Author Turow rips Dept. of Justice's antitrust lawsuit

Great Scott! Author Turow rips Department of Justice's antitrust lawsuit over ...
Chicago Tribune
The suit alleged they conspired to raise the price of e-books, which Amazon was selling for just $9.99, helping its proprietary Kindle system. But setting aside whether the feds can make their collusion case, critics suggest the government effort might ...

Chicago Tribune 

Will Apple's game plan beat the trustbusters?
The challenge for Apple's attorneys is presenting a different picture of the e-book market than the one offered by the Department of Justice, experts say. by Josh Lowensohn April 14, 2012 4:00 AM PDT Follow @Josh A flag outside a European Apple retail ...

Apple denies alleged price fixing on e-books
San Francisco Chronicle
E-COMMERCE Apple denies fixing prices on books Apple denied allegations by the US government that it conspired with book publishers to fix prices of digital books to undermine's dominance of the market. The Department of Justice's ...

What's the future of e-book pricing?
With some publishers settling their antitrust lawsuit with the government, prices for e-books are expected to come down. But how much of a change will we really see? by David Carnoy April 13, 2012 3:30 PM PDT Follow @DavidCarnoy Who gets to set the ...

e-book pricing
CNET (blog)
In case you missed it, the US government recently filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five of this country's largest publishers, alleging they conspired to limit competition for the pricing of e-books. Three of the five -- HarperCollins, ...

Washington vs. Books
Wall Street Journal
The deal the publishers eventually reached with Apple unfixed the price of e-books by linking their prices to the cover price of the print version. More importantly, publishers could begin to reclaim the right to set e-book retail prices generally.

Apple, Publishers Pushing Back Against DOJ Ebook Charges
Apple, Penguin and Macmillan are not backing down from a DOJ suit that accuses them of colluding to keep ebook prices high. Apple's agency model keeps the market competitive, say the publishers. Apple is calling the US Department of Justice's ...

Apple denies price-fixing charges on e-books
Los Angeles Times
By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times Apple Inc., responding for the first time to antitrust charges levied against it and five major book publishers this week, denied that it had engaged in price-fixing to inflate prices paid for electronic books.

J.K. Rowling Reveals Her New Book -- For Adults
Wired News
The “blackly comic, thought-provoking and constantly surprising” book, her publisher says — her first aimed at adults — is called The Casual Vacancy . It will be released worldwide (at least in English) in hardcover, ebook, unabridged audio download ...

Apple denies US accusation of collusion on e-books
Sacramento Bee
He said customers have benefited from e-books that are more interactive and engaging. Apple's entry into the e-book marketplace has broken "Amazon's monopolistic grip on the publishing industry," said Neumayr. Lawsuits filed this week by the Justice ...

Books: New and noteworthy
It's her 200 t h novel, a figure that includes books she writes under the name JD Robb. 3. Never Say Never: Finding a Life That Fits by Ricki Lake (Atria, $25, non-fiction, on sale April 17) What it's about: We first met her as chubby teen Tracy ...


Independent booksellers ponder their fate as Amazon and Apple duke it out
San Jose Mercury News
He says the federal antitrust lawsuit to stop Apple and major book publishers from keeping e-book prices high, and Amazon's subsequent vow to lower its prices, can't be good news for the mom-and-pop bookstores struggling to weather a sea change in the ...

Developments in an antitrust case against Apple and book publishers over e ...
Washington Post
Developments in an antitrust case against Apple and book publishers over e-book pricing: April 11: The Justice Department and 15 states sue Apple Inc. and major book publishers, accusing them of conspiring to raise e-book prices.

Apple rejects US accusation of collusion on e-book prices, says company ...
Washington Post
WASHINGTON — Apple Inc. said Friday the government's accusation that it conspired with majorbook publishers to raise the price of e-books is untrue. Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said that instead, Apple fostered innovation and competition by ...

The Book Corner: News From the Burlington Public Library
The Friends of the Library will hold their Spring book sale from April 27 through April 29. The theme this Spring is "Hit a Home Run with Books" Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park! On Friday, show your love of baseball and the Red Sox: ...

