southern gothic tradition, also known as Grit Lit.

Los Angeles Times

Authors this week in LA: A Walt Whitman reading and more
Los Angeles Times (blog)
Also this week, Don Winslow discusses and signs his latest book “Satori,” now out in paperback, at Book Soup on Tuesday. And Heidi Julavits and Noah Hawley read from their latest novels at Skylight Books on Thursday. As always with our roundup of ...

Literary hunger can be fed at Grub Street
Boston Herald
As the Boston Typewriter Orchestra (yes, you read that correctly) pounded out a performance in the background, literary heavy hitters including Anita Shreve and Sue Miller turned celebrity bartenders for the evening, pouring booze for the guests and ...

Book Review: All for Now by Joseph Di Prisco
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Deploying intelligence and humor, author Joseph Di Prisco examines his subject in an engaging and entertaining way, and the end result is anything but morbid The novel recounts the immediate afterlife of Brother Stephen, a member of a Catholic teaching ...

Author Q&A: Katherine Boo
The Star-Ledger -
Boo's resulting book, “Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity” (Random House, 288 pp., $27), is a breathtaking work of great reportage, full of lush images and nuanced characters. Boo focuses on Abdul, ...

The Star-Ledger -

Titanic at 100: Books explore many angles of the 1912 disaster
Los Angeles Times
The centennial of the ship's sinking is marked with a slew of literature that includes nonfiction, fiction and coffee-table books. The "unsinkable" Titanic prior to its launch in 1912. (File photo / April 1, 2012) By Nick Owchar, Los Angeles Times The ...

'The New Republic': Journalists gone wild
Shriver opens her new novel with a revealing Author's Note. She first wrote The New Republic in 1998, she says, but couldn't interest an American publisher in a book about "foreign" terrorism. Then 9/11 happened, and no one was in the mood for a book ...

Authors on their works
San Jose Mercury News
By Bruce Manuel At 30, Lehrer already has three books to his credit, including the brand-new "Imagine: How Creativity Works." In it, he presents creativity not as a special gift to a lucky few, but the outcome of a variety of thought processes anyone ...

Harry Crews, novelist of hard lives and dark corners of the South, dies at 76
Washington Post
In 1993, Washington Post book critic Jonathan Yardley praised Mr. Crews for a “sense of humor that is totally off the wall and a deep, abiding sympathy for his characters.” His books were set in swamps, trailer parks and dismal towns populated by ...

Let Read You Some Books
You'll never have enough time for all the books you want to enjoy. Current trends in publishing just make things worse, with endless multipart series and 700-page biographies hanging like ripe fruit in the garden of knowledge.

Author's books deliver colorful style, richness
Delmarva Now
Mainly literary art, though I also oil paint and do pencil sketches for personal enjoyment. I write nonfiction, biographies, histories, novels, screenplays and online syndicated pieces. My writing is minimalistic. I use strong verbs and nouns rather ...

Author and Speaker Releases Child Sexual Abuse Stories For April 2012 Child ...
Houston Chronicle
Ginny Scales who invented the Sunless Tanning System has moved beyond her tumultuous upbringing to be an inventor, and author. She is featured in the new movie, "What is the electric car?" She has written a novel that is based on her own true story of ...

Author of Self Help Book for Gay Men Stuns Friends With Suicide
By Lucas Grindley The last words of the author of a book intended to advise aging gay men on finding happiness dash that thesis and have left friends wondering what happened, the New York Times reports. In a thought-provoking piece, the Times tells the ...

Authors on their works
San Jose Mercury News
The son of Mexican immigrants, he teaches at UC Irvine and has published 23 books, including short fiction and works for young readers. When his latest poetry collection -- "Half of the Light in the World" (2008) -- came out, Stephen Burt wrote in the ...

Lindsey Poisson: Book lover caves with Kindle app
I've written before about my love of wandering around a library and picking up random books as I happen upon them. Same thing with the bookstore. There's something incredibly comforting about picking up a book and flipping through the pages.

How to Get Your Dummies Book Contract - Third in a Series
As I wrote in Part I of this series, you can find an agent to submit a for Dummies book proposal from scratch. What I didn't know at the time is that you can also directly propose a for Dummies title and yourself as the author clicking here.

Upton author imagines the end of the world
Daily News Transcript
Upton resident Matt Rabidou has just published his 1st book, "Prophecy of the Mayans,'' about that culture's claim the world would end this year. By Chris Bergeron/DAILY NEWS STAFF After writing his debut novel, Matt Rabidou had to get it published ...

