How Do I Break My Trash Addiction? - Sadie Stein

Paris Review – How Do I Break My Trash Addiction? , Sadie Stein
By Sadie Stein
How Do I Break My Trash Addiction? June 29, 2012 | by Sadie Stein. Dear Paris Review,. For the last few months I have been rotting my brain with nothing but trash. (I am ashamed to admit how trashy, but let's just say a certain mommy-porn ...
The Paris Review 

Ebooks Made of YouTube Comments Invade Amazon Kindle Store - Technology Review: "Most press releases are awful, but the one on this project is highly entertaining, and worth reading in full: The Internet slang of YouTube comments is treated as fresh dialogue, and sold through in the form of massive, self-generated e-books. In an auto-cannibalistic model, user generated content is sold back to the users themselves, parasitically exploiting both corporations: YouTube and Amazon. I emailed the provocateurs behind this, Luc Gross aka "paradoxical print publisher' TRAUMAWIEN and Bernhard Bauch, a "media artist and programmer living in Berlin," to find out how they did it. Q: How hard was it to "hack" the kindle ebook store? A: "Actually there is no real "hack" or involved in the whole thing. "Getting all bytes, words, pieces and parameters together to compile books and tie robots on the same machinery, that sequential upload book to the kindle store is kind of a "hack"."

Publishing News with Sarah Weinman - C-SPAN Video Library: "Sarah Weinman, news director for Publishers Marketplace, talked about the book business, including the settlement of the Google lawsuit and electronic books. She was interviewed while at the annual book publishing trade show, Book Expo America, held June 4-7, 2012, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City."

Exploring NO through its elegant homes
The Daily Advertiser
New Orleans photographer and author Kerri McCaffety takes us inside some of New Orleans' most elegant homes, from French Quarter apartments and bywater shotguns to Garden District mansions in 'New Orleans New Elegance,' published by The ...

Review: 'Private Empire' takes compelling look at ExxonMobil
Writing a comprehensive, compelling book about the largest and maybe most influential firm is a daunting task. But Steve Coll pulls it off. ... A list of authors who could succeed at such a task would include Steve Coll based on his half-dozen previous ...


Rubio book tour begins, but no White House campaign - yet
If you ask Rubio, he's not working towards any other title than, perhaps, "best selling author." But hopping out of a bus emblazoned with his name and picture to sign books, greet potential voters and hold babies has a distinct campaign-like quality ...

Book Review: 'Shadow of Night' by Deborah Harkness
New York Daily News
Author of 'A Discovery of Witches' continues her trilogy in Elizabethan England. By Sherryl Connelly / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS ... Deborah Harkness' “Shadow of Night,” the second book in her All Souls Trilogy. Publisher: Viking; Genre: Fiction ...In the ...

New York Daily News

Book Review: 'Gold,' by Chris Cleave
New York Daily News
Chris Cleave never shies from overt sentimentality in his fiction, but readers are persuaded to accept sometimes shameless manipulation by his literary style. Like the best-selling “Little Bee,” Cleave's new book, “Gold,” is highly emotionally charged ...

New York Daily News

The Book "Valley of Dreams and Shadows" Reveals a Reality About ...
Huffington Post
The misery of the laborers has not changed since then, according to the authors of the book, although the laborers are not from Oklahoma anymore, as in Steinbeck's novel, but primarily from Mexico. And such misery has numbers: while a ... Through the ...

New Jersey authors list their best beach reads
The Star-Ledger -
Before the towel, the sunscreen or iPod are tossed into a beach bag, the most important item is selected -- the book. ... To celebrate books — and strictly those that come out of New Jersey — The Star-Ledger today kicks off its New JerseyAuthors ...

The Star-Ledger -

Lectures and the literary scene in Marin County, July 1 through 8, 2012
Marin Independent-Journal
BOOK EVENTSBOOK PASSAGE — 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera; 927-0960; 4 p.