Is The DoJ Vs. Publishers Lawsuit Good For EBooks? (DEBATE)
Huffington Post
Debates raged about whether this was a good or a bad thing for e-book publishers, readers andauthors. Read the arguments, see if you're persuaded, and let us know what you think in the comments! Agree - Thanks for voting! Please proceed to read the ...

Why The DoJ Lawsuit Is Bad For The eBook Marketplace
Huffington Post (blog)
Before the introduction of the agency model and the iPad, e-books were nearly synonymous with one word: Kindle. More than once I heard someone refer to "Kindle book" when they really meant the generic "e-book." Some analysts claimed that Amazon had 90% ...

Why The DoJ Lawsuit Is Good For EBooks
Huffington Post (blog)
The e-book market has continued to grow while sales of paper books have declined, and the suit the United States Department of Justice brought against five of the six biggest corporate publishers in America--Random House was excluded--will advance that ...

Poll: The Justice Department's e-books lawsuit against Apple
Los Angeles Times
As a reporter, I wish the company had addressed the DOJ's hub-and-spoke theory, which held that the publishers initiated the idea of raising e-book prices through an agency sales model, then put the alleged conspiracy into effect with Apple's help.

Apple defends ebook price-fixing by calling Amazon a monopoly
By Ed Oswald Apple shot back at critics and the Justice Department late Thursday, denying claims that it colluded with publishers to keep the price of ebooksartificially high. Even more interesting? The Cupertino, Calif. company took a veiled shot at ...


E-books lawsuit: Apple denies price-fixing charges
Christian Science Monitor
Apple is calling the US Justice Department's allegations that it colluded with publishers to fix e-book prices 'simply not true.' By Reuters / April 13, 2012 Attorney General Eric Holder, right, and Sharis Pozen, acting assistant attorney general, ...

Christian Science Monitor

JK Rowling Titles Post-'Harry Potter' Book
But even more excitingly, author JK Rowling is posting up in Pagford - and if you're deterred by the name, just remember that ""Hogwarts"" didn't really sound all that appealing at first either. Rowling has announced the title of her first post-Potter ...


Apple should have settled in ebook antitrust case, warns expert
April 14, 2012, 7:39 AM — While Apple has responded to the US Department of Justice's antitrust charges filed against it and book publishers accused of ebook price-fixing, claiming the iBookstore fosters competition, and broke Amazon's monopolistic ...

Harry Potter author JK Rowling's first book for adults called 'The Casual Vacancy'
Daily Mail
The Harry Potter books have sold about 450million copies worldwide and the latest novel by Miss Rowling – who is worth £530million – is already being tipped to top the Christmas bestseller list. Described as 'blackly comic' and 'thought-provoking',...

Daily Mail

Late Steve Jobs at center of Apple e-book price-fixing suit
MarketWatch (blog)
But Apple Inc.'s /quotes/zigman/68270 /quotes/nls/aapl AAPL late chief executive and founder was at center stage of the DOJ case against the company accused of conspiring with publishers to fix the prices of e-books. The agency relies heavily on Job's ...

Introducing 'By the Book' -
By PAMELA PAUL. At his book signings and readings, David Sedaris, the author of many best-selling books, frequently promotes the work of other writers, telling audience members what he's been reading recently and heartily recommends. ... We'll ask the expected high-minded questions about favorite novels, greatest living authors and the books remembered most from childhood. We'll ask ... But we also ask the questions other people don't: Do they read e-booksor print? Collect ...

