London Book Fair's focus on China worries some free-speech activists

London Book Fair's focus on China worries some free-speech activists
Washington Post
LONDON — Britain's biggest book fair opened Monday amid criticism of its decision to extend a special invitation to China, a country that regularly censors and imprisons authors. A lone protester demonstrated outside the “China Market Focus” section ...

E-book overkill
Los Angeles Times
By Michael Shermer The Justice Department filed suit last week againstApple Inc.and two majorbook publishers, Macmillan and Penguin Group USA, accusing them of colluding in 2010 to raise the prices of e-books. Three other publishers that were ...

Book Publishing's Real Nemesis
New York Times
So imagine the shock when the bullet aimed at threats to competition went whizzing by Amazon — which not long ago had a 90 percent stranglehold on e-books — and instead, struck five of the six biggest publishers and Apple, a minor player in the realm ...

New York Times

How Apple's battle over e-books helps consumers
CBS News
(Credit: morgueFile user ariadna) (MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY The battle lines over e-book pricing are dug deep, and the verbal attacks are flying. The Department of Justice last week sued Apple (AAPL) and five major publishers for alleged price-fixing.

CBS News

Author Rowling writing Harry Potter encyclopedia
Chicago Tribune
LONDON (Reuters) - Author JK Rowling is working on a Harry Potter encyclopedia, and will donate the royalties to charity, she has said on her website. Four years ago the British writer took an independent US publisher to court to stop its plans for a ...

JK Rowling is writing another Harry Potter book... sort of!
Entertainment Weekly (blog)
Potter fans have been waiting for years for Rowling to revisit the magical world she created, and social website Pottermore has only managed to slightly quench our literary thirst. With this announcement, Rowling has unofficially revitalized the Potter ... Establishes Audible Author Services; Program Includes a Fund to ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Authors who sign up to participate in the Audible Author Services program will gain access to Audible's marketing and merchandising expertise to help them enhance their audience. For each audiobook sold at, or iTunes, ...

New book fare: Mary Higgins Clark (& daughter), Van Jones, the No. 1 Ladies ...
Washington Post (blog)
By Christopher Schoppa This spring weekend, beloved cook Giada de Laurentiis nabs the top spot in new nonfiction, while the new fiction list sees a seismic change from the week before, with no less than seven new books joining the ranks.

What Apple's Ebook Fiasco Means for Amazon and the Book Business
Now that the Department of Justice is officially probing the alleged price-fixing conspiracy onebooks between Apple and many of the major publishing houses, some clear winners and losers have begun to emerge. Winner Number One: Amazon, ...

Speculation abounds that Amazon triggered e-book lawsuit
The Seattle Times
Amazon called it a victory for buyers of its Kindle e-reading devices and announced plans to cut prices on Kindle e-books, the very thing publishers had hoped to prevent when they negotiated a new business model with Apple two years ago.

Daring to Cut Off Amazon
New York Times
But Mr. White's bold move to take his 1800 children's books away from the greatest retailing success of the Internet era is more evidence of the extraordinary tumult within the book world over one simple question: who gets to decide how much abook ...

New York Times

How Small E-Booksellers Could Help Break the Amazon-Apple Duopoly
Last Wednesday, the Department of Justice filed a major antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five big publishers for allegedly price-fixing e-books. The goal was apparently to prevent Amazon, which dominates the market, from deflating prices of...


Amazon Is Right, There's No Way E-Books Should Cost $15
Business Insider
Last week's announcement by the Justice Department that they are suing Apple and several of the world's biggest book publishers for conspiring to keep eBookprices high generated plenty of media coverage. One challenge in wading through this coverage ...

Business Insider

Apple fights off ebook suit with anti-Amazon defence
By Gavin Clarke • Get more from this author Apple is a liberator, not an oppressor – that's according to Apple, at least. The Mac-maker turned device-and-content shop has dismissed the US government's decision to prosecute on the grounds that it rigged ...

Miniature royal fairy tale to grow and grow
By Yeganeh Torbati | LONDON (Reuters) - In its current form, the matchbook-sized children'sbook "J. Smith" can only be enjoyed by the most diligent of readers, armed with deft fingers, a magnifying glass and an abundance of patience.

As Rowling's Pottermore Site Opens, What is the Future for Kid's Books?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The site also promises “exclusive new content from JK Rowling,” reportedly including 18000 words of background material filling out the books' characters and settings. For newbies, Pottermore will sell e-book and audiobook versions of the series.

