How do I set up a reading group?

How do I set up a reading group?
The Guardian
I really love reading and would love to start a book group...but how to do it? I don't know many people who would join and apart from that, have never formed any kind of society before! - TheBookThief Anyone can set up a book group!

The Guardian

Academics join world fight against publisher
Sydney Morning Herald
AUSTRALIAN academics have joined thousands of their international peers pledging to boycott the world's largest publisher of academic journals, Elsevier. More than 6000 academics, including close to 100 Australians, support a petition claiming the ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair Announces 'The Professional Programme'
Abu Dhabi City Guide
The Professional Programme has been designed to bring together the best in business panels, networking and seminars, with the key aim to assess the current state of the book publishing industry and digital content in the Arab region.

Author to see first novel in print... after brain condition made her FORGET ...
Daily Mail
By Lauren Paxman An author who survived a three month coma is celebrating the publication of her first novel - after completely forgetting she had written it. Alexandra Singer was struck down with the crippling nerve condition cerebral lupus in 2008, ...

Daily Mail

Book review: Prince Charles on farming and food
Kansas City Star
And now, that May 4, 2011, speech has been reprinted as a book, "The Prince's Speech: On the Future of Food," which David has guest-edited for Emmaus publisher Rodale Books, which also published Al Gore's books on climate change.

In Book, Feingold Offers Insider's View of Senate Post-Sept. 11
New York Times (blog)
“This was indeed an intimidating time,” Mr. Feingold writes in his new book, “While America Sleeps” (Crown Publishers), his personal recounting of the historic Congressional period following the Sept. 11 shock through the rise of the Tea Party ...

Coma recovery woman's book released
The Press Association
Alexandra Singer, 29, suffered memory loss after a near-fatal attack of cerebral lupus in 2008 and had no idea she had begun work on the book. She was told by doctors she might never be able to walk again and spent months fighting paralysis in hospital ...

Feingold's new book looks at America's response to 9-11 attacks
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Russ Feingold has written a book called “While America Sleeps,” which will be released Tuesday. By Craig Gilbert of the Journal Sentinel Wisconsin's Russ Feingold was best known in the US Senate for his repeated efforts to restrict the role of money in ...

Writer publishes book she forgot
Courier Mail
Forgotten novel: A British woman will soon see in print a book she forgot she was writing after a coma. Source: The Daily Telegraph A WOMAN who spent three months in a coma is due to see the debut novel she had completely forgotten she was writing ...

Book: Inside Apple
Business Insider
I expect many of you have read at least one book on Steve Jobs and Apple since Jobs' death. If you, like me, grabbed and consumed a copy of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, I have a recommendation for you. Go buy a copy of Inside Apple: How America's ...

Book review: Top choice from Random House Children's Books
Burnley Express
From colourful picture books to sophisticated suspense novels for young adults, there's a book with your child's name written all over it! Top of the teenage selection must be the hard-hitting and mesmerising Desert Angel by US author Charlie Price ...

See the book trailer for 'Embrace', Jessica Shirvington's debut YA novel ...
Entertainment Weekly
The debut novel of author Jessica Shirvington hits shelves on March 6 and follows 17-year-old Violet Eden. Violet, a kickboxer who's training for a marathon, discovers her trainer is a Grigori—part angel and part human—who hunts exiled angels.

Author Ted Bagley Talks about His Struggle to Find Inner Peace
Albany Times Union
From the author that brought readers The Tragedy of Darkness, a magnificent novel of love and tragedy, comes another memorable read. This time, Ted Bagley lets them glimpse My Personal War Within: “A Struggle to Find Inner Peace”.

US Jewish author releases alarming account of anti-Semitism in Germany
In his book, 'I Sleep in Hitler's Room: An American Jew Visits Germany', Tuvia Tenenbom documents six months of travel throughout Germany, interviewing the locals about their views on Jews and exploring the daunting world of neo-Nazi clubs.


Book Review: Vaclav & Lena by Haley Tanner
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
This constitutes the first part of the book. However, tragedy strikes, and for some reason, Lena is taken away by social services, and Vaclav loses a friend. Both people are devastated. Fast forward to seven years later, when both are 17 years old.

Screen Time: 3 Books That Haven't Seen The Reel
But with the Oscars only days away, and with so many of the nominees for best picture this year based on great books, I thought I'd take a look at three of my favorite novels that have never made it to the multiplex. Each of these will transport you to ...

Book review: Beginning Android 4
PC Advisor
By PC Advisor staff | PC Advisor | 20 February 12 Beginning Android 4 is a book by Grant Allen that will be useful for Android app developers. Android 4, otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich (or ICS), is that latest iteration of Google's mobile ...

Times Calls Obama Book 'Chick Nonfiction'
Is a book that focuses on Michelle Obama's key role in the White House automatically for chicks? That's what one reviewer thought — and his comments may be more important than he knows. The difference when a head of state's spouse performs an advisory ...

Forget Lincoln Logs: A Tower Of Books To Honor Abe
Their solution: to physically illustrate Lincoln's importance by creating a tower of books written about him. The tower measures about eight feet around and 34 feet — that's three and a half stories tall. "It makes a real statement to anyone that this ...

Author, illustrator knit together satisfying children's story
The Grand Rapids Press -
By Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood | The Grand Rapids Press GRAND RAPIDS -- Great picture books are wonderful treasures. Great picture books featuring crafting themes are even better. A couple of weeks ago, my daughters and I discovered another treasure for ...