'Infinite Jest': Blogging the Book (Part 7)
Wall Street Journal (blog)
another character says the depressed undergrad should stop reading the “Infinite Jest”-like book and maybe pick up a “Twilight”-ish vampire series instead because the author of the “Infinite Jest”-like book killed himself. “Liberal Arts” was a funny ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Curiosity Quills Press Employs Unorthodox Methods to Help Aspiring Authors ...
San Francisco Chronicle
Innovative publishing house, Curiosity Quills Press, has been opening its doors to speculative fiction authors since 2011, and growing its catalogue from its very first published title - Michael Shean's "Shadow of a Dead Star" - to over sixty ...

Open Road Integrated Media and Annick Press Launch New Ebook Publishing ...
San Francisco Chronicle
Open Road Integrated Media and Annick Press Launch New Ebook Publishing Partnership With Robert Munsch's The Paper Bag Princess Open Road Media and Annick Press announce the release of notable picture books from four award-winning authors. ... In this ...

Book Reviews: 'Jack 1939,' 'Agent Garbo,' and 'Postcards From the New Yorker'
New York Daily News
“Postcards From the New Yorker: One Hundred Covers from Ten Decades” Okay, it only looks like a book, but this small package of literary treats contains a collection of covers dating from 1925 including the works of artists such as Saul Steinberg ...

New York Daily News

Book Review | Gold: Novel gripping right up to finish line
Columbus Dispatch
Chris Cleave, the British author of Little Bee, knows how to tell a story. ... Fiction.Book Review | Gold: Novel gripping right up to finish line. View Larger. Books. BookReview | Gold: Novel gripping right up to finish line · More Books. Subscribe ...

Columbus Dispatch

Book review: 'Barack Obama: The Story' gets as far as 1988 and whets appetite ...
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Book reviews from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. ... In a literary season that has seen two important presidential biographies -- Robert Caro's "The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson" being the other -- reading the meticulously reconstructed ...

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Russo's newest work pays tribute to printed books
Columbia Daily Tribune
CAMDEN, Maine — Readers can't survive on e-books alone, author Richard Russo says. ... And in this age when e-book sales are booming, it's not for sale in electronic version. "Interventions" is a celebration of printed books and independent bookstores ...

New York Times best-sellers
San Jose Mercury News
Rankings for week ending June 16 for books sold in print and electronic formats by independent retailers, chains and online retailers. ... In Book 1 of "A Song of Ice and Fire," sinister and supernatural forces are mustering north of Winterfell ...

Russo's 'Interventions' pays tribute to printed books
'Interventions' By Richard and Kate Russo Longfellow Books; 196 page; $40. ... LongfellowBooks; 196 page; $40. CAMDEN, Maine -- Readers can't survive on e-books alone, says authorRichard Russo. The latest work from the Pulitzer-winning Russo ...

Author explains why you're not married
McMillan expanded on her essay with a book titled, “Why You're Not Married ... Yet: The Straight Talk You Need to Get the Relationship You Deserve” (Ballantine Books). She talked about the article and learning from mistakes in relationships in a recent ...
Portland resident Jerry McGill writes a book to his unknown ...
By Jeff Baker, The Oregonian
ROSS WILLIAM HAMILTON/THE OREGONIANAn editor at Spiegel & Grau, an imprint of Random House, tracked down Jerry McGill after she read about his book "Dear Marcus" in an essay in The New York Review of Books. He got up, though ...
Oregon Entertainment

ACLU: Give kids 'lesbian' book at school
By Chelsea Schilling
The book, “In Our Mother's House,” is marketed on Amazon as a book for children “ages 6 and up.” It touches on the alleged joys of being in a homosexual relationship and what the author believes is society's condemnation of it. In April, the ...

eBook publishers are spying on us - Neowin
By Christopher White
Although eBooks are convenient, they add another trail of electronic crumbs that give more data to publishers and retailers. Should there be ... More and more people are enjoying the convenience of books in electronic form, whether you use dedicated devices like Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook, or software solutions like Google's reader. Indeed ...Because of this, many people feel that companies should not be allowed to record book reading habits. Cindy Cohn ...

