JD Salinger, posthumous works are on the way?

JD Salinger: authors claim posthumous works are on the way | Books | theguardian.com: "The authors of a new JD Salinger biography claim they have cracked one of publishing's greatest mysteries: what the author of The Catcher in the Rye was working on during the last half century of his life. A series of posthumous Salinger releases are planned after 2015, according to David Shields and Shane Salerno, whose book Salinger will be published on 3 September. The Associated Press obtained an early copy. Salerno's documentary on the author is scheduled to come out 6 September..."

Harlan Ellison: “Life to me is a great ironic joke” - Salon.com: " . . . You’ve instructed her to destroy all your unfinished manuscripts when you ultimately leave the scene. I think that’s because no matter how good or bad, someone finishing your work, it wouldn’t be your words. That’s absolutely apt. I, never having written a sequel, understand that you chew your cud once. It’s just hoeing the same ground until what you’re producing is just like everything else you’ve produced. And my mind is much too wild for that, so even if it’s the greatest writer in the world…it’s not, [as] Gulley Jimson said in “The Horse’s Mouth,” “It’s not the dream I had.” Any unfinished stories you hope to complete? Yeah. I’m not prescient. I could get hit by that thunderbolt in the ass tonight, but there are at least fifty unfinished projects sitting in my office, and every day they sit there, winking up at me…Calling you to the typewriter. Like the ghosts of Christmas past, they do not let me rest. I write them in my head, I know what the next lines are, what the endings are, it’s just getting up the strength to do those foot-pounds of energy at the typewriter. . . ."

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