Google Seeks Dismissal of E-Books Case

Google Seeks Dismissal of E-Books Case
Google in May lost a bid to dismiss claims by groups including the Authors Guild and the American Society of Media Photographers in two lawsuits over electronic books, after arguing they had no right to sue for infringement. The suits stem from Google's plan, ...

Groundbreaking psychologist has book deal
NEW YORK (AP) — A psychologist known worldwide for her pioneering treatment of suicidal patients and for her own mental health struggles has a book deal. Dr. Marsha Linehan will describe her personal and professional journey in a memoir acquired by Random House, thepublisher announced Friday. ... Linehan will collaborate on the book with the acclaimed authorand scientist Roger Lewin. Linehan, 69, is the ... After you register and pick a screen name, you can publish your comments everywhere on the site.

Artemis Fowl Takes His Final Bow
Publishers Weekly
Kids were quick to embrace these and the novel's other characters, and Colfer added seven more books to the series, whose in-print tally in the U.S. alone has swelled to 13 million copies. ... The publisher launched the novel with a million-copy first printing and an eight-city author tour, on which Colfer encountered many fans who are thrilled to have a new Artemis Fowl book to devour, but sad to see the series wrap up. ... “He is probably one of the most hilarious authors we've ever had here – he's a comic genius.

Publishers Weekly

Reviews: 'Dream Team,' 'Igniting the Flame' and evolving ideals
Los Angeles Times
Also; Guide to the London Olympics: Can't-miss moments · New in Bookstores: Olympic reads · Review: 'Swimming Studies' and a life shaped by the pool · Book review: 'Gold' by Chris Cleave doesn't medal. By John Cherwa, Los Angeles Times. July 29, 2012 ... The contrast between the way the Olympics used to be and what it is now is clearly spelled out in two books published (along with a glut of other titles) just in time for the Summer Olympics in London. Jack McCallum's "Dream Team: How Michael, Magic, ...

'Tiny Beautiful Things,' by Cheryl Strayed
New York Times
How, exactly, do I review a book of advice columns? Does the concept of reviewing a book require that I criticize it? What if I like the author but not the book itself? How can I be fair and publicly honor a writer's hard work while also taking her to task for her ...

New York Times

Does Every Book Have to Be Sexy Now?
The Atlantic Wire (blog)
Nonetheless, book publishing is like any other business, trying to note trends and capitalize upon them to improve a financial bottom line, and willing to, in some cases, incorporate what is or appears to be popular to help sell books. Bookcovers are getting ... This new sexy series is called "Clandestine Classics"; it's produced by Total E-Bound, an erotic e-book company that's been in the business for five years already. ... Let us know in comments or send an email to the author at jdoll at theatlantic dot com. You can ...

The Atlantic Wire (blog)

Groundbreaking psychologist who revealed her own mental health struggles has ...
Washington Post
... Random House, the publisher announced Friday. The book's working title is “The Vow: From Hell to A Life Worth Living.” It is scheduled to come out in the fall of 2013. Linehan will collaborate on the book with the acclaimed author and scientist Roger Lewin.

Google says book scanning didn't cost authors a single sale
The company claims that its creation of full-text book searching is “the most significant advance in library search technology in the last five decades” and that the Authors Guild has shown “no evidence that Google Books has displaced the sale of even a single ...

Humanities endowment gives $1M for digital library
Digitizing books and building a system for libraries to contribute will take years, though, and millions more dollars from private partners, said endowment chairman Jim Leach. The project is being spearheaded by Harvard University's library in Cambridge, ...

'The 6.5 Practices of Moderately Successful Poets,' by Jeffrey Skinner
New York Times
His book — at once a memoir, how-to, advice column, stand-up act, confession and, most of all, ode to the art form — edifies and entertains while reflecting on the unexpected turns that poets' lives are bound to take. .... After writing five full-length collections of his own poems, editing countless collections by others through his work as a founding publisher of the influential small press Sarabande Books, and serving as the director of the creative writing program at the University of Louisville, Skinner leaves no doubt that ...

New York Times

Evangelical author Jonathan Merritt reveals he had homosexual encounter
Washington Post
Prominent evangelical author Jonathan Merritt has revealed in an online interview that he had an encounter with another man that “went beyond the bounds of friendship.” Merritt talked about his past in an interview on “The LifeWay Research Blog” of Ed ...

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Age of Miracles'
Washington Times
However, “The Age of Miracles” — Ms. Walker's first book — really shines as the coming-of-age tale of Julia, an awkward child enduring her middle school years and her slowly deteriorating home life. Despite the completely unforeseen natural disaster — Ms.