E-book Subscriptions Drive Sales from Other Models
MarketWatch (press release)
PALO ALTO, Calif., Apr 16, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Publishers that distribute e-books to libraries under subscription in addition to other models will receive the greatest value, according to ebrary(R), a ProQuest business. ebrary today announced that ...

Secret Service scandal fodder for Baldacci book
CBS News
Obama: "I'll be angry" if Secret Service scandal is true Author David Baldacci has written a string of best-sellers about government intrigue. His first novel, "Absolute Power," told the story of a secret service cover-up. When asked if the scandal is ...

The New Business Model of Book Publishing
Huffington Post
I've written previously about how Amazon's Kindle and their KDP Select program is bringing new writers to the book publishing world, bypassing traditional publishers. But sometimes, established writers are finding a new voice there too.

Book review: 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed
Los Angeles Times
By Jessica Gelt, Los Angeles Times Toward the end of Cheryl Strayed's memoir, "Wild," theauthor, who is in the middle of hiking 1100 miles alone across the West Coast's formidable Pacific Crest Trail, loses one of her hiking boots.

Has Kindle Killed the Book Cover?
The Atlantic
By Betsy Morais AP Images Daylight Saving came out in the UK in February, and in the months leading up to its release, the publisher used a novel strategy to generate interest in the teen novel: It placed a ticker at the bottom of the digital cover, ...

The Atlantic

Free & Easy: Bethesda Literary Festival, Kirkin' o' the Tartans
Washington Post (blog)
By Brandon Weigel New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman is one of the authors scheduled to appear at the Bethesda Literary Festival this weekend. (Peter Schneider/Associated Press) Free this week: Noted authors and book lovers descend on Bethesda ...

'Finn' Author Jon Clinch To Speak At Twain Workshop
Hartford Courant
By CAROLE GOLDBERG, Special To The Courant The Hartford Courant For 20 years, author Jon Clinch has kept a postcard of the Mark Twain House on his refrigerator. "It's such a cool place. It's holy ground," says Clinch, who first visited the Twain home ...

Harry Potter encyclopedia in progress, says JK Rowling
The Guardian
Four years ago Rowling took small American publisher RDR Books to court over its plans to publish the Harry Potter Lexicon, an unauthorised A to Z of the Potter stories. Rowling called the book "wholesale theft of 17 years of my hard work", ...

The Guardian

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals book cover for 'Total Recall' memoir
Los Angeles Times (blog)
Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the book cover of his upcoming memoir "Total Recall" on Monday morning on Twitter to his 2.4 million followers. His publisher, Simon & Schuster, followed up with an email with details. The former California governor, ...

E-book revolution: The danger of the lawsuit against Apple
Student Life
This month, the Department of Justice brought an antitrust lawsuit against Apple along with many book publishers, alleging price fixing in order to combat Amazon's successful strategy of dramatically reducing e-book prices. While this may seem like a ...

Student Life

"State of Mind" Author Makes Appearance at LA Times Festival of Books
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2012 If you're taking a trip to USC this Saturday to explore the LA Times Festival of Books, be sure to stop by booth #762 between 3:00 and 5:00PM to get your copy of "State of Mind" signed by the author. The book will ...

Clandestine rendezvous with literary guilty pleasures
San Jose Mercury News
And with the stunning success of British author EL James' new erotic e-book "Fifty Shades of Grey" -- the first installment of a trilogy peppered with whips, chains and handcuffs and which currently resides at No. 1 on The New York Times best-sellers ...

Why ebook DRM will die, and why this will make no difference to Amazon and Apple
ZDNet (blog)
By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes | April 16, 2012, 8:34am PDT Summary: DRM onebooks will die. Frightened publishers will see to it that it happens. Regular readers will know that I'm no fan of DRM. That's not because I want to enthusiastically pirate every ...

ZDNet (blog)

Txtr Fights Amazon/Apple With iPhone/Android eBooks For The Rest ...
By Mike Butcher
While Apple, Amazon and competition authorities globally tussle over book pricing, a fleet-of foot startup is quietly building an alternative platform others would do well to check out. ... Similar to Amazon's multi-device approach, with various Kindle apps complementing its own dedicated e-Reader, txtr employs what it calls its “buy once – read anywhere” strategy (up to 6 different devices per eBook purchase) and targets Apple iOS, Android, PCs running Windows, as well as web and ...
TechCrunch » Europe

The hyperlinked book: Random House plugs Nesbo in to Small ...
By Robert Andrews
The Nesbo pages on Small Demons, like those for other authors, list the author's books, together with places, people, music, movies, TV and radio shows, art, food, newspapers, clothes and more found in those books. LA-based Small Demons crawls e-book text to pull out and process these nodes as explorable artefacts. Those books can be purchased through links to several off-site affiliates. It's a pretty smart idea, and one of several new companies trying to inject a digital data layer ...