Lloyd I. Sederer, MD: Book Review: Monday Mornings
By Lloyd I. Sederer, MD
When this book was released, as a great fan of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, I immediately marched down to my local Barnes and Noble and picked up a copy of his novel. Yes, a novel -- not a medical guidebook.
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

Book Festival For Children Kicks Off This Weekend « CBS Philly
By Crystal Cranmore
The book was really for adults but proved so popular he and author Adam Mansbach have written a genuine children's book, “Seriously, just go to sleep.” Cortes will be reading from it at the “Kids Literary Festival” at the Big Blue Marble book ...
CBS Philly

Audit Notes: Ebooks, Amazon, and Apple Edition : CJR
Barry C. Lynn, author of Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction, writes a good Slate piece on the Justice Department's misguided suit against Apple and book publishers for fighting Amazon's ebooks monopoly. Lynn writes about why low prices... There is no broader look at any of the anticompetitive vagaries of the e-book market beyond publishers' negotiations with retailers in the period before and after the launch of iBooks. The suit blasts most ...

What's with Apple Price-Fixing Ebooks—and Does This Mean ...
By Thorin Klosowski
It's nice to see the Department of Justice looking out for the good of the consumer, but you're right, what really matters to most of us is whether or not these lawsuits will have a direct impact on the price of books. The DOJ's ... The goal was to end Amazon's $9.99 price dominance and raise prices to the now standard $12.99-$14.99 for new ebook releases. This came ... It's a term for a new way of setting e-book prices that came about as Apple prepared to introduce its iPad in 2010.

Price Fixing for eBooks? — Slaw
By Michael Lines
If you've ever wondered how publishers can charge more for an ebook that for a print version, this is part of the answer. Here is a good roundup of recent coverage. With three of five defendants already having settled, the interest seems to ...

Hereville book 2 – cover sketches | Alas, a Blog
By Ampersand
So, things to keep from book 1′s cover: Big round object. Tiny Mirka (or Mirkas). The banner for the title and author lettering. Things to be different: Everything else. So I thought of every cover idea I could and sent quick sketches of those ideas ...
Alas, a Blog

The Capital Spectator: Book Bits | 4.14.2012
By jp
No first-book jitters for Sharma, longtime columnist for the likes of Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal. His smooth, almost chummy style suits him ideally for guiding civilians through the sometimes-arcane thicket of the dismal science, ...
The Capital Spectator

Apple Experience Book Review
By Ivana Taylor
If you've ever stood outside an Apple store for hours just to get the latest iPhone, iPad or other Apple product, then you're going to want to run out and get Gallo's newest book, The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer Loyalty. Carmine Gallo ... Ivana Taylor is the publisher of DIYMarketers , where she shares daily do-it-yourself marketing tips, and is the President of Third Force, Inc., a marketing firm that specializes in getting your ideal customer to choose you.
Small Business News, Tips, Advice...

Promoting his new book 'How to Sharpen Pencils,' David Rees gives his audience...
Capital New York
Writer David Rees, poker-faced and poker-straight, and a self-styled artisanal craftsman, took the stage at the Union Square Barnes & Noble for his author event wearing a yellow printed apron and khakis that billowed around his frame.

Capital New York

Author with local ties pens new children's book
Rockford Register Star
Author's notes: Lutricia Lois Clifton was born in southeastern Oklahoma but moved frequently when growing up. She spent her developmental years in the Texas Panhandle, then married and raised two sons in Colorado, where she earned a bachelor's and ...

“The Patagonian Hare”: The man behind “Shoah”
By Troy Jollimore, Barnes & Noble Review Those Americans who are familiar with the name Claude Lanzmann most likely know him as the director of “Shoah,” his monumental 1985 documentary about the extermination of the European Jews in the Nazi gas ...

Why Some Authors Are Turning To Self-Publishing
International Business Times
This fact has not escaped major book sellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Both companies allow authors to publish e-books on their sites and generate a massive percent of the revenue earned from sales. Those that want to avoid waiting around ...

International Business Times

Discover a Publisher: TrineDay
Publishers Weekly
He started writing about the CIA, drugs, and secret societies, but couldn't find a publisher for his work. “I sent off work to Feral House,” he told PW from TrineDay's Walterville, Ore. office. “I figured they did some pretty wild stuff, ...

Publishers Weekly

Discover Great New Writers - The Barnes & Noble Review
Barnes & Noble Home · Archive · Reviews ... Manil Suri, author of The Death of Vishnu, winner of First Place for Fiction at the 2001 Discover Awards. Read more.

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