Washington Times

The end of Artemis Fowl; Man Booker madness
--Man Booker madness: What happens when a small publishing house discovers that its book is up for a Man Booker? Chris Emery gives a first-hand account on the Huffington Post. --A no-so-'Wimpy' record: Author Jeff Kinney, the Trenton Thunder baseball ...


Are e-readers or books better for the environment?
Are e-readers or books better for the environment? Summary: Bookshelves towering floor to ceiling filled with weighty tomes, or one book-sized device holding hundreds of "books" in electronic form — which one of these options for the voracious reader creates the least damaging environmental footprint? ... However, one e-reader can hold any number of eBooks, newspapers and magazines — which means that e-reader users purchase fewer printed publications. Trying to environmentally promote or denigrate ...

Book review: Why we worry about the food we eat
Kansas City Star
(Later in the book, the author counters with footnotes suggesting that low socioeconomic status is the greatest risk factor of all.) So we worried about over-indulgence, delivered with a side order of ... of Food” is based in part on recent lectures by its author, Harvey Levenstein. The professor of history at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, has published two previous books that zero in on the modern American diet: “Revolution at the Table” and “Paradox of Plenty” (both 2003; the latter is a revised edition).

Kansas City Star

Digital Photo Book App Pholium Gets Major Update, Now FREE
MarketWatch (press release)
Pholium's latest version provides users with the ability to include an unlimited number of photos within each digital book that they create, while allowing users to share as many books as they want for FREE using iCloud. Pholium now also supports expanded ...

Penguin profits slump, but ebook revenues rise 33%
The Guardian
Profits at the book publisher Penguin slumped by almost 50% in the first six months, thanks in part to the runaway global success of EL James's Fifty Shades of Grey, which is published by a rival, Vintage Books. The runaway success of Fifty Shades and The ...

The Guardian

Book Report: 'Out of My Mind'
Suburban Life Publications (blog)
... Butterfly” — from multiple Coretta Scott King Award-winner Sharon Draper, readers will come to know a brilliant mind and a brave spirit who will change forever how they look at anyone with a disability. - Atheneum Books for Young Readers. « Back to blog ...

Book Review: Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers by Kate Hopper (blog)
Kate Hopper, in her book Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers (2012, Viva Editions), offers many helpful strategies to assist moms in honing their creative nonfiction skills, regardless of their end goals. This book is a crash course ...Image for this feature Sixty Minute Manga · Image for this feature Scott Butki's BookTime: Interviews with Authors · Image for this feature Spine Mingling: AuthorInterviews · Image for this feature Dark Alley Report · Image for this feature A Kid With a View · view more Books features ... (blog)

Marilyn Monroe lesbian affairs revealed in new book
Advertisement. Marilyn Monroe's lesbian affairs have been revealed in a new bookthat alleges that the late sex symbol hooked up with several celebrity women and the 16-year-old who ran her fan club. ... The book's author Tony Jerris stated he first met Jane Lawrence in 2001, revealing to him the details of the hot and steamy Marilyn Monroe lesbian affair encounter. Lawrence reveals that at ... Joann offers a variety of topics including music, tv, sports, and books to spark the curiosity of all readers. You can reach her ...

BOOK REVIEW: 'Damn Yankees'
Washington Times
To prove his point, he invited two dozen fine writers, some of whom, such as the novelist Pete Dexter, are better known for writing non-sports books, to expound on what the concept known as the Yankees means to them. They are not, to put it mildly, all fans. His murderers' row of writers includes, among others, Jane Leavy, James Surowiecki, Roy Blount Jr., Bill Nack, J.R. Moehringer (author of the fine novel “The Tender Bar”) and Colum McCann. Their viewpoints are as varied as their backgrounds, but what they ...

Washington Times

The 7-Step Write a Book Fast Program :zenhabits
By Leo
I've written a number of books, including 110000 words of a novel in a month (in addition to blogging regularly), and numerous non-fiction books. I could share a lot of tips for writing abook, but my favorite secret is how I can write a book in just ...

Gary Gorton's forthcoming book, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of ...
By Arnold Kling
Elsewhere in the book, Gorton praises the period between the mid-1930's and 2007 as a "Quiet Period," during which deposit insurance and restrictions on bank competition reduced financial crises. Was the ... Pictures courtesy of the authors. nail art. All opinions expressed on EconLog reflect those of the author or individual commenters, and do not necessarily represent the views or positions of the Library of Economics and Liberty (Econlib) website or its owner, Liberty Fund, Inc.
EconLog: Library of Economics...

