Authors at the Edinburgh International Book Festival – in pictures

Authors at the Edinburgh International Book Festival – in pictures ...
Murdo MacLeod assembles a cast of writers from around the world, who have descended on Charlotte Square for the Edinburgh International Book Festival ... 

Hunger Games Becomes Amazon's Best-Selling Book Series
Wall Street Journal
By SAABIRA CHAUDHURI Inc. said the Hunger Games trilogy has outsold the Harry Potter series, making Suzanne Collins's work the online retailer's best-selling book series of all time, including print and Kindle book sales.

A Champion of the Book Takes to the iPad
New York Times (blog)
Devotees of the old-fashioned printed book who are distressed by the onrushing digital future — and there are more of them out there than you might think — cherish William H. Gass's 1999 essay, “A Defense of the Book.” Personally ... Books, and the ...

New York Times (blog)

Amazon Crowns 'Hunger Games' as Its Top Seller, Surpassing Harry Potter Series
New York Times (blog)
The sales include print and e-book formats, making the “Hunger Games” trilogy Amazon's best-selling series. Sarah Gelman, a spokeswoman for Amazon, declined to produce specific sales figures. Kyle Good, a spokeswoman for Scholastic, the publisher of ...

Apple Flags Amazon as 'Driving Force' in Books Probe
Wall Street Journal
The remarks came as part of antitrust litigation filed by the DOJ in April, alleging that Apple and a handful of book publishers conspired to fix prices for electronic books at a level higher than what Amazon had been offering. In a filing in U.S ...

Author Ros Clarke on why her heroine is an oil tycoon
I mean, when was the last time I read a book in which the heroine was an oil tycoon?... So I asked Ros to share with us why her heroine is an oil tycoon at a time when the heroines of some really, really popular books right now have been … well, not .


Books and art pit freedom of religion against free speech in Tunisia
Christian Science Monitor
Last December a strange man entered and addressed owner Lotfi El Hafi: “You have indecentbooks,” he said, indicating Femmes au Bain, a book about depictions of women bathing in European art. “I'm sent to warn you.” The next day he returned with a ...

Lauren Conrad stirs up readers' outrage with book-destroying video
Christian Science Monitor
Former “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad faced a backlash after she posted a video of a do-it-yourself craft project which involved destroying books. Skip to next paragraph ...up readers' outrage with book-destroying video; 08.16.12. Apple blasts the DOJ ...

Christian Science Monitor

Sony's Launches New E-reader (Reminding All That Sony Makes E-readers)
Wired News
This won't be an easy sell for the company, as the PRS-T2 is priced higher than the comparable Kindle Touch and Nook Simple Touch, and lacks the powerhouse book libraries of Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The PRS-T2 ... At $129, the new ereader has already ...

Marquez Set to Release Book Titled “Yes, I Beat You Pacquiao”: Fan Reaction
Yahoo! Sports
Frustrated with the favorable decisions Pacquiao has enjoyed against him, Marquez has decided topublish a book, detailing the injustices he has suffered against the Filipino congressman and his career as a professional boxer. The book is titled "Yes ...

Morning Shots: 'Mad Men,' Book Therapy, And Lauren Conrad Slices Up A Book
NPR (blog)
This video of The Hills star Lauren Conrad cheerfully slicing up what she refers to as a "vintage book" or a "slightly used book" might not be "the worst craft idea ever," but it's pretty bad — and sort of hilariously, blithely ignorant of how angry ...

'Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt'
New York Times
This book is a collaboration between Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco, showing us daily life in four centers of 21st-century American poverty. Hedges' contribution — a combination of reportage and commentary — is in a long tradition of literary journalism.

Citing 'Lost Confidence,' David Barton's Publisher Pulls Book On Jefferson
Meanwhile, the self-styled historian, who had founded his WallBuilders publishing organization in 1988, was pushing an ever-increasing amount of texts, amicus briefs, and books that sought to stamp an undeniably Christian slant on American history. It...


Book notes
Chicago Sun-Times
Sure-thing best-selling authors can't break 'Fifty Shades' reign. Even James Patterson, who's written or co-authored 19 novels that ... The next book by the award-winning investigative reporter and best-selling author will document how President Barack ...

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Fortunes of Permanence'
Washington Times
Roger Kimball, essayist, editor and publisher of the New Criterion, publisher of Encounter Books, and author of a number of highly regarded books, among them “Tenured Radicals,” is in many ways a throwback to a time, not that long ago, when there were ...

Washington Times

Author and naturalist Kenn Kaufman boosts the cause of casual birders
Houston Chronicle
Kenn Kaufman is the author of many books on bird identification,. ... Q: In your revised book, "Field Guide to Advanced Birding," you say the casual birder's interest in enjoying birds is "just as legitimate as the interest of the most ardent field ...

