Small Bookstores Say They’re Thriving

Small Bookstores Say They’re Thriving, Even Without Big Hits - Anderson, the owner of Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, Ill., said: “Our Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sales were up considerably over last year. That includes hardcovers and purchases made over the Internet, which we either ship or that you can pick up at the store.” Ms. Anderson’s was a familiar story across the nation, according to the American Booksellers Association, a trade group for independent bookstores. Dan Cullen, a spokesman for the association, said that in-store book sales for November, which includes Black Friday and the start of Christmas shopping, were up 10 percent compared with 2011 figures. “And while we expect to see some leveling off in the year-over-year numbers in December — due to the fact that December 2011 was a pretty strong month — sales for the indies are continuing strong,” Mr. Cullen said. Barnes & Noble, by contrast, reported a slight decrease in retail sales over the Thanksgiving weekend from those a year before. The company said the decrease was expected because its sales last year were bolstered by the closing of many Borders stores after that chain went out of business.

Today in Tech: Why Amazon and Google will duke it out next year - Fortune Tech: ""The e-book market isn't growing at the caffeinated level it was," said Michael Norris, a Simba Information analyst who follows the publishing industry. "Even retailers like Amazon have to be wondering, how far can we go — or should we go — to make our prices lower than the other guys if it's not helping us with market share?""

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