Technology's false imperative

Eurozine - Technology's false imperative - Pirjo Hiidenmaa Why digitization must not mean the end copyright: "Digitization has transformed both the work of the writer and the distribution of the book. . . .
Even though digitization does transform the world there are still various reasons for the maintenance of copyright:

Authors have a right to a financial compensation for their work. This right must be safeguarded regardless of the format of the work, digital or printed. Flexible business models are needed to facilitate the parallel existence of different publishing practices for different fields of the arts and sciences.

Literature is necessary for our understanding and interpretation of an ever more complex world. Civilization needs authors, those who describe and document reality and those who present alternatives and critical interpretations, as well as those who offer us an escape from reality.

The access of readers to culture and information must be safeguarded in such a way that everyone is able to obtain works for their personal use legally and without undue effort. Access to culture is the prerequisite of democracy.
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