Lost Girls by Robert Kolker

'Lost Girls' by Robert Kolker
Boston Globe
Lolling in the sun-warmed sand, lulled by lapping waves, we crave danger in our beach books. Peter Benchley unspools a fiction about a great white shark, and ...

'A Marker To Measure Drift' by Alexander Maksik
Boston Globe
We don't know much about her as the book opens. She is ... These questions of reality — and anauthor's relationship to it — are ultimately red herrings.

'Thinking in Numbers' by Daniel Tammet
Boston Globe
These books say to the reader “I know you hated this in school, but hold my hand and you'll be fine; it's really not so bad.” Daniel Tammet's “Thinking in ...

'Falling into the Fire' by Christine Montross
Boston Globe
In his recent book, “Saving Normal,” psychiatrist Allen Frances argues that far too many mental-health resources are going to the group that needs it least, the ...

Banned books to vanish from library shelves
Gadsden Times
If you want to read a banned book from the Gadsden Public Library or the Austin ... The books still will be available for checkout, but patrons will have to request ...

Book review: 'Tiger Baby' Kim Wong Keltner strikes back
Book review: 'Tiger Baby' Kim Wong Keltner strikes back ... Keltner is also the author of three novels — "The Dim Sum of All Things," "Buddha Baby" and "I Want ...

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