Author pushing for sustainable flowers
Bend Bulletin
Debra Prinzing, the author of “The 50 Mile Bouquet,” a book about seasonal and sustainable flowers, buys flowers at Alm Hill Gardens in Seattle on Monday. For the book, Prinzing visited dozens of organic local farms and florists, making the case that ...

Author visits York County for launch of One Book program for kids
Their shouts were part of a Friday reading presentation done by author and illustrator Zachariah OHora, who wrote "Stop Snoring, Bernard" about an otter who is constantly awaken from his nap by animals annoyed by his snoring. He goes to various places ...

Indo-US relationship drifting: book
Hindustan Times
PTI India should have sent its troops back to Sri Lanka to kill or capture Prabhakaran and the LTTE leadership after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, says a new book by a former US diplomat. Rajiv Gandhi's killing was an attack on India's status as a ...

Hindustan Times

INCIDENTAL COMICS: The Book of the Future
By Grant
This drawing appears in The New York Times Sunday Book Review! See it larger in the digital Times or in the print edition on newsstands today (4/1). My vision for the future involves lava lamps, egg chairs, and outfits that would look great in a ...

'The best book on child-rearing' ever
In this controversial book author Reb Bradley reveals that the cause of our nation's moral decline has been caused not by failed education, poverty, or weak gun laws, but by inadequate parenting. ... “C.S. Lewis Letters To Children”: In his life, C. S. Lewis received thousands of letters from young fans who were eager for more knowledge of his bestselling Narnia booksand their author, Here are collected responses to those letters, in which he shares his feelings about writing, school, ...

April Fools: Seven Literary Hoaxes | biblioklept
By Biblioklept
Pynchon/Vonnegut (Books Acquired, 3.28.2012) | “Love Is Strange” (Badlands) » ... He told his radio audience to demand the (non-existent) book by the (non-existent) author “Frederick R. Ewing” from their local booksellers, and even fabricated a basic plot for listeners to in turn relate (he even included the salacious detail that the book ... Publisher Ballantine hired sci-fi scribe Theodore Sturgeon to write the book from Shepherd's outline, and the book was published very soon after.

Rachel Maddow Tells Jon Stewart Her Book Is Not 'Left-Right': 'It ...
By Frances Martel
Rachel Maddow's new book, Drift, recently hit stores and has her out and about describing the process of writing her book and how she came to the conclusions she did. Maddow spoke to Jon Stewart on Thursday night, explaining how she ...

4 big myths of Book of Revelation – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs
By John Blake
She says the writer of Revelation may have been called John – the book is sometimes called “Book of the Revelation of Saint John the Divine” but he was not the disciple who accompanied Jesus. He was a ... The author of Revelation was trying to encourage the followers of Jesus at a time when their world seemed doomed. .... There has been books out for years with this same erroneous message; more than likely, she plagiarized her book from authors that have come before her.
CNN Belief Blog

ECCC | Image Comics to publish Roundeye by Tony Harris | Robot ...
By JK Parkin
Image Comics announced today at the Emerald City Comicon that it will not only publishRoundeye, but that Harris is at their booth at the show all weekend signing autographs and selling prints for both Roundeye (above) and his other Image ...
Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources...

Save 20% on your iPad e-book edition « Self Publishing News For ...
By Outskirts Press
Today you can save over $200 when you publish with the Diamond or full-color Pearl package and then add the iPad/iPhone Enhanced E-book edition to your services. Here's what you get when you start publishing to the iBooks bookstore ...
Self Publishing News For Self-Publish...

The Kill Zone: How Many Brands Can an Author Have?
By James Scott Bell
Still is, actually. That's because a publisher trying to make money with an author has to build a repeat readership, and that's done over time, book by book. Take a hypothetical author. Let's call him Gil Johnstrap. He comes out with a terrific first novel, a thriller about a ... I support those books with articles for Writer's Digest magazine, my regular Sunday column here at TKZ and on Twitter (where I've also developed a strategic brand). ... A reader can find new authors in a genre this way.
The Kill Zone

Apple and publishers nearing eBooks settlement with DOJ
By Oliver Haslam
Earlier this month it was suggested that Apple and book publishers had been colluding in order to fix the price of electronic books, and with Apple already in so many court rooms it is clear that the firm could do without having to fight on yet ...

Hands-Free Books: Read Anywhere. - Better World Books Blog ...
By Better World Books
The Better World Books R&D team, working out of our vast underground laboratories and testing facilities in northern Indiana and doing a mess of science down there, has finally come up with a viable answer: Hands-Free Books. Extensive ... With your hands free to do anything else, yourbook-reading experience can extend into many other activities, like: .... Here you'll find authorinterviews, book reviews and general ramblings from employees of the "Online bookstore with a soul.
Better World Books Blog - Book...