Best Books: Fall 2012's Must-Reads
Huffington Post
Whether you browse at your local bookstore, buy books online or are searching for something to top up your ereader, choosing what to read in the coming months will be a daunting prospect. Zadie Smith, Junot Díaz, Michael Chabon and Emma Donoghue will ...

Genetics book encoded in DNA
TG Daily
To demonstrate that DNA's suitable for use as a large-scale data storage medium, a team of scientists has encoded a 5.27MB book using DNA microchips, and then read it back again. The book - Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and...

TG Daily

BOOK REVIEW: 'The St. Zita Society'
Washington Times
The St. Zita Society is named after the patron saint of domestic servants and one of its members, as might be expected from the author of this book, is a psychopath called Dex. Since this is Ruth Rendell's latest psychological mystery, there has to be ...

Washington Times

BOOK REVIEW: 'Not Taco Bell Material'
Washington Times
I have to admit, the reason I was so attracted to Adam Carolla's new book, “Not Taco Bell Material,” is because of his preceding one, “In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks.” Just the title told me I would be in for something, as Monty Python might put it ...

Washington Times

A Ryan Gosling-inspired coloring book
CNN (blog)
Thanks to English artist Mel Simone Elliott, Ryan Gosling has joined the ranks of Kermit the Frog, Big Bird and other coloring book stars of yesteryear. “Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling” is “The cool colouring-book for good colourer-inners (as well as ...

Book Report: Remedy/curse: Drug highs and lows
Hudson Star Observer
Thomas De Quincy was born on this day in 1785, and would later write an eerie book that captured the romantic imagination, “Confessions of an Opium Eater.” At about the same time, Samuel Taylor Coleridge was ingesting huge quantities of laudanum, ...

A literary stroll through Central Park
Fortune (blog)
They include fresh material as well as pieces that first appeared in the New Yorker, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal, and excerpts from books by Paul Auster, Adam Gopnik, Donald Knowler and Colson Whitehead. "The Sixth Borough," by Jonathan ...

Fortune (blog)

The new world of publishing, according to Rebecca York, author of 'Dark Moon'
One thing I absolutely love about indie publishing is that authors like Rebecca York can now write and publish more books in a year. She's no longer ... Last year e-booksales surpassed sales of paperback originals. Sales of e-books on Amazon were more...


BOOK REVIEW: 'Paris: A Love Story'
Washington Times
After a brief youthful marriage (this husband is unnamed), the now 63-year old former TV correspondent and author tied the knot for the second time, with the late, dashing, ABC news anchor, Peter Jennings and began a “passionate tormented love story ...

Washington Times

Joe Posnanski's Book on Joe Paterno: What Do We Really Know?
Opposing Views
The author of Paterno is Sports Illustrated senior writer Joe Posnanski, who was allowed to spend the 2011 season in State College to work on the book. Speculation is rampant as to what the book contains. Can JoePo salvage JoePa's tarnished image?

Opposing Views

Inside the List
New York Times
Julia Child for children — the picture book “Bon Appétit!” Julia Child for ailurophiles and children — “Minette's Feast: The Delicious Story of Julia Child and Her Cat.” For everyone else, there's “Dearie,” the biography by Bob Spitz, new on the ...

Paterno Book Climbs Best Seller List
Sales for the book about Joe Paterno, the disgraced Penn State football coach, got a boost from arecent GQ's excerpt published online describing the week that the Sandusky grand jury testimony was revealed, and when Paterno was fired. In one excerpt ...


Scientists Convert a 53000-Word Book Into DNA
By Peter Pachal
In a scientific first, Harvard University researches successfully transformed a 53426-word book into DNA, the same substance that provides the genetic template for all living things. The achievement could eventually lead to the mass adoption ...

Researchers Turn Book Into DNA Code - Robert Lee Hotz - News ...
By Robert Lee Hotz
In the latest attempt to corral society's growing quantities of digital data, Harvard University researchers encoded an entire book into the genetic molecules of DNA, the basic building block of life, and then accurately read back the text.

Book Excerpt: George Harrison Realizes It's Time to Move On From ...
Book Excerpt: George Harrison Realizes It's Time to Move On From the Beatles. Read an excerpt from 'Still the .... From the book Still the Greatest: The Essential Songs of the Beatles' Solo Careers by Andrew Grant Jackson. Copyright 2012 by ... Music News

Ryan Gosling inspired a coloring book | PopWatch |
By Lanford Beard
This fun-for-all-ages coloring book comes courtesy of I Love Mel, a.k.a. English artist Mel Simone Elliott, who has illustrated some of Gosling's most memorable roles (The Notebook, Blue Valentine, underwatched charmer Lars and the Real ...

