Spying on Democracy, The Informant, Losing the Center (videos)

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Book Discussion on Spying on Democracy - C-SPAN Video Library: "Heidi Boghosian talked about her book, Spying on Democracy: Government Surveillance, Corporate Power and Public Resistance, in which she discusses the increasing surveillance of American citizens by the government and the dangers posed by this development. During this event hosted by Berkeley Arts and Letters, Ms. Boghosian spoke with Robert Scheer."

The Informant: A True Story: Part 2 - C-SPAN Video Library: "Kurt Eichenwald continued to talk about his book The Informant: A True Story, published by Broadway Books. The book is about a six-year FBI investigation of an international price-fixing conspiracy by Archer Daniels Midland that focuses on the key informant, Mark Whitacre. Mr. Eichenwald talked about the complications to this mid-1990s scandal when the government discovered that its source, a senior executive at the firm, was involved in his own illegal activity.. . . "

Book Discussion on Losing the Center - C-SPAN Video Library: "Jeffrey Bloodworth talked about his book, Losing the Center: The Decline of American Liberalism, 1968--1992 , in which he argues that liberalism began to decline in the early 1960s. He explores this decline through the biographies of some of the Democratic Party’s most important leaders, including Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Henry “Scoop” Jackson, Bella Abzug, Harold Ford Sr., and Jimmy Carter."

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