Author Eliza Knight shares her fave Highlander romances

Author Eliza Knight shares her fave Highlander romances
They write books that feature men in kilts (yum!). Scottish historical romance and erotic romanceauthor Eliza, whose The Highlander's Conquest is out now, shares some of her favorite Highlander romances. Eliza: Thanks so much to Joyce and HEA for ...

Amazon's 'technical issue' blocked e-book purchases overnight
Los Angeles Times
On Thursday evening, it suddenly became impossible to purchase most e-books on Amazon. It was possible to buy hardcovers, paperbacks and audiobooks, but not most Kindle e-books from the online retailer's website. The purchase of most Kindle e-books ...

A history of person, country in 'There Was a Country'
Los Angeles Times
Chinua Achebe, the Nigerian author of the groundbreaking 1958 novel "Things Fall Apart," is widely considered the most influential African writer of the 20th century. A staple in school curricula worldwide and with more than 10 million copies in print ...

An Author Can Dream
New York Times
Told in the form of a blog-within-a-blog, written by the eponymous physician in a blurred state of somnambulant arousal (the doctor types notes on his iPad during sex), the book gained a small but zealous following among fans of droll divertissements.

Book Relief for Victims of Hurricane Sandy
Sacramento Bee
"Even as first responders and volunteers are working to provide these families with electricity, water, and other critical resources, First Book is joining forces with our local partners to replace hundreds of thousands of lost or damaged books in ...

Books about Bond... James Bond
To mark 007's return, we're highlighting some books that delve into the history and cultural significance of Bond...James Bond. So grab ... It's only fitting then that Moore is the actor to come out with a book examining 50 years of Bond films. Bond on ...

Books-A-Million to Introduce All-New Kids-A-Million at Flagship Store in ...
(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Books-A-Million, Inc. (Nasdaq/NM: BAMM), one of the nation's leading bookretailers, will introduce a completely re-designed Kids-A-Million specialty department at its flagship store in Birmingham this week. Customers can tour the new ...

TED Blog | New TED Book: Brain Power
By tedstaff
While many wonder what the pervasive use of technology is doing to our overloaded mental circuits, the new TED Book Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks ponders that question in another way: can cutting-edge neurological research into child brain development teach us anything about how we shape the ... As author Tiffany Shlain explains today in an essay on the Huffington Post, “The Internet, like the developing brain of a child, is in a rapid phase of growth and change.
TED Blog

Book compares Obama to Jesus Christ and Martin - The Daily Caller
By Eric Owens
... videos on TheDC. Publish what you read and maintain full control. ... The stated goal of Thompson's book is to “unlock the answers” contained within Obama's numerous speeches, so that “his followers” may have a guide “to creating and living in the reality of a middle class lifestyle that was so economically and ethically sound that it appeared to be 'heaven here on earth.'” The author, a professor, is a member of the physical education faculty at Florida A&M University. The 220-page ...
The Daily Caller

Dan McDermott: David Frum's Why Romney Lost eBook Is Spot-On
By Dan McDermott
He is also hard to typecast. In his 1994 debut book Dead Right, Frum "expressed intense dissatisfaction with supply-siders, evangelicals, and nearly all Republican politicians," as characterized by the late conservative columnist Robert Novak.
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

Twelve forthcoming books : SCOTUSblog
By Ronald Collins
Twelve forthcoming books. The Justices continue to publish. While two or more Supreme Court Justices do not often publish books in the same year, 2013 will prove otherwise. Back in 1968, Justice William O. Douglas published Towards a Global Federalism, while Justice Abe Fortas released his book, Concerning Dissent ... There you have it: Twelve forthcoming books, which are listed below with publisher's blurbs or – in the case of Justice O'Connor's book – an author'sdescription.

Buy Buttons for Kindle Books Disappear from | Slog
By Paul Constant
According to reports on Twitter, if you've bought Kindle books already, they're still available to you. You just can't buy ... Kindle books from other publishers like Harlequin remain buy-able, so romance fans can rest easy. hasn't ...
The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper

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