Amazon buys book-focused social network Goodreads

Amazon to buy book-focused social network Goodreads
Los Angeles Times Inc., which got its start as an online bookseller, went on to create the Kindle e-reader and has gotten into book publishing, is now pushing into the social side of reading. ... Goodreads launched in 2007, the same year that Amazon ...

Los Angeles Times

Group sends female inmates books
Chicago Tribune
I love the books. Thank you and God bless." Yet there was something about the handwriting, a delicate and elegant script, that moved Megan Bernard to fold the note up and put it in her wallet, where she keeps it still. "It was just so human, so ...

Chicago Tribune

Books bring dark issues to light for teen readers
San Jose Mercury News
Here are some of the subjects that books for young adults tackled in the past year or so: School shootings, terrorism, post-traumatic stress disorder, homelessness, sex, discrimination, substance abuse, death and grieving. That may ... "When teenagers ...

Jane Goodall apologizes for 'borrowed' passages in new book
Mother Nature Network (blog)
As the book was co-authored by veteran writer and publisher Gail Hudson (who also teamed with Goodall on two other books), it's unclear who exactly is at fault for not including the proper accreditation. "Jane does a vast amount of her own writing ...

Mother Nature Network (blog)

Can a Hot Book Trailer Spell Success?
Huffington Post
I chatted up three people in the field: Tom Miller, an executive editor at McGraw-Hill; Brian Gresko, whose anthology on fatherhood When I First Held You is being published by Berkley Books an imprint of Penguin); and Adam Cushman, president/CEO of Red ...

Newtown first selectwoman critical of flurry of new books
Torrington Register Citizen
It's the age of print on demand, the instant book, in which you can send a file to Amazon, design your own cover and sell it as a paperback or an e-book. While at least four books related to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings are available at ...

E-book Sales Bolster Publishers' Bottom Lines
Publishers Weekly
Although costs associated with reaching e-book settlements with the Department of Justice and state attorneys general cut into some houses' profits, none of the big-five trade publishers posted a margin of less than 9% in 2012. And more than one ...

'Girls' Gone Wild by J. Hoberman - The New York Review of Books
Spring Breakers, the new film by Harmony Korine, opens with an impressively staged shot of pure pulchritude—a mass of golden bodies gyrating on a Florida beach—rendered somewhat absurd by the cartoonish sounds of Skrillex's wacky ...
NYRBlog - The New York Review of Books

Book Review: River Of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay - Blogcritics Books
By Richard Marcus
Book Review: River Of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay. Share. Author: Richard Marcus — Published: Mar 30, 2013 at 7:22 am 1 comment. When I was making my first tentative steps into the world of the arts, it was the writers who used words to ...
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Clive Davis releases new book | WPMT FOX43
By rpickensfox43
You've probably heard of him and now you can read about him. Clive Davis, the man behind artists like Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen and Janis Joplin, has a new book out. His autobiography, "The Soundtrack of my Life", chronicles ...

Guardian review | Books | The Guardian
Julian Barnes' new book is part essay, part short story, part memoir but, above all, ... after the fall of Troy as retold by an author working in the shadow of the Stasi ...
Tweet Any Good Books Lately? - Laura Moser - Voices - AllThingsD
If there's one thing I like more than reading books, it's sharing my opinions about them. But I'm too overscheduled and disorganized to commit to a book club.

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