E-book Price-Fixing: Finding the Best Model

E-book Price-Fixing: Finding the Best Model for Publishers — and Readers
By Knowledge@Wharton | April 27, 2012 | + In a case that has attracted worldwide attention, Apple and five book publishers were sued this spring by the US Department of Justice on the grounds that they colluded to fix prices for e-books sold on Apple's ...


Exclusive Book Excerpt: Gregg Allman's 'My Cross to Bear'
We might be ready for the Guinness Book of World Records." She agreed with me, so I said, "Well, listen, seeing how it was so bad, why don't we try it again, because it can only go better this time?" We went dancing. I don't know how to dance, ...


Ernest Callenbach, Author of 'Ecotopia,' Dies at 83
New York Times
Ernest Callenbach, the author of the 1975 novel “Ecotopia,” the tale of an awakening paradise in the Pacific Northwest that evoked a devoted cult following as a harbinger of the environmental movement, died on April 16 at his home in Berkeley, Calif.

Amazon vs. Publishers: The Book Battle Continues
With an industrial-strength printer and a digital book file from the publisher, Amazon could easily wait to print a book until after a customer clicks the yellow “place your order” button. The technology is championed by those who want to streamline ...

NYC Literary Honors: Bloomberg lavishes book community with new award
New York Daily News (blog)
(All photographs by Alexander Nazaryan) Held on Thursday night on the lawn of Gracie Mansion, the official mayoral residence on the Upper East Side, the inaugural NYC Literary Honors were intended "to honor great living authors and scholars who have ...

Gregg Allman postponing book tour for heart tests
CBS News
Just as it seemed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member was finally over the effects of his liver transplant two years ago, he's been forced to delay his upcoming book tour to promote his new memoir, "My Cross to Bear," for heart tests.

Author Espinasse on People's Daily, Haitong Share Sales
Washington Post
Apr. 27, 2012 - Philippe Espinasse, author of "IPO: A Global Guide" and former co-head of Asian equity capital markets at Nomura International Hong Kong Ltd., talks about share sales in the region. People.cn Co., the online business of the Chinese ...

The Sorry State of Digital Books
PC Magazine
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Sony, among others, have powered up their ebook stores lately. You can browse and buy hundreds of thousands of current titles, as well as download millions of free public domain books from 1923 and earlier, ...

'50 Shades Of Grey': Ellen Narrates EL James' Erotic Novel
Huffington Post
The book, originally conceived as "Twilight" fan fiction by author EL James, is about the relationship between billionaire Christian Grey and college student Anastasia Steele. The novel is known for its fairly explicit sex scenes, and it's these bits ...

Unshackling e-books, slowly: A Macmillan imprint ends DRM
New York Daily News (blog)
That means you will be able to transfer Tor titles from the Kindle to the Nook to the Kobo or any othere-book reader with impunity - which is precisely what DRM controls prevent. Said Tor/Forge chief Tom Doherty, “Our authors and readers have been ...

Gregg Allman delays book tour for heart tests
CBS News
(CBS/AP) Rocker Gregg Allman is postponing his upcoming book tour for heart tests. He's scheduled to undergo tests Friday at The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., the same facility where he underwent a liver transplant in June 2010.

CBS News

Meet Author Nicole Borgenicht
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
She recently had a picture book; The Bridge published, along with some other kid's short stories, which have appeared in The Los Angeles Times Kid's Reading Room section, Stories for Children and LadyBug Flights. She started writing stories when she ...

Book Review: Griffin's Fire by Darby Karchut
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
ORG Griffin's Fire is the second installment in Darby Karchut's Terrae Angeli young adult fantasy series, published by Twilight Times Books. I didn't read the first book in the series and have to say that I was a bit lost at the beginning of the story.

Don't Believe the eBook Monopoly Ploy
Huffington Post
The new ploy by book publishers is to characterize Amazon as a monopoly poised to take over and dictate terms and run rampant over those who create ebook content. That is like saying Starbucks is a monopoly because it currently dominates the coffee ...

The Reading Renaissance
New York Times (blog)
One technology, the e-book, the biggest new invention in reading since Gutenberg cranked out a Bible with movable type, changed the world — most likely for better. We have more books, more readers, a bigger audience for words, on pixels or paper.