Quitting Reading YA Books « A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy
By Liz B
A book for kids? What was I thinking? Obviously, our world should be a Logan's Run world, where not only are we strictly segregated by age but what we read, watch, and enjoy is likewise kept strictly into categories with no overlap. And if I wasn' t convinced by that, there is also the Slow-Books Manifesto, where I learned that only literary books play “with language, plot structure, and images,[and] challenges us cognitively even as it entertains.” Apparently, I've been wrong when I've ...
A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy

If we can't win over Allen Barra - THE BOOK--Playing The ...
By Tangotiger
The Unwritten Book is Finally Written! An in-depth analysis of: The sacrifice bunt, batter/pitcher ...Buy The Book from Amazon. SABR101 required reading if you enter this site. Check out the Sabermetric Wiki. And interesting baseball books.
THE BOOK--Playing The Percentages...

Art illusion in Spain is bursting with books
It has over 5000 books cascading out of a building. - ... "what a waste of good literature, there's no such thing as an outdated book". The "bible" is the first on that ...

Literary Rambles
The darker the better; Any book about a time, place, or group of people that hasn't ... “…with Science Fiction and Fantasy…the kind of books I gravitate towards aren 't ... As of this posting, Mr. Hoffman is listed on Publisher's Marketplace as having made .... When should a debutauthor connect up with a group of other authors ...

Children's Book Festival | Princeton Public Library
Our community is one that loves the library and loves books. ... meet your favorite author or illustrator, listen to them discuss their work, have a book autographed ...

Best Android apps for book lovers
By Gene Briones
However, the Web 2.0 era, with its “Midas' touch”, has pretty much digitized almost everything form of physical media, making ebooks and audio books the gold standard in education, both formal and informal. For all book lovers out there, here ...
Android Authority

Settlement over e-Book Pricing to Undo Apple's Agency Model for ...
By Eric Slivka
While negotiations are still fluid, the settlement is expected to eliminate Apple's so-called "most favored nation" status, which had prevented the publishers from selling lower-priced e-booksthrough rival retailers such as Inc (AMZN. O) or Barnes ... That's the one thing that's really put me off ebooks: why pay more than the PB book price when I can buy it at a used bookstore for less? .... I'd rather have the eReader be a commodity and my content to be independent of it.
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Apple, DoJ May Settle Over Ebook Pricing Soon
Tom's Guide
Retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble may be allowed to sell ebooks at wholesale prices again real soon. Although negotiations between Apple, book publishers and the Department of Justice are still "fluid," insiders close to the talks told Reuters ...

E-books settlement talks advancing: sources
Such a move to a "wholesale model" would not only benefit consumers but also Amazon, which had been the leading bargain e-book retailer with its Kindle reader. "It would be a positive for Amazon because the company's greatest strength is as a ...

David's Book Club: The Republican Brain
Daily Beast
An avowed liberal, he is best known for his 2005 book The Republican War on Science, which castigated conservatives for hostility and dismissiveness toward science and scientists on matters ranging from global warming to embryonic stem cell research.

Daily Beast

Books: New and noteworthy
The Beginner's Goodbye By Anne Tyler (Knopf; $24.95, fiction, on sale April 3) What it's about: In the latest novel by the author of Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, a young Baltimore widower finds comfort in the ghostly reappearances of his late ...


Book review: 'Threats' by Amelia Gray
Los Angeles Times
The biggest plot point of the book is delivered with enigmatic precision, a narrative oxymoron that Gray nevertheless manages to pull off. A few brief chapters after the ashes arrive, a hallucinatory, herky-jerky death scene unfolds with details of ...

'The Dressmaker' leads weekend book picks
USA TODAY's picks for book lovers include a timely novel about the Titanic and actor Frank Langella's gossipy memoir. By Kate Alcott; Doubleday, 306 pp., $24.95; fiction Dozens of non-fiction books are being published to mark the 100 t h anniversary of ...


Book review: 'The Crisis of Zionism,' by Peter Beinart
Washington Post
Many books have been written on the Israeli-Palestinian struggle — by reporters, elected officials, diplomats, novelists, poets, human rights workers, Nobel laureates and ordinary citizens. But Peter Beinart's “The Crisis of Zionism” stands out not ...

Drugs, Rehab and Bar Mitzvahs: An Afternoon Chat with Author Moshe Kasher
Kasher's memoir launched on Wednesday with an event at Barnes and Noble at The Grove, and tonight, he'll read at Book Soup in West Hollywood. To give you a little preview, he chatted with us by phone about why he likes LA, what he learned from gangsta ...


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