Theater Book Store | Fubiz™
By Versa
Theater Book Store. Le Grand Splendid Theater de Buenos Aires en Argentine propose dorénavant de disposer d'une librairie de toute beauté. Reprenant le vieux théâtre en le remettant à neuf, cette nouvelle organisation est très réussi, et est ...

GreenBeanTeenQueen: Storytime: Sarah's Favorite Books
By GreenBeanTeenQueen
I also review books for When I'm not found with a book in my hands I'm most likely reading blogs-I'm addicted. The opinions ... A Note to Authors/Publishers: I would be happy to read and review your book. If I you have a ...

Miler Lagos' Awesome Book Igloo is Stacked High with Recycled ...
By Helen Morgan
We've been loving the book art trend that we've been seeing and artist Miler Lagos recently upped the ante with his incredible igloo made of hundreds of books! We've seen houses made of books before, as well as books poured out onto city ...

Curbed Giveaway: Planning Los Angeles - Books - Curbed LA
By jwilliams
Sign up for the Curbed LA newsletter. Sign up for our daily email newsletter and get top stories and breaking news delivered to your inbox. Sunday, April 15, 2012. Books ... We'll have more on the book this week, but for now we're happy to offer one free copy to a Curbed reader. Planning Los Angeles gathers 35 essays to uncover the "influences and outcomes of planning for a diverse population, regulating land use and providing transportation in a sprawling city, protecting green ...
Curbed LA

E-reader accessory review: Flygrip one-handed device grip ...
By Chris Meadows
A few days ago, I was contacted by Chih-Chin Sun of Flygrip, an iPhone/e-reader handgrip accessory made by a company that began selling its products in February.
TeleRead: News and views on e-books,...

DRM On My Books – Whatever
By John Scalzi
I have your books on my Kindle. As an author, would it bother you if I stripped the DRM from the ebook, to read it on another ebook reader? Or should I buy another copy? Speaking personally and only for myself, I'm of the opinion that once you bought the ... I should note on a personal level that typically speaking I don't strip out the DRM on my ebooks because from a practical point of view I don't find it particularly onerous. .... Authors: for information on how to participate, click here.

Could book publishing suffer the same fate as the comic book ...
By Charlie Jane Anders
And web developer Baldur Bjarnason has a scary thought: if the e-book revolution and the rise of Amazon succeed in chipping away at the web of bookstores and libraries that help bring in new readers, could books go the way of comic books ...

My “Most Influential” Books (1) |
By Chaplain Mike
I responded in the comments with a list right off the top of my head, and limited the books I included to contemporary ones that had shaped my faith in various ways over the years. But the more I have ... His most popular book, The Normal Christian Life, introduced me to the epistle of Romans, and my favorite, Changed into His Likeness, had as its thesis that the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are foundational for understanding God and his ways with people. It was my first ...

Colorado Author Has Tips For Raising Outstanding Children « CBS ...
By matthewbuettner
All the parents out there know taking care of children doesn't come with a guidebook, but one Colorado author has a book that can give tips for raising outstanding children.
CBS Denver

Author's fictional Titan hit iceberg years before the Titanic sank ...
Publish your own activity and retain full control. ... The lack of literary merit made " Futility" a footnote in the years after its publication, Heyer said, adding that its .... The book just sounds like it was written using the standard for the time period. ... Lots of events that happen in real life occur in books and movies years before.

“Drop Dead Healthy”: A failed addition to “shtick lit”
By Stefan Beck, Barnes & Noble Review In “Memoir: A History,” Ben Yagoda defines “shtick lit” as “[b]ooks perpetrated by people who undertook an unusual project with the express purpose ofwriting about it.” He identifies “Walden” as the earliest ...

Retired art teacher turns attention to first book
The book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and two readers who posted reviews on the Amazon website had kind words for Ms. Schwepper-Florin's effort. “This is a wonderfully imaginative collection of poems and drawings.

Fifty Shades of Grey's Success Has Nothing to Do with Repressed Feminist Fantasies
Sex sells, but so does Twilight: A few years ago, an unknown author named EL James posted a free, x-rated version of the infamous vampire romance on, the most popular fanfiction website in the world, called Master of the Universe.

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