Books as enemy

Culling overcrowded shelves is never easy.

. . . One Book Out - "I’ve decided that books are my enemy, though they used to be my great love. They are taking over. They crowd my dining room, they double up in the bedroom, they make the attic floor sag. We even have a library in the bathroom: shelves and shelves of books where a normal person might have a vanity table or piles of towels. And don’t tell me to use a Kindle. The other day, I finished reading Kafka’s “Castle,” which is more than I can say for Kafka, who didn’t even finish writing it. And unlike other novelists who abandon their books, Kafka not only didn’t complete the thing, he didn’t bother finishing his last sentence. When you’re reading “The Castle” on a Kindle, as I was, and you get to “She spoke with difficulty, it was hard to understand her, but what she said,” and there’s nothing else on your screen, you think there has been an electronic glitch. I need the security of the printed page. . . ."

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