Publishers Choice: Digitize or Not

Google Deal Gives Publishers a Choice: Digitize or Not
New York Times
It is also the latest evidence of the shift to e-books from print, and of Google's efforts to compete with e-book rivals like Digital books were a new and daunting prospect when the publishers first sued Google seven years ago, but they ...

Banned Books Week: Lawrence Public Library Creates Artistic Trading Cards ...
Huffington Post
Burning and otherwise destroying books being a favorite activity of censors, deconstruction seemed an appropriate approach to this tattered (literally falling apart as I read it) copy of "Rabbit, Run". Coincidentally, this book was purchased at the ...

Books: New and Noteworthy
Pete Townshend's memoir already making headlines; 'Hello, Gorgeous' follows Barbra Streisand 's rise to the top. Prolific James Patterson has another new book. 3:15PM EST October 5. 2012 - We scope out the hottest books on sale the week of Oct. 7. 1.

Books to Teach Children About Alzheimer's
New York Times (blog)
Nonetheless, “storybooks about a difficult disease like Alzheimer's can be a gentle way to introduce it to young children,” said Erin Y. Sakai, lead author of the study, which was just published in the American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other ...

New York Times (blog)

Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook to release book
New York Daily News
The social networking site's chief operating officer has written a book entitled “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead,” slated to hit stores in March 2013, her reps announced Thursday. ... Business books tend to “burn brightly” when they are ...

New York Daily News

Author Diana Sheridan on the mainstreaming of sex
We've come a long way from the time of Lady Chatterley's Lover, when the phrase "banned in Boston" was commonly understood to mean a book was too racy for the city fathers of Beantown to allow it to be sold there. Little by ... I have heard it opined ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger's narcissistic book is creepy and cruel
Los Angeles Times
But even the most cavalier rogue can at least get his timing right if he cares at all about the people nearest and dearest to him. Schwarzenegger's book is an example of crass and callous self-promotion. Maybe in a few years it would have been OK to ...

'Rush' author Beth Yarnall on romantic suspense love
Nothing pulls me out of a book faster than a too-stupid-to-live hero or a doormat of a heroine. Nothing. One of ... As a romantic suspense author I try to pace my stories so that the danger escalates right along with the sexual tension. A well-setup ...

Graphic Books Best Sellers: 'Green Lanterns Corps' Tops the List
New York Times (blog)
Three new books are at the top of the graphic books hardcover best-seller list this week. ... 2 is the third book of the deluxe edition of “100 Bullets,” a noir series about a man named Graves who gives wronged people an untraceable gun to exact revenge.

New York Times (blog)

Robin's Books, RIP: 1936-2012
Philadelphia Inquirer
Author appearances continue, including Tori Hogan, Paul's niece, who reads from her book Beyond Good Intentions: A Journey into the Realities of International Aid, at 7 p.m. on Wednesday. What of the historical programs, on people like Thomas Paine, ...

Lois Lowry, 'Son' And 'The Giver' Author, Reflects On Dystopian Novels ...
Huffington Post
Usually when schools ban your book, it only serves to further solidify the work's cultural significance. In the 1990s, the Harry Potter series topped the American Library Association's list of the most often banned books in schools across the country ...

What's a picture worth in words? Consider the cover photo of Philip Norman's Mick Jagger, which expends some 250,000 words on the still-rampant lion of the Rolling Stones. Shot in 1980, when Jagger was 37, Marcia Resnick's black-and-white portrait ...

Alternative Uses for Books
Huffington Post (blog)
Every author knows, sadly, that a book spends only a fraction of its lifecycle in the hands of readers - and that's if it's lucky. In How to Do Things with Books, I ask what good books are when they're gathering dust on the shelf. What can - and should ...

Broken toe spurs Neil Young to write 1st book
Huffington Post
No one should be surprised that reading his first book, the memoir "Waging Heavy Peace," should feel exactly the same. Young's scatter-shot style includes a description of Crazy Horse as a living organism that illustrates an artistic sensibility better ...

Author: 2/3 of journos aren't leaving
Brookings Institute scholar Stephen Hess has a different take in his new book, “Whatever Happened to the Washington Reporters, 1978-2012.” The book is a follow-up to a study he did in 1978, in which he interviewed 450 Washington reporters about their ...

7 Mexican American Studies Books Banned From Tucson, Arizona Classrooms ...
Huffington Post
The most successful book written by 78-year-old professor Rodolfo Acuña, “Occupied America” represents all that Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne opposed in the Mexican American Studies program when he launched the attack against it. ... One ...

Book Review: Alex Witchel describes her long goodbye to her ailing mother in ...
Greenfield Daily Reporter
Some seek the comfort of bed or a therapist's couch to ease grief, but author Alex Witchel heads to the kitchen. In her new book, "All Gone: A Memoir of My Mother's Dementia. With Refreshments," Witchel shares the heartbreak of caring for a parent as ...

Book Review Podcast: A Soldier's War Novel
New York Times (blog)
Listen to previous podcasts from the Book Review. This week in the New York TimesBook Review, Benjamin Percy reviews “The Yellow Birds,” a novel by Kevin Powers that follows a soldier through his duty in Iraq and his struggles to adjust once back home.

