Book Review Podcast: Inside Scientology

Book Review Podcast: Inside Scientology
New York Times (blog)
This week in The New York Times Book Review, Michael Kinsley reviews “Going Clear,” Lawrence Wright's new book about Scientology. Mr. Kinsley writes: That crunching sound you hear is Lawrence Wright bending over backward to be fair to Scientology.
New York Times (blog)

Francona not pleased with his Sox book teaser
On Friday, when Francona was in Cleveland for the team's Tribe Fest event, the Indians manager said he feels the controversial excerpt painted a misleading portrait of the book, "Francona: The Red Sox Years," which was co-written by the Boston Globe's ...

As E-Books Rise, Publishing Still Waivers
Huffington Post
On top of that, according to a study released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, "the number of owners of either a tablet computer or e-book reading device such as a Kindle or Nook grew from 18 percent in late 2011 to 33 percent in late 2012 ...

DreamWorks acquires 'Silver Linings Playbook' author's new manuscript
Entertainment Weekly (blog)
”We immediately sparked to Matthew Quick's book and the heart and humor which is infused in his storytelling,” said DreamWorks' Holly Bario in a press release. “All of us at DreamWorks are excited to begin developing this story and look to make it a ...

From Dropout to Six-Figure "Book Mama": The Un-Schooling of Linda Sivertsen
How would you like a six-figure career helping aspiring authors generate six- and even seven-figure advances for their soon-to-be bestselling books? Better yet, how would you like ...

Book News: Poetic Bacteria, Siri Banter : The New Yorker
By Andrea DenHoed
“I am amazed that poets will continue to write about their divorces, even though there is currently a robot taking pictures of orange ethane lakes on Titan.” Anthony A. Davis talks to Christian Bök, the scientist who wrote a line of poetry into a ...

Amazon is testing Kindle rentals for regular books, with pricing ...
By Alex Wilhelm
If you enjoy reading, but want to lower the price of your habit, Amazon is slowly introducing something new that should heat your cockles: rentals of regular books on your Kindle. Textbook rental is not new on Amazon, but the rental of ...
The Next Web

Glitch art book shatters fundraising goal | Massively
By Shawn Schuster
Through Indiegogo (one of the many alternatives to Kickstarter), Brent set up a project to raise $17,000 for production of a hardcover book showcasing the art of Glitch. But as happens with the internet, the initial goal was shattered with the ...

Books | Whistleblowers | SmartPlanet
By Jenna Marotta
Prolific Brooklyn-born reporter and author Sam Roberts has written Grand Central: How a Train Station Transformed America (Grand Central Publishing, $30, January 22), about the impact of this iconic structure. In the book, he and legendary ...
All Content on SmartPlanet

Not Oprah's Book Club: Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of ...
By Syreeta
From Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo by Margot Mifflin, published by powerHouse Books. Maud Wagner, the first known female tattooist in the U.S., 1911. Photograph courtesy of the author. Years before Adrienne ...

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