Weekend picks for book lovers

Weekend picks for book lovers
USA TODAY's picks for book lovers include Philipp Meyer's epic saga about tough Texans, and a moving debut novel about a young refugee from Zimbabwe. The Son by Philipp Meyer; Ecco, 561 pp.; fiction. Philipp Meyer's second novel begins in 1849, when ...

Author Jen Lancaster learns Martha Stewart 'Living' is a Good Thing
New York Daily News
But wrapping Christmas presents with customized ribbon and making perfect toffee hasn't prepared the best-selling author for her toughest challenge yet: Meeting the domestic diva in person on the “Today” show Tuesday, the same day the book's out.

'Southern Cross the Dog' by Bill Cheng
Already a lot has been said about how Bill Cheng, a Queens-born, Chinese-American author in his late 20s, who has written “Southern Cross the Dog,'' a rich, rollicking debut novel featuring black characters in the Deep South in the first half of the ...

'A Dual Inheritance' by Joanna Hershon
Author: Joanna Hershon; Publisher: Ballantine; Number of pages: 472 pp. Book price: $26 ... She renders the book's many locales with a nuanced appreciation for the way environment emerges out of the confluence of physical detail and social experience.

'Fairyland' by Alysia Abbott
“Fairyland,” her first book, occasionally feels like an act of atonement for the callous, myopic narcissism of young adulthood — for not wanting to be bummed out by her father's decline (“You complain so much about your bad health and ill luck!” she ...

Big books of fall: Novels by King, Grisham, Fielding
Call it anticipation or hype — or a mixture of both — but the buzz has begun building for the bigbooks of the fall, the biggest season for bookselling. After three days at BookExpo America, the annual trade show in New York, USA TODAY's Bob ...

Domain '.book' claim ignites fresh e-battle
Sydney Morning Herald
The ability to control the use of generic terms that aren't brand-specific is at the heart of objections to Amazon's requests for .book, .author and .read. Amazon, which controls about 60 per cent of the market for electronic books and a quarter of the ...

PW Picks: The Best New Books for the Week of June 3, 2013
By The Huffington Post News Editors
You don't have to be an animal lover to be moved by this beautifully written and impassioned account of the author's work rescuing dogs from shelters and training them to be service animals. Some go on to assist the visually ... The story of Paul —with its book tours, Wikipedia binges, and on-again-off-again romances—is one told without an ounce of self-pity, melodrama, or posturing, making the glacial Lin the perfect poster child for a generation facing—and failing to face—maturity.
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eZ Publish 5 Platform, the Customer Experience Management platform
By design, the eZ Publish 5 Platform represents a combined set of complex and integrated digital technologies and orchestrated business models that enable ...

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