Are Print Books Are Here to Stay?

Never Mind E-Books: Why Print Books Are Here to Stay - "Ever since Amazon introduced its popular Kindle e-reader five years ago, pundits have assumed that the future of book publishing is digital. Opinions about the speed of the shift from page to screen have varied. But the consensus has been that digitization, having had its way with music and photographs and maps, would in due course have its way with books as well. By 2015, one media maven predicted a few years back, traditional books would be gone. Half a decade into the e-book revolution, though, the prognosis for traditional books is suddenly looking brighter. Hardcover books are displaying surprising resiliency. The growth in e-book sales is slowing markedly. And purchases of e-readers are actually shrinking, as consumers opt instead for multipurpose tablets. It may be that e-books, rather than replacing printed books, will ultimately serve a role more like that of audio books—a complement to traditional reading, not a substitute."

A Quirky Little Bookshop in Cyberspace
"The Los Angeles-based multimedia director Claire Cottrell has begun Book Stand, an online bookshop dedicated to limited-run, hard-to-find print publications that would look great on your coffee table. The items on the site run the gamut from books, magazines, zines and, starting this month, even the occasional arty film, like Gabe Rosenn’s “Hot Tubs.” Rather than categorize her goods by subject area, Cottrell opts for more creative monikers like Dreamlands and Sweet Earth. In an effort to foster a sense of community, Cottrell also posts conversations with select artists and even asks them to share their favorite recipes with her readers. Additionally she posts photos from trips to bookish points of interest like the Ofr. bookstore in Paris. . . . "

Author, publisher, entrepreneur: Guy Kawasaki on apes, authors, and what it means to write books today | VentureBeat: "Kawasaki: I’ve written 12 books now, and the best data I have is with Enchantment, where the ratio of print to ebooks is two to one. There is a myth that more ebooks are sold than paper books, but generally speaking the total U.S. market for books is about $25B, and roughly 10 percent is ebooks. The place where ebooks really dominate is adult fiction. I think that it will be 90 percent ebooks someday … but that’s not true today."

Lance Armstrong books moved to fiction section in Australian library
New York Daily News
There librarians have puzzled over what to do with Armstrong's many books and have come up with the perfect solution. PHOTOS: ARMSTRONG'S FALL FROM GRACE They have all been recategorized and put in the fiction section, according The Australian.

New York Daily News

Books: New and noteworthy
The buzz: Private Games, the last book that paired Patterson and Sullivan, reached No. 4 on USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list in February 2012. 3. Drinking With Men by Rosie Schaap (Riverhead, non-fiction, on sale Jan. 24). What it's about: A memoir ...

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