The Last Book Sale by Larry McMurtry | NYRblog | The New York ...
By Larry McMurtry
So I threw a book sale. Upward of 300000 books went on sale in Archer City at public auction, which was conducted by the cracker-jack team of Addison and Sarova out of Macon, Georgia, where I gather the heat is wet rather than dry. Calling it the Last Book Sale was a conceit based on the fact that my novel The Last Picture Show had been filmed on the same site. In fact, the reputable firm of Bonham's is conducting a major literary auction on the West Coast right now. Our auction ... Recent items

Lauren Conrad Deletes Book-Destroying Craft Video After Negative ...
By Andy Lewis
Lauren Conrad Deletes Book-Destroying Craft Video After Negative Backlash (updated). The reality star's "Crafty Creations" project, which involved cutting up books to create storage boxes, provoked such a viral backlash among book lovers ...

TED Blog | New TED Book: When I'm 164
By Kate Torgovnick
TED Book: When I'm 64 How long do you want to live, and why? These are the questions that bestselling author and science writer David Ewing Duncan asks as he surveys the emerging science of radical life extension — from genetics and ...
TED Blog

Reading and Writing a Book With DNA - IEEE Spectrum
By Emily Waltz
16 August 2012—Harvard University researchers converted a 53 000-word book into DNA and then read the DNA-encoded book using gene-sequencing technology, the researchers report this week in Science. The project is by far the largest demonstration of digital information storage in DNA and the densest consolidation of data in any medium, the authors say. There is a clear need for improved long-term storage of massively large data, says George Church, a geneticist at ...
IEEE Spectrum Recent Content full text

Laudator Temporis Acti: Room for Books
By Michael Gilleland
"A peculiar anthologic maze, an amusing literary chaos, a farrago of quotations, a mere olla podrida of quaintness, a pot pourri of pleasant delites, a florilegium of elegant extracts, a tangled fardel of old-world flowers of thought, a faggot of odd ... Room for Books. Yuan Mei (1716–1797), Book Storage, tr. J.D.Schmidt: I collect books just as others store grain, And bitterly complain I don't have enough granaries. In order to make space for a myriad ancient men, I end up building three ...
Laudator Temporis Acti

Shirley Sherrod, Warrior, Has A Book to Sell - Balloon Juice
By Anne Laurie
Sherrod is listed as the primary author of the Atria Books release “The Courage to Hope: How I Stood Up to the Politics of Fear,” which is set for national release on Aug. 28. Sherrod wrote the book with Catherine Whitney, who has co-written ...
Balloon Juice

As A Lay Frying: Your New Favorite Literary Donut Tumblr | The Frisky
By Jessica Wakeman
The world needs more blogs pairing pictures of donuts with literary quotes, I always say. As I Lay Frying — Faulkner joke! — is just what us biblio-donut-philes.
The Frisky

Book review - The Circus as a Parallel Universe - we make money ...
By Regine
Book review - The Art of Not Making: The New Artist / Artisan Relationship · Book review: Alternative and Activist New ... Publisher Verlag für moderne Kunst writes: Clear the ring for the world of acrobats, clowns, and exotic animals! Presenting a number of contemporary works of ... I wouldn't normally review the catalogue of an exhibition i haven't seen but i was seduced by the description of the book and its accompanying images (midgets! Anthony Quinn in La Strada!) But then i don't ...
we make money not art

Book Review Podcast: Martin Amis Discusses 'Lionel Asbo ...
This week in the New York Times Book Review, Kathryn Harrison reviews “Lionel Asbo,” the latest novel by ... Book Review Podcast: Superman and Supremely Boring Books ... The sales totals include print and e-book formats, which gives " Hunger Games" an edge; the Harry Potter bookswere first sold as e-books in March.

Eric P. Bloom: Read management books and learn (blog)
The obvious ways to find a good management book are to go to a Barnes & Noble bookstore and peruse the shelves, go online to and surf the business book category, and/or go to your public library (physically or virtually). I mention these ...

Local Author Goes Digital - | Mission Valley News: Local News: entertainment_culture, deborah serra, san diego, writer, local author: "Local author Deborah Serra recently released her new novel Primal exclusively as an e-book. This story was once adapted as a screenplay, and actually purchased as such by Hollywood director James Cameron. After Cameron decided to write his own screenplays, he gave Serra the rights back so she could market it as a novel. Serra sees going digital as a smart marketing move as well as a sign of the times. “When it comes to people who really love to read, the appetite is insatiable and they eat up stories by the week,” she said. “It makes sense for those readers to gravitate towards e-books since they want to read the story and move on. Then you don’t accumulate a ton of read books. It’s not the death of hard-copy books, because as for reference or history books, having a hard-copy version to go back to makes good sense. But for avid novel readers, e-books are the new way to go.”"

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