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Author Tim Ferriss: The 4-Hour Makeover - Businessweek: "Do you regret the move to Amazon? I’m glad I did it. Publishing is changing so quickly, there’s going to be some fast-hitting bloodbaths in the next few years, and some of the traditional folks who are worried about Amazon should keep a close eye on Silicon Valley. There are little dragons growing very large that they’ll have to contend with as well. You released parts of the book on BitTorrent, right? I did. That was hugely effective. A lot of people think of BitTorrent as a tool for downloading ripped content. It’s actually being used by a lot of content producers—musicians, movie studios—to distribute content. BitTorrent users are actually more inclined to purchase content than the general population."

'Who's Sorry Now?' by Howard Jacobson
Boston Globe
They live in a nice house on the river, have nice friends, and collaborate on nice children's books. Cautious Charlie savors the joys of fidelity and predictability....

Boston Globe

Ebook sales flattening? — Tech News and Analysis - GigaOM
Om Malik
Best selling author Nicholas Carr points to the first quarter 2013 sales data from the Association of American Publishers as a testimonial for flattening of ebook ...

JFK book: Marilyn Monroe confessed to affair, Jackie replied 'great, I'll move out, you have all the problems' | Mail Online: "According to excerpts of the book, published by The New York Post today, Peter Lawford claimed Marilyn called Jackie and told her she was sleeping with Jack, and that he'd allegedly promised to leave his family for her. 'Marilyn, you'll marry Jack, that's great,' Jackie responded, according to the account. 'And you'll move into the White House and you'll assume the responsibilities of first lady, and I'll move out and you'll have all the problems.'"

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