Tucson High School Blocks Renowned Author Ana Castillo's Visit: Community ...
Huffington Post (blog)
In a stunning rejection of celebrated author Ana Castillo's offer to read and speak with Tucson high school students next week, Tucson Unified School District administrators added a new chapter to the nation's most troubling censorship crackdown and ...

Author visits 'endangered' national parks -- with family in tow
Also the Northwest editor of Backpacker Magazine and creator of TheBigOutside.com, Lanza conceived of the book after three decades of exploring and reporting on nature. Nearly 400 national parks can be found all across America, and feature breathtaking ...


Book review: 'The House that Bogle Built'
CBS News
Having met him personally and been interviewed by the author, I had an extra interest in reading Lewis Braham's book, "The House that Bogle Built." The book is really two tales. One is the story of John Bogle, a legendary advocate for the rights of ...

CBS News

How the Author of 'Quiet' Delivered a Rousing Speech
New York Times
Having never given a single media interview in the first 43 years of my life, I appeared that day on “CBS This Morning” to promote my book, a critique of our overly loquacious culture. Then I shuttled uptown to my publisher's office to continue talking...

New York Times

Cissy Houston shops Whitney memoir, Ellen DeGeneres reads 'Fifty Shades'
By Lindsay Deutsch, USA TODAY --Whitney Houston book: Cissy Houston is talking to publishers about writing a book about her daughter, pop legend Whitney Houston, whom she called "Nippy," The New York Times reports. The gospel singer, 78, ...


Book Review: Acting Techniques for Everyday Life by Jane Marla Robbins
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
In the book Acting Techniques for Everyday Life, Jane Marla Robbins suggests that using acting techniques in a variety of social situations will provide relief. Some readers may be concerned that using acting techniques in the "real" world will result ...

Cissy Houston Plans a Book on Her Daughter, Whitney, aka 'Nippy'
New York Times (blog)
Cissy Houston, the gospel singer and mother of Whitney Houston, met with publishers in New York this week to shop a book about her daughter, several people who were in the meetings said. Affectionately calling her daughter “Nippy,” her childhood ...

New York Times (blog)

Men are reading "Fifty Shades of Grey," too
CBS News
(CBS/AP) "Fifty Shades of Grey," the first book in an erotic trilogy that has earned millions of women fans in a matter of weeks, has now expanded its fan base to men. Reading on iPads and Kindles or hurriedly picking up the books in stores, ...

CBS News

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Crisis of Zionism'
Washington Times
Mr. Beinart seemingly has read almost every scholarly and general-interest book and article written on the subject. And although he has strong views, his argument is based on an extensive analysis of the subject, and the narrative doesn't descend into ...

Washington Times

Ellen DeGeneres Narrates The Audiobook Version Of Best-seller 'Fifty Shades Of ...
The book and its two sequels (it's a trilogy), "Fifty Shades Darker" and "Fifty Shades Freed", are currently the top three selling novels on Amazon.com, and have everyone talking, namely because the books are written with very explicit sex scenes and ...


Book Review: Red, White, and Blood by Christopher Farnsworth
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Monsters of both literary and mythological origins. When you consider all the foes Cade has faced in the first two books, from vampires and a real-life Dr. Frankenstein to the more mundane enemies, it's amazing to think that he's faced the Boogie Man ...

Cissy Houston Pitching Book on Whitney (Report)
Hollywood Reporter
Cissy Houston is planning a book about her late daughter, Whitney Houston, The New York Times reports. According to the paper's sources, the 78-year-old Grammy Award-winning gospel singer met with publishers in a suite at the St. Regis Hotel in New ...

