Author says biggest mistake women make in relationships: 'They lie to themselves'

Author says biggest mistake women make in relationships: 'They lie to themselves'
Washington Post
It has been shared more than 65000 times and emailed upward of 18000 times. McMillan expanded on her essay with a book titled, “Why You're Not Married ... Yet: The Straight Talk You Need to Get the Relationship You Deserve” (Ballantine Books).

Your E-Book Is Reading You
Wall Street Journal
In the past, publishers and authors had no way of knowing what happens when a reader sits down with a book. Does the ... Now, e-books are providing a glimpse into the story behind the sales figures, revealing not only how many people buy particular ...

Book Publishing in the UK Industry Market Research Report now updated by ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Weak consumer confidence and consumer spending will negatively affect consumer book sales. According to IBISWorld industry analyst Nigel Fitzpatrick, “growth in e-book sales will erode sales of physical books sales”. E-books can help reduce industry ...

San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

The Moment Casey Anthony Heard Caylee's Body Had Been Found
ABC News
Casey Anthony's jailers took her in shackles to a room where she was to be surprised by news coverage when police discovered her daughter's decomposed body, a tactic that her lawyer claims in a new book was "torture." Attorney Jose Baez writes that ...

Ebook waiting times, selection improving
Vancouver Sun
If you've been frustrated by the long waiting times and the paltry selection of ebooks at public. ...For example, ebooks don't wear out in the same way print books do, which means, in theory, that they could be loaned out an infinite number of times ...

'Fifty Shades of Grey' author netting $1.34 million a week?
Entertainment Weekly
To put things in perspective, Stieg Larsson's hugely best-selling Dragon Tattoo series — another adult trilogy published by Random House — has sold 20 million copies in the U.S., including e-book copies, as of April of this year. The Fifty Shades ...

Kardashians write a book, 'LOST' producer to adapt 'The Leftovers' for HBO
That is, when people return their books on time... A woman has been arrested for her overdue Twilight library book, the Los Angeles Times reports. --Salman Rushdie video game: Iranian students have created a game about killing theauthor of The Satanic ...


NM mom jailed for overdue library 'Twilight' book, DVDs
CBS News
Woman says she didn't remember checking out either from library, got arrested, spent night in jail Read more by Barry Leibowitz on CBS News' Crimesider.

CBS News

Walter Dean Myers writes books troubled teens can relate to
Christian Science Monitor
Juvenile book author Walter Dean Myers writes stories troubled teens can identify with. He knows their world because he once was one of them.

Christian Science Monitor

'Shadow and Bone': Author Leigh Bardugo talks her debut novel
Entertainment Weekly
Debut author Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone hit shelves earlier this month. In its first week of publication, the YA novel hit the New York Times Chapter Books Bestseller list. And after tearing through book one in The Grisha Trilogy, it's no surprise ...

Columbus Library to begin e-book program
The Republic
Library cardholders will be able to "borrow" e-books for up to two weeks, after which time thebook will automatically disappear from their e-reader. Traditional books can be checked out for up to a month at a time. E-books will be available for ...

“Books are very patient objects:” Argentinian publisher anthologizes new ...
New York Daily News (blog)
Eterna Cadencia, an Argentinian publisher, has dramatized this in an almost magic-realist fashion, with “The Book That Can't Wait,” their new collection of pieces from Latin authors, all of whose words are printed in self-destructive ink. After sixty ...

Author Discusses the Inspiration for Her Recent Fictional Memoir
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Trafford Publishing, an Author Solutions, Inc. author services imprint, was the first publisher in the world to offer an “on-demand publishing service,” and has led the independent publishing revolution since its establishment in 1995. Trafford was ...

Big e-reader is watching you
Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other e-reader companies are collecting data about your e-book reading habits, but they're keeping their most interesting findings close to the vest.

Book By Ex-Colts Punter Examines Post-NFL Life
WRTV Indianapolis
SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Ex-Colts punter Hunter Smith examines his post-NFL life in a new book. Friday, June 29, 2012.

Book on Clinton's Freddy Fagan now at the library
Oak Ridger
Mark Mills, author of "The Information Officer," returns with "House of the Hunted." While quite a bit has been written about the movement of foreigners into America ... An old English estate, abook collection once owned by an eccentric 18th century ...

Dangdang to Operate Exclusive Book and Media Channel on QQ Buy
Sacramento Bee
Pursuant to the agreement, Dangdang will operate a bookstore channel on QQ Buy, making itsbooks and media merchandise available to the users of Tencent. The newly launched bookstore channel will feature Dangdang's complete product selection of ...

Trading books for jail time
Globe and Mail
“Brazil will offer inmates in its crowded federal penitentiary system a novel way to shorten their sentences: four days less for every book they read,” Reuters reports. “Inmates in four federal prisons holding some of Brazil's most notorious criminals...

Globe and Mail

Award Winning Artist Joshua Spies to Release Book
San Francisco Chronicle
"Painting from Real Life Experiences," the first book to document international award winning wildlife artist and conservationist Joshua Spies' work in detail will be released this Fall. The fall 2006 Wildlife Art Magazine named Joshua one of the top ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Book review: R. Kelly autobiography vivid despite guarded tone
(Kelly says he is still illiterate; his book was written with David Ritz, biographer of Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, and other giants.) The only reason Kelly graduated from elementary school was because he could play basketball. All this created a shy ...

Book review | 'Some of My Best Friends Are Black' exposes KC's racial divide
Kansas City Star
Kansas City residents who are proud of their metropolis might wish Tanner Colby had never written “Some of My Best Friends Are Black,” despite the book's superb qualities.