Codecademy Hires Program or Be Programmed Author Douglas ...
By Klint Finley
Program or Be Programmed author, CNN columnist and Frontline documentary director Douglas Rushkoff announced on his blog today that he's taken a job with Codecademy, a company that offer free online programming courses entirely through a web-based ... His firstbook, Cyberia, is a collection of journalism published in the early 90s. He went on to write otherbooks, such as Media Virus, and direct the Frontline documentaries including Mercants of Cool and digital_nation.

Blonde...Undercover Blonde: Book Club!!
By Heather
You can write about any book you want. This week I'm sharing... Here's the synopsis: When San Diego weather caster, Jaswinder Park, is mysteriously summoned to the island of Maui in Hawaii to help her grandmother, she ends up losing her ...
Blonde...Undercover Blonde

'Glee's' Chris Colfer: New Book Will Debut as No. 1 on NYT Best ...
By Andy Lewis
Glee's Chris Colfer leaked the news via Twitter that his new children's book The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell would debut at the top of one of The New York Times' children's best-seller lists for Aug. 4. The list will be released next week.

Path update brings support for movies & books, new notifications ...
By Quentyn Kennemer
Share This Story. Path for Android has received a big upgrade in the Google Play Store. The social networking application has added the ability to share what you're watching and reading with movies and books sharing. They've also included ...
Android Phone Fans

Optimize Minneapolis Book Launch Photos, Tweets & Sponsors ...
By Ashley Zeckman
The Optimize Minneapolis Book Launch last night was a great success! I would like to personally thank everyone in attendance for coming, interacting, and.
Online Marketing Blog

23 Dinosaur Picture Books
By admin
23 great dinosaur picture books to choose from ! Dinosaur books for kids. ... The text is short which is perfect for the board book audience and has good rhymes even if the rhythm isn't as great as other titles by this author. I like that the author ...
No Time For Flash Cards

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist: More inexpensive ebook goodies!
By Patrick
Fantasy and science fiction and speculative fiction book reviews, author interviews, bestseller news, contests and giveaways, etc. Enjoy! ... More inexpensive ebook goodies! Speaking of Mark Lawrence, you can now download his fantasy ...
Pat's Fantasy Hotlist

Book Protest: Occupy Wall Street Library Makes 'Book Blocs'
By The Huffington Post News Team
This isn't the only literary aspect of the protest movement. Activist happenings around the world have featured their own libraries, and according to the Occupy Wall Street Library, "In November at UC-Berkeley, when the tents were cleared from Occupy Cal, students filled a plaza with booksspread open on ... I'm delighted to announce the publication of HuffPost's fourth e-book, OCCUPY: Why It Started. ... - Book Trade News - Author Strips Naked To ProtestBook Piracy ...
Video on Huffington Post

Why Do People Pirate eBooks? - GalleyCat
The First Word On the Book Publishing Industry ... Little, Brown Books for Young Readers is ...

It Happened To Me: I Was a Chick Lit Author, I Guess
I didn't plan to be a chick lit writer or a commercial writer or any specific kind of a writer. ... On my 28th birthday, I walked into a Barnes and Noble bookstore and saw my first novel, "ON THE VERGE," face out on a shelf waiting to be bought. My book was in the ...

In Brief: July 26
Publishers Weekly
On July 21, author-illustrator Ashley Wolff visited the Barnes & Noble in Charlottesville, Va., to present her newest picture book, Baby Bear Sees Blue (S&S/Beach Lane). She read from her story, which follows the title ursine character as he explores the forest ...

Publishers Weekly

Someone Tell the Authors Guild: Google Books Is Good for Authors
Reason Online (blog)
Jesse Walker | July 27, 2012. Google Books and its goo goo googly eyes ... by the Google Books service. Speaking as an author myself, my sympathy here is entirely with Google. ... If you write the sort of books that require you to consult other books, then Google Books is a wonderful tool. I use it to search for phrases in ... It doesn't seem significant to me that this is accomplished through a relatively new technology, rather than by simply walking to the Barnes & Noble near my home. At any rate, the book sales lost as a ...

Reason Online (blog)

How to Blurb and Blurb and Blurb
New York Times
I apologize, and explain that my former life of free literary love is over. The whole career in blurbing began because I've written several books with the year-of-doing-something theme. Every subsequent author in that genre has sent me his or her manuscript.

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