Hollywood Reporter

Book Couch — ACCESSORIES -- Better Living Through Design
By Katie
“I am a book fanatic. I am fascinated not only by the contents, but also by the haptic aspects, the weight and the peace that books radiate. Always, I thought it a pity that one can look only at the cover and not the insides. Then, for my exhibition ...
Better Living Through Design

How Books Will Survive Amazon by Jason Epstein | NYRblog | The ...
So far discussion of the Justice Department's suit against Apple and several major book publishers for conspiring to fix retail prices of e-books has omitted the major issue: the impact of digitization on the book industry generally. ... Should Amazon's $9.99 price become the industry standard—a reasonable assumption since e-books like iTunes are merely disembodied electronic information—publishers might then be obliged to sell e-book content to Amazon for perhaps as little as ...
NYRBlog - The New York Review of Books

At Yale, Online Lectures Become Lively Books - Wired Campus ...
By Jennifer Howard
“It may seem counterintuitive for a digital project to move into books and e-books, because these are a much more conventional way of publishing,” she says. But the Open Yale Courses are about “reaching out in every way that we could.
Wired Campus

Paris Review – Literary Paint Chips: Gallery 1, Leanne Shapton And ...
By Leanne Shapton and Ben Schott
Literary Paint Chips: Gallery 1. April 26, 2012 | by Leanne Shapton and Ben Schott. Paint Samples, suitable for the home, sourced from colors in literature. As seen in our two-hundredth issue.
The Paris Review

E-books do not 'cost nothing to produce' | TeleRead: News and ...
By Chris Meadows
Blogger Deanna McFadden, who works in digital publishing, takes exception to writer Michael Chabon's recent statement that it's unfair publishers should get the same royalty as paper books for “an e-book that costs them nothing to produce.” McFadden attributes this ... In the end, you've got the work into a digital format and it's ready to be converted to epub, more buttons are pushed, coders come in and clean everything up, and you've got an ebook that's ready to go. It's proofed and ...
TeleRead: News and views on e-books,...

Whitney Houston's mom, Cissy, planning book about her daughter ...
By Carolyn Kellogg
Whitney Houston's mother, Cissy Houston, is talking to publishers about writing a book about her daughter, according to reports. ... Jacket Copy. Books, authors and all things bookish. « Previous | Jacket Copy Home ...
Jacket Copy

Daniël's Database Blog: Books vs. e-Books for DBA's
By Daniël van Eeden
Books vs. e-Books for DBA's. As most people still do I learned to read using books. WhooHoo!Books are nice. Besides reading they also are a nice decoration on your shelf. There is a brilliant TED talk by Chip Kidd on this subject. But sometimes books have ... on my list is High Performance MySQL. I planned to publish this post when I finished reading SQL and Relation Theory, but I thought now might be a better time as O'Reilly has discount for that book and other books by C.J. Date.
Daniël's Database Blog

A Handmade Book For Baby Trekies
By Jill Harness
My Star Trek Quiet Book is a perfect way to get toddlers ready for life aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. From finger puppets to ... You can buy a copy for your own little ones over at Etsy, she also has similar books for baby Jedis. Link Via Geek ...

James A. Fragale: Books You Hold in Your Hand
By James A. Fragale
HuffPost's QuickRead.· NYR Armchair Detective More. April 26, 2012 ... ("They" are making it awfully attractive and appealing to own an e -reader). But, I ask, do I want to join the legion of hip New Yorkers on ... An opening quibble, there's very little in the book on Kirkwood's glitzy, Hollywood parents, both silent screen stars James Kirkwood Sr. and Lila Lee. (There's a street called ...
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell by Tom Bower ...
As for Cowell's own motivations, the revenge narrative that so dominates the book is not wholly convincing. At his last American Idol wrap party, an anonymous ...

Bloomberg Names Winners of Inaugural NYC Literary Awards
He is the author of two Newbery Honor books and five Coretta Scott King Awardees. He is the recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement inwriting for young adults, a three-time National Book Award Finalist, as well as the ...


The Humanities, Digitized
Harvard Magazine
What Manuelian has created is a visualization—a teaching and research tool more powerful than a video, which is linear. “When I am asked a question about something at the site, we can navigate over in real time to look at it,” he says.

Chagrin Valley schools recognized for excellence
Cleveland Jewish News
... author of the 360-page book “Dear Mr. President,” which follows a young girl with a passion for politics. With her father's help, Hallie self-published the book, available on the Barnes & Noblewebsite. Hallie, who began writing the book at age 9, ...

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