Melita Maschmann's 'Account Rendered'

Melita Maschmann's 'Account Rendered' : The New Yorker: "“I give her credit for having the courage to write and publish ‘Fazit’ at the time she did. In 1963, nobody I met admitted to having been a Nazi. She may have been the first German, and certainly the first German woman, who tried to face her past with honesty. No other book at that time said, unequivocally, ‘I was a Nazi, and here’s why.’ I am certainly treated well in her memoir, with insight and respect. Melita eventually came to be horrified by Nazism, and I believe she really meant the book as an apology.” Melita Maschmann died in Germany in 2010, after suffering for over a decade from Alzheimer’s. She never married and had no children."

Apple Starts E-Book Trial Monday at a Disadvantage - Joe ...
By Joe Palazzolo
Apple heads to a U.S. federal court Monday to face civil accusations that it conspired with five publishers to drive up the price of electronic books in the weeks leading up to the 2010 introduction of the iPad.

E-Book Antitrust Trial of Apple to Begin
New York Times
... and JULIE BOSMAN. Published: June 2, 2013. Government lawyers are set to face off against Apple this week in a Manhattan courtroom, trying to prove that the company conspired with publishers to raise prices in the e-book market. Bits ... It will ...

Books that changed me: Greg Growden
Sydney Morning Herald
A tough, revealing, masterful book, but Johnston's sequel is even better, delving brutally into his own dishevelled life. The best Australian novel? A dead heat between Cloudstreet (Tim Winton), Johnno (David Malouf) and The Treatment and the Cure ...

Author Sara Gran is as blunt as her Claire DeWitt character
Los Angeles Times
Working at the Strand was like going to graduate school for books, says Gran, who sorted through thousands of paperbacks during her shifts. "It always cracks me up when people romanticize booksand talk about them in this flowery way — 'Oh, I love the ...

Book Review Podcast: Annual Summer Reading Issue -
Book Review Podcast: Annual Summer Reading Issue. By JOHN WILLIAMS. Golden Cosmos. This week New York Times Book Review presents its annual Summer Reading issue, which includes looks at new books about Jewish humor, ...

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