New York Times (blog)

Steve Jobs's High School Girlfriend to Tell All in New Book
According to the publisher, Brennan's book will describe the founding of Apple (AAPL) and tell of "Jobs's enormous appeal, energy and drive as well as his developing ambition and ruthlessness in business and personal dealings," The New York Times ...

In Brief: E-Books
Wall Street Journal
Sentences like that will bring most readers up short, and limit the book's audience. The typical State Department liberal, it's fair to say, isn't comfortable with the repressive nature of sharia and doesn't embrace a "messianic" view of democracy. The...

Wall Street Journal

'The Silent History' turns up the noise on a new kind of e-book
Los Angeles Times
E-book sales have been increasing at a tremendous rate — 117% in 2011. But the majority of e-books — particularly novels — simply replicate the print experience on-screen. "Mostly, we're just really happy if they're easy to read," Kissane says.

6 Recipes Found In Old Books (PHOTOS)
Huffington Post (blog)
For the most part, the author is unknown, the words unimportant - but for some reason, I haven't been able to part with them. I believe the reason I've held onto these bits and pieces of the past is the same reason you lean closer to overhear a ...

Books for Treats started 11 years ago in San Jose, and now its moving across ...
San Jose Mercury News
Morgan, a popular author, international speaker and consultant on developing key talent and performance strategies, says Books for Treats came about because she was looking for an alternative to candy. "Candy was a problem at my house, eating it before ...

New Book Helps You "Read" Your Dog
The new release “What Dogs Want” (Firefly Books Ltd. 2012) authored by well known animal behaviorist Arden Moore, translates the many expressions, postures and sounds exhibited by our four-legged friends in this smartly written visual guide.

Book Review: 'Joseph Anton,' by Salman Rushdie
Using the third person by which he refers to himself throughout the book, Rushdie continues: “He wanted to make it part of his mission to insist on the vital importance of books and of protecting the freedoms necessary to create them.” Joseph ... Some ...

The Silent History e-book requires iPhone, iPad users to travel - TUAW
By Kelly Hodgkins
The Silent History is not your typical science fiction e-book. It's a serial narrative from Eli Horowitz and Russell Quinn that uses geocaching to add to the story line. The ability to discover additional information about the plot from clues in your ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Graham Readfearn | From Kermit to Coal, Book Reveals How ...
By Graham Readfearn
At least that's the conclusion after reading Australian author and researcher Guy Pearse's latest book. Pearse spent close to four years immersing himself in some 3000 TV commercials and viewing about 4000 print and web adverts, all of ...

Book News: Imagined Meetings, Cryptic Poetry : The New Yorker
By Andrea DenHoed
Jorie Graham becomes the first American woman to win the Forward Prize for poetry. A list of the ten songs that get the most literary air time. The Oxford English Dictionary starts OED Appeals, a Web site for crowdsourcing...

Ralph Nader Talks New Book, Politics « CBS Pittsburgh
By Nick Kratsas
Ralph Nader Talks New Book, Politics. October 5, 2012 12:14 PM. Share this. View Comments. More Activity. Facebook Activity. What's this? Add to Timeline - What's This. Click "Log in" topublish what you read to Facebook. See what your ...
CBS Pittsburgh

National Book Award Finalists to Be Announced on MSNBC's ...
By Jason Boog
Here's more from the National Book Awards site: “The twenty Finalists for the National Book Awards in Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Young People's Literature will be announced on MSNBC's Morning Joe … on Wednesday, October 10.

Facebook's Sandberg Writes Book To Inspire Women In Leadership
By Ken Yeung
Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg has written her first book focusing on motivating women in leadership and overcome inequality.
The Next Web

Meow! – Casaubon's Book
By Sharon Astyk
Casaubon's Book · Meow! Posted by Sharon Astyk on October 5, 2012. (0). More ». (Athena takes her ease). A couple of readers have asked me to describe all the people and critters on our farm – they are newer readers or old ones who know ...
Casaubon's Book

Moleskine Photo Books | Uncrate
Moleskine Photo Books. We know how durable Moleskine notebooks can be, and we also know that most guys printing out a photo book likely want it to last — so it only makes sense to combine the two. Moleskine Photo Books ...

Walter Jacobson, author | The Bleader
By Michael Miner
The broadcaster writes a memoir Books, Media and News blog post by Michael Miner. ... Her idea was that Walter Jacobson, then riding high as the brash coanchor (with Bill Kurtis) of Channel Two's ten o'clock news, should write a book.
Chicago Reader

Books | Honest Toddler
Books. Books are wonderful entertainment, gum, and weapons. ... In this book a young boy with beautiful overalls kills a tree over the course of many years. I love this story .... And have you seen the picture of the author on the back? Ahhgg! So ...

Author: 2/3 of journos aren't leaving - Patrick Gavin -
“It's hard to get a job now, but this turns out to be basically a pretty optimistic book because it says, in the end, people want to be journalists. There will always be ...

Robin's Books, R.I.P: 1936-2012
Robin's Books (established 1936), widely regarded as the city oldest ... In 2008, Robin's stopped selling new books, becoming a used-book store and website. ... Author appearances continue, including Tori Hogan, Paul's niece, who reads ...

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's new book on women and the ...
The social networking site's chief operating officer has written a book entitled “ Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead,” slated to hit stores in March 2013, ...

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