Kansas City Star

Marietta author sentenced for fraud
MARIETTA, Ga. -- A local author was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison for fraud schemes that bilked victims of $6.5 million. Mitchell Gross has written and published several novels under the name "Mitchell Graham", but that's not the ...


Arab-Indian hacktivist decants belief, genies in timely thriller
The Seattle Times
Seattle author G. Willow Wilson's "Alif the Unseen" is a sociopolitical thriller set in an unnamed Arab emirate where a computer "hacktivist" obtains an ancient book narrated by genies. Wilson (author of the memoir "The Butterfly Mosque") will discuss ...

BOOK REVIEW: 'No Time Like The Present'
Washington Times
Every once in a while, you begin to read a book and suddenly realize you are experiencing greatness. This is such a book. In a way, it should come as no surprise. Nadine Gordimer is, arguably, South Africa's greatest living novelist.

Washington Times

Summer Books « Pileus
By James Otteson
Its treatment of the alleged injustice of capitalism is frustratingly cursory, however—the authors seem to believe it is self-evident that inequality is bad per se, and thus give little further discussion—and they, like many other commentators, are ... I had high hopes for this book. Its author is an eminent philosopher at Harvard who has done important and careful work, and the putative topic—namely, that not all aspects of human social life should function like markets—is one to which I was ...

Amazon to bid for assets of bankrupt publisher Dorchester - TeleRead
By Chris Meadows
Digital Book World reports that the online-bookstore-turned-publisher will be bidding on the assets of bankrupt paperback publisher Dorchester—including the debts Dorchester owes to its authors. According to the terms of the ... It has since been delisted by writer advocacy groups including the Mystery Writers of America and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America for not paying the royalties it owed and for publishing books it did not have the rights to publish. Of course, for ...
TeleRead: News and views on e-books,...

Paperback Writer: Not So Blank Books
By Lynn Viehl
Lately I've been making my own or buying them from journal artists over on Etsy, so it's been a while since I've checked out the mass produced variety at the book stores. While I was shopping at BAM last weekend I raided the ... This is the first hybrid blank book/art book I've ever seen; it's made up partly of the author's own finished and half-finished journal pages, and pages for the reader to compose, complete or alter at will. It's an oversized trade paperback but the pages are like ...
Paperback Writer

Dave Scheidt: 44 Flood -- a New Publisher That's Blurring the Line ...
By Dave Scheidt
Nick: Anything that strays away from the typical book and hopefully gets people into shops. The books that we're gonna create are gonna be a great catalyst to do so. I feel the same way as you, when I recommend a book to someone It's rarely ...
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

Better Read this Book with Disappearing Ink Quick | Geekosystem
By Ted Johnson
There are plenty of books on my shelf that I haven't even glanced at for years. This proves to be quite a problem for new authors. If no one actually gets around to reading your first book, who will want to read your second or third? The Book that ...

Book highlights plight of farmers -
By Samantha
Book highlights plight of farmers. Author calls for government to address land rights. Ryan Dagur, Jakarta Indonesia June 29, 2012. A leading human rights campaigner yesterday called on the government to protect farmers in land disputes at ...

11 Books of Drug-Fueled Escapades - The Daily Beast
By Brian H. Bookman
Steven Martin's 'Opium Fiend' is a memoir of intense sensual abdication—and a personal history of the drug that makes the zoning out possible. Brian Bookman picks 10 more books aimed to satisfy your craving for cravings.
The Daily Beast - Latest Articles

Susan Ross, Author Of "Expanding the Pie," On Nonprofit-Corporate ...
By Rachel Signer
Below, she shares with Dowser her motivation for writing the book, and some details about its main arguments. RS: What is the main idea of Expanding the Pie? Ross: I really think that nonprofits need to be better at articulating what their value ...

Books with Bite: Review: City of Lost Souls: Audio Book
By Savannah Valdez
Author: Cassandra Clare Read by: Molly Quinn Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio Release Date: May 8, 2012. Book: Audio book sent by publisher. "The New York Times bestselling Mortal Instruments continues—and so do the thrills and ...
Books with Bite

Leadership by the book | The Great Debate
By James Ledbetter
Every year publishers release dozens, if not hundreds, of books about leadership. These booksrange from how-to books written by tenured professors of management theory at Harvard Business School to inspirational tracts generated by ...
The Great Debate

O'Reilly tests ebooks everywhere with Dropbox sync — paidContent
Innovative publisher O'Reilly, which already sells DRM-free ebooks that can ... taking the concept of ebooks everywhere one step further with Dropbox sync. ... you have the option of sending anyebook you buy from O'Reilly to Dropbox, in any format — Android, EPUB, MOBI for Kindle, PDF and DAISY (digital talking book).

Which celebrity parenting book is best for you? - Shine - Yahoo!
From the blog Parenting: The Shine highlights celebrity parenting books. ... Publish your own activity and retain full control. To get started, first Login with ...

ForeWord Reviews Announces 2011 Book of the Year Award - PRLog
ForeWord Reviews is thrilled to present the following book titles as award winners. ... the 2011Book of the Year Awards and the Independent Publisher of the Year. ... These books, representing the best independently published works from 2011, ... “It's a rare pleasure to find a protagonist who reads like a literary figure in a ...

Mom jailed for overdue 'Twilight' books and DVDs
New Mexico mom Lori Teel had plenty of time to contemplate Bella and Edward's future while she spent a night in jail for allegedly not returning the book ...

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