Amazon looks to British Book Depository

Amazon Looks to British Books
The Book Depository is an Internet bookseller that has yet to enter the digital world, selling physicalbooks. The Book Depository has said that it will continue to operate independently of Amazon. Shares of Amazon were down 79 cents to $223.11 in ...
Chamblin Bookmine still overflowing with books, 35 years later
Florida Times-Union
By Matt Soergel At Chamblin Bookmine, which is 35 years old this month, employees joke that perhaps a trail of bread crumbs could help you find your way back once you get lost in the glorious clutter of the 1.4 million used books that cram the ...
Byron Dobson: Borders was more than a place to buy books
It has been one of my favorite stops since it opened on the Parkway, following other stabs at the high-exposure location by Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble, two other big-box bookstores that have since moved to other locations. ...

And So It Went
Wall Street Journal
By TOM SHIPPEY Kurt Vonnegut was one of the defining authors of the 1960s. But was he a science-fiction author? The Library of America's "Kurt Vonnegut: Novels and Stories, 1963-1973" gives us a chance to revisit some of his most famous work and ...
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