Fifty Shades of Grey Author EL James Making $1 Million Weekly Off ...
By Kim LaCapria
“It's safe to assume that E.L. James has long ago sold enough copies to repay her seven-figurebook advance, which means at this point she is earning the standard 7% royalty on every $14 paperback and 25% royalty on every $10 ebook…” fifty shades of gray reviews. “In the last month, James has sold 4 million paperbacks and 1 million ebooks, which equates to $2.94 million (£1.89 million) in paperback royalties and $2.497 million (£1.608 million) in ebookroyalties.” It's estimated ...
The Inquisitr

The Official Ubuntu Book, seventh edition - Matthew Helmke
By matthew
The Official Ubuntu Book, seventh edition. June30. I had the privilege to lead the team that updated The Official Ubuntu Book for this seventh edition. The book continues to serve as a quality introduction for newcomers to Ubuntu, both the ...
Matthew Helmke (dot) Net

Some Books And My Reviews | The Thinking Stick
By Jeff Utecht
Seeing that summer is officially here (although weather wise it hasn't shown up here in the Pacific Northwest) I thought I'd review a couple books I read and listened to this past year in case you were looking for something to read over the ... What has blown me away even more is how the author is using social-media and the idea in the book to engage his audience. feel it adds insight as you get those little inflections in the authors voice when they really want to make a point.
The Thinking Stick

Seth's Blog: Big books, little books and the other kind
By Seth Godin
Which is the whole point, no? One thing I haven't explored in 25 years of making books is creating the big fat significant book, the one that sits on the counter or the end table and gets read now and then--for years. I still remember the art books ...
Seth's Blog

How Good Books Can Change You
The Atlantic
How Good Books Can Change You. By Neil Wagner. Jun 29 2012, 5:17 AM ET Comment. Ever read a book that's changed your life? You're not imagining it -- the process of digesting a character or a series of events actually turns you into a different person.

The Atlantic

Flavorwire » 10 of the Best Books Set in the Midwest
Photos of Celebrities Reading Books About Other Celebrities ... but no one really talks about America's heartland as having its own literary tradition. ... Jack London even called the book “the Uncle Tom's Cabin of wage slavery. .... The omission of Andre Norton causes me to dismiss theauthor of this list as having any.

The Hindu : Arts / Books : Portrait of a poet
Translated by clarity and precision by Mustansir Dalvi, the book talks of the time when Iqbal recited Shikwa in 1909 and the audience was enraged by his ...

Weekend book picks: Three new memoirs
USA TODAY gives five weekend picks for book lovers include three new memoirs, and Mark Haddon's new novel. ... By Christa Parravani. 'Jarhead' author Anthony Swofford tells the rest of the story in 'Hotels, Hospitals and Jails.' After former Marine ...


Author explains 'Why You're Not Married ... Yet'
Yet: The Straight Talk You Need to Get the Relationship You Deserve'' (Ballantine Books). She talked ... She's done this stuff, too, and if she can get better in those things so can I.' To me thisbook is like a slumber party where we're all gonna get ...

Ebook Library: Reader Coalition Dissolves
A decrease in ebook sales may seem likely because of increased library lending, but reality contradicts this intuition. Lending libraries have historically increased sales, as readers are able to explore new books, authors, and publishers without risk ...


Rooting Out Police Corruption
New York Times
Books on the evolution of police corruption in New York, and a guide through Woody Guthrie's haunts in the city. ... Town” (powerHouse Books, $12.95). He wrote the song quoted in the book's title in New York, along with 600 others, including “This Land ...

Book Review: Broken Markets by Sal Arnuk and Joseph Saluzzi
Seeking Alpha
Broken Markets' authors Sal Arnuk and Joseph Saluzzi are co-founders of Themis Trading, LLC, an independent agency brokerage firm that trades equities for institutional money managers and hedge funds. After decade-long careers at Instinet, the pioneer ...

Book review: ‘As Texas Goes . . .: How the Lone Star State Hijacked the American Agenda’ by Gail Collins
Washington Post
The Collins book is out. It's called “As Texas Goes . . .” Now, don't panic. She doesn't know everything. Remember, Gail Collins is your classic big-city-Yankee-liberal New York Times columnist. Intelligence sources suggest she may drive a Volvo, and ...

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