Karen Russell By the Book

Karen Russell: By the Book
New York Times
Do you have a favorite character or hero from one of those books? Is there one book you wish all children would read? I'm not sure if I have a universal recommendation for all children — I wouldn't want angry parents writing in to the Book Review ...

'My Brother's Book,' by Maurice Sendak
New York Times
He appeared on “The Colbert Report,” ripping the current crop of children's books as “abysmal.” He was interviewed by Emma Brockes in The Believer magazine, and he declared about e-books: “I hate them. It's like making believe there's another kind of sex.

Carine Roitfelds Second Issue of CR Fashion Books Is Themed Around Ballet
Daily Beast
Carine Roitfeld, the former editor of French Vogue, returned to the world of magazines in September, when she released CR Fashion Book — a highly artistic glossy dedicated to “rebirth” and themed around babies (it even included a picture of Kate Upton ...

Daily Beast

Friday Book Design Blog: The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald
The Independent (blog)
friday gatsby 187x300 Friday Book Design Blog: The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald Pulp book covers are a kind of design nexus of many different, sometimes antagonistic concepts: cool, kitsch, even camp. What might have once seemed simply brash and ...

The Independent (blog)

Why ready access to books is just as important as superfast broadband
The Guardian (blog)
I have never taken my ability to read for granted. My father was unable to read well until he was 30 years old. In fact, he didn't even pick up a book to read for pleasure until he retired. I know this because I coached him through his reading ...

The Guardian (blog)

Indian children's books find readers worldwide
New York Daily News
The export market for children's books published in India opened up after local publishers began to exhibit their products at international book fairs, and received exposure to western production techniques and printing finesse. Matching western ...

Author uncovers 'secrets' of happy families
NEW YORK — Before Bruce Feiler, 48, can discuss his new book, The Secrets of Happy Families (Morrow, on sale Tuesday), a bit of family unhappiness erupts in the living room of his Brooklyn Heights brownstone. Reports vary from his 7-year-old daughters ...

Book Review: 'We Live In Water'
... Music · Listen. NPR logo NPR · Arts & Life >; Books >; Book Reviews. Book Review: 'We Live In Water'. by Alan Cheuse. February 14, 2013 3:00 PM. February 14, 2013 ... In the opening story, a widowed alcoholic stands at the side of the road in ...

New TED Book: How Did You End Up Here?
By Jim Daly
In a new TED Book, Davy Rothbart collects 100+ of his all-time favorite questions to ask someone you've just met. ... Or download the TED Books app for your iPad or iPhone, and get a subscription with a new TED Book every two weeks.
TED Blog

Book News: Literary Lovers, Covers Across the Pond : The New Yorker
By Andrea DenHoed
Elizabeth Powers with the story of Constance Wilde, Oscar's often-forgotten wife. Terry Deary, author of the “Horrible Histories” series, argues that libraries are “no longer relevant” and actually harm ...
Culture Desk

Daniel Reetz DIY Book Scanner - Business Insider
By Dylan Love
Daniel Reetz has fixed the future of books. ... Daniel Reetz is an artist and engineer who ran into a problem one day – his office building collapsed, breaking its steam pipes and ruining every book in the building. But while the physical books ...

Former AMD Chief's Book Describes Fight Against Intel - Don Clark ...
By Don Clark
Advanced Micro Devices for years accused Intel of illegal tactics in the market for microprocessor chips, a dispute that many people may have forgotten. Hector Ruiz wants the story remembered.

Your Wonkette Book Club Will Now Dominate Your Media Diet With ...
By Doktor Zoom
Here's the dealio: pretty much every month, we will select a book, announce that selection, and give the Wonkettariat some three weeks or so to read it, followed by a review and a nice long discussion. Unlike a ... Kindle e-book (which provides a happy kickback to Your Wonkette) $9.99 at Amazon. ...Free for nothing at your socialist public library; if your library doesn't have it, try interlibrary loan and tell them to waste less money on books about sparkly emo vampires for chrissakes.

6 Reasons To Choose a Book Over a Person | Thought Catalog
Books are always ready to be enjoyed and never need to be “won over. ... A book is always there for you, waiting silently and unassumingly for you to commit ...

The Book Reader: "It's Not You, It's Brie", "The Lost Carving", "Give ...
Dan Kois of Slate reports on newly released book titles and the world of publishing in NY1's newest living segment, "The Book Reader". ... For David Esterly, author of "The Lost Carving", obsession meant spending a year in a royal ... You Have" and many other titles on the Slate Book Review at www.slate.com/ books.

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