The Grand Rapids Press -

Confessions of a library addict
When a friend told me I could suggest books to be added to the Grande Bibliothèque collection, I jumped at the chance. By MARIA SCHAMIS TURNER, The Gazette February 20, 2012 10:08 AM The Grand Bibliothèque has lost some of its sheen, but it is still ...

Book Marks: Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?, Enter, Night, Growing Up ...
The novel “was a book I could live with...the other one is too painful,” she writes now, suggesting that, from the perspective of years – and after a nervous breakdown (following the end of a six-year relationship) and an attempted suicide – there's a ...

International Book Fair Winds up Havana Season with over 270 Thousand Visitors
Radio Cadena Agramonet
The 21st International Book Fair wound up its presentations in Havana over the weekend after receiving over 270 000 visitors and with the sale of more than 600 000books. The fair will now continue in eight Cuban provinces and will definitely close ...

Radio Cadena Agramonet

Gay men send message in new book: It gets better
Asbury Park Press
KATHY JOHNSON/NJ PRESS MEDIA Stay-at-home dad Stephen Lorimor (center) is featured in the new book “It Gets Better.'' He and his partner, Jeff Cline, are with their son, Devon, 2. / KATHY JOHNSON/ NJ PRESS MEDIA More than 23 years ago, ...

Book or E-Book: Which Is Better? Perhaps Neither. : TreeHugger
By Lloyd Alter
TreeHugger has been covering the growth of the e-book for years, intrigued by the dematerialization of the book from paper to bits, discussing the carbon footprint of each medium. Last year Jaymi wrote about a study that showed that one could read faster with paper books than e-books, but this week I had the opportunity to test this myself. ... Paper based citations are like nails; if you wonder why the author made a particular claim, you can see that it's nailed down by a footnote.
Latest Items from TreeHugger

Designing book covers | David Airey, graphic designer
By David Airey
A quick bit of book cover inspiration. ... A quick bit of book cover inspiration. The advantage of designing covers for a series of books is that you can approach it like so… Oliver Sacks book cover design. Designed by New-York based Cardon ...
David Airey, graphic designer

Rethinking the fiction publishing business, by Michael Harris ...
By Paul Biba
Recently, I discussed a few of the issues facing fiction book publishers. My prediction is that ...Tags: ebook, ereader, publishing ... My prediction is that their biggest competition will come fromauthors who bypass publishers and distribute through electronic channels (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even their personal web sites). Where ... Each of these recommended books could be purchased through a link to either the publisher's own services or an exterior service such as Amazon.
TeleRead: News and views on e-books,...

E Ink lands 6-inch color e-book reader module orders from Amazon ...
EPD maker E Ink Holdings (EIH) reportedly has landed orders for 6-inch color e-book reader modules from Amazon with shipments to begin in March, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report.
DIGITIMES: IT news from Asia

Flavorwire » Famous Authors' Unlikely Obsessions
By Emily Temple
With all the recent hubbub on book blogs about Martin Amis's resurfaced video game guide (so it's okay to write about Space Invaders, but penning children's books is totally lame?), we got to thinking about other authors and their obsessions, ...

Books Which Aren't All That « Vulpes Libris
By Jackie
Fellow Book Fox Anne, summed up it up perfectly in the comments “I'm glad you noted how different it is to the quite dreadful Eat, Pray, Love (a book I was in equal parts incredibly bored and incredibly irritated by) “. It got me to ... I'd never read James Patterson before, but I knew he is a best-selling author, and I figured he has to be so successful for a good reason. .... The views expressed in the articles and reviews on Vulpes Libris are those of the authors, and not of Vulpes Libris itself.
Vulpes Libris

Catch this Book Marketing Resource
By Terry Whalin
For almost a month, I've had a browser window open to catch this interview with John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books for Authors and Publishers. I receive blog post email updates from Joel Friedlander and this interview ...
The Writing Life

New Book Discusses The History Of African American Ballet ...
By Crystal Cranmore
A local author recently published a book on the history of African American ballet dancers in Philadelphia. ... book on the history of African American ballet dancers in Philadelphia. Listen To The Interview WIth Author Brenda Dixon Gottschild…
CBS Philly

In Brazil, books sold through vending machines at pay-what-you ...
By Chris
Brazilian company 24x7 Cultural recently launched an initiative enabling customers to choose the price they want to pay for the books sold through its subway station vending machines.

SFWC: Roles of Authors and a Sticky Situation — The Book Designer
By Joel Friedlander
SFWC: Roles of Authors and a Sticky Situation–thoughts on the shifting roles in publishing and looking at vendors of author services. ... Practical Advice to Help Self-Publishers Build Better Books. Home · About · Articles · Hire Joel ...
The Book Designer

Eaten any good books lately? | Playing by the book
By Zoe
Your second photo should be the best photo you can take of your cake. I will use this photo in an online gallery of all submitted cakes. In your submission email please include the title/author/illustrator of the book on which your edible book is based, and a sentence or two about what in particular inspired your edible book. Children can enter, families can enter, bakers can enter. Even authors and illustrators can enter (maybe you'll create an edible version of one of your printedbooks ;-) ...
Playing by the book

E-book has mood-dependent endings | Ubergizmo
By Edwin Kee
When you were a kid, do you remember those mood rings that were all the rage? Of course, some swear by them while others think it is nothing but a bunch of baloney, but here we are with a modern [...]

The Great American Cereal - Book |
By Jeff Carvalho
The newly published, The Great American Cereal Book: How Breakfast Got Its Crunch The Great American Cereal Book: How Breakfast Got Its Crunch Book is a testament to cereal's reign in the American mainstream and